Sissy maid training stories

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Bilder Hitta andra. Sissy maid. Sissy maid training Internet article xhamster. Applicants must be docile, follow instructions and have a sincere desire to serve and satisfy this high class lady, who will only accept the best. A proper uniform will be provided. You must be well versed in all domestic duties as well as understand the role of a sissy maid. Perfection is expected therefore poor performance will be dealt with in an appropriate manner.

Strict forms of domestic discipline are practiced in my household. Submit your to: Ms. Enya and had nothing to lose by responding to the ad.

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He sat down and wrote about his upbringing and his experiences with the women in his life. He hurried to the post office to mail his letter and a week later a package arrived in the mail. He read the book that evening and the more he read the more he realized that this was destiny, he was perfectly suited to be a Sissy Maid.

He eagerly called the and spoke with Ms. Enya, she provide him with some basic details and instructions to attend her residence on Saturday at pm sharp. Enya had a pleasant tone, yet it was clear by her demeanor that she would not put up with improper behavior. He had difficulty finding a parking spot and when he rang the entrance buzzer to her luxury condo building he was a few minutes late. He was admitted and preceded to her floor, he rang the doorbell and within seconds he heard the distinctive sound of high heels walking on hardwood floors.

The door opened slowly and before him stood a strikingly, gorgeous lady with her dark hair up in a bun and piercing green eyes, that looked as if they belonged to a Goddess. Steve always admired a lady with shapely legs and he immediately noted that she was wearing black stiletto heels and fine black stockings that accentuated her shapely legs. She wore a very classy and expensive looking black leather skirt and a crisp, white blouse that did little to hide the fact that she was wearing a black brassiere, which held her ample breasts high as they strained against her white blouse.

Instantly Steve could feel something stirring in his pants as he gazed upon this beautiful woman. Once the door was closed, she gave him a hug and playfully patted him on the bottom. To accentuate this, after a few steps she bent over to pick up some unseen object on the floor. This was clearly for his benefit as now her skirt rode up revealing her stocking tops and suspender belt tabs. She straightened up, looked over her shoulder, gave a wicked little smile that was almost a smirk and strutted into the living room while Steve followed along like a little puppy.

She walked over to the mantle and picked up a container that held numerous folded slips of paper. The stirring in his pants was now becoming uncomfortable so he quickly sat down fearing that Mistress would notice the bulge in his pants. She glided past Sissy maid training stories and sat Sissy maid training stories on the sofa across from him, letting her figure hugging skirt slide up a few inches, then seductively crossed her legs revealing her stocking tops ever so slightly.

It is your objective and desire to humbly and respectfully serve a Dominant in the objective of cleaning, servitude and housekeeping. This means all cooking, cleaning, laundry, ironing, answering the telephone as well as serving me in all manners that I choose.

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The sissy maid is expected to learn from her mistakes and take punishments as required from misbehavior, incorrect application of training or attitude adjustment. Each day upon your arrival, you will receive a typed list of tasks to be completed and other miscellaneous duties that I may desire you to perform.

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Let me make myself perfectly clear because I never want to have to repeat this to you. The sole duties of my maid are to please me and make my life more enjoyable. After a long difficult week I expect to be pampered, as a lady of my stature deserves, this may include massages, pedicures, bathing me or even allowing me to take out my frustrations in my own special way.

Please understand that I am a fair and loving Mistress but I also expect nothing less than perfection, upon the completion of each task it will be inspected and graded depending on my level of satisfaction or dissatisfaction you will either be praised or more importantly corrected. Correction may be immediate or some time later, my methods of correction are fair and in line with the level of dissatisfaction. Now on to some basic rules: 1. You may only speak when spoken to. I shall be addressed as Mistress, Madam or Goddess. Upon entering the room you must curtsy Sissy maid training stories me.

When I arrive home I am to be greeted at the door with my favorite beverage. Your uniform will always be properly worn and subject to inspection. All duties are to be performed without question. Following your punishment you must thank me. Now I am going to give you a moment to think about my rules and expectations, if you do not feel that you can live with these basic rules you are free to leave.

The erection in his pants was now raging and although he was scared to death, there was no way that he could get this gorgeous woman and her curvaceous body out of his mind.

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Steve was both scared and aroused and to maintain his modesty he covered his genitals with both hands. Mistress turned around, put her hands on her hips, which only extenuated her womanly figure and authoritative demeanor. Without a word she inspected him by slowly walking around him and Steve instinctively lowered his head in shame.

Only a true sissy would have such girlish breasts. Are you a virgin Stephanie? Mistress walked over to her dresser, picked up a wooden hairbrush, playfully patting it against the open palm of her hand. Steve was now looking up and admiring her beautifully rounded bottom. Without turning around to face her perspective maid she began a short but stern lecture.

Unfortunately, you have put me in a position where I must correct a problem already. Your punishment will consist of whatever is written on the slip of paper.

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Before our next session you will be required to prepare twenty slips containing various forms of punishment that you think would be appropriate for various misdemeanors. Now I am going to assist you with putting you in this girdle and stockings, the remainder of your uniform you can do yourself. Once properly attired, you will present yourself to me for inspection and your first taste of correction. A playful Sissy maid training stories on the bottom followed and without a word Mistress left the room while he quickly got dressed. Once all the clothing was on, he caught a glimpse of himself on the full length mirror, although he was clearly male in facial features, the bra, filled with silicone breasts combined with the girdle and finally the very short skirt, complete with puffy crinoline, gave him a sissy look.

He teetered out into the living room, curtsied as required and presented himself for inspection. He stood perfectly straight, with his head bowed and his arms as his side while Mistress Enya carefully inspected every detail of his uniform for what seemed like ten minutes. Although there were nagging fears in the back of his mind he was amazed at how at peace he felt with serving such a beautiful woman who commanded both respect and devotion. In less than thirty minutes he learned what it felt like to be in the presence of a Goddess. Once the kettle was turned on, he straightened his uniform and returned to the living room, thankfully, he remembered to curtsy as he entered.

Mistress Enya was clearly annoyed when informed of his over sight as she merely pointed down the hall.

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I want you to see your own face as you receive your first punishment. Just when he was beginning to relax and enjoy the tenderness of her touch, he saw her reflection in the mirror as she raised her hand and delivered 5 or 6 solid smacks on his knicker covered bottom. Stephanie squirmed and yelped as her smacks suddenly transformed the loving gentle touch of seconds ago to sheer pain. She stopped for a moment causing him to think that she lesson was over, but once again that momentary sense of relief was shattered when she roughly grabbed the waistband of his knickers and yanked them down around his ankles.

Do you understand? The whistling of the kettle most certainly saved him from a longer spanking. He could hear rummaging in her room but that was all, she retired to her luxurious sofa and rings a small bell aling him that she was ready to be served. She appeared pleased by the effort he made in providing some small desserts for her to enjoy with her tea. Once her cup was poured, she instructed him to kneel at her feet.

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She appeared to enjoy the attention and as he approached her knees she parted her thighs aling him to kiss and caress her luscious, stocking covered thighs.

Sissy maid training stories

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