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AB Gender. Note This site works best on a laptop, desktop, or tablet-type of device i. This site is not yet optimized for use on smart phones. It just did Advertise to overtransgender people per month on ABGender. Mags Inc The ever popular Sandy Thomas series and much more. Reluctant Press Online This is the ultimate fantasy fiction story site!

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Reluctant Press is always looking Sissy tg stories authors of stories. So give Chrissy a call. Books, comics and other media relating to the transgender community. Whipped: 20 Erotic Stories of Female Dominance. Our crossdressing clothing line is made to fit you perfectly We de and manufacture all of our dresses, skirts, blouses and pants. Our styles are created with you in mind - wider shoulders, longer sleeves, and lowered waistlines for longer torsos. Explore the only fashion line of modern, on trend styles for the crossdresser.

All Characters depicted are 18 or older. You choose the styles, colors, fabrics, etc. Luxury Underwear! Look No Further More Satin Panties Transgender Books at Amazon. Wicked Leather! What makes us different? Do you have a fantasy where multiple women gang up and sissify you with lingerie, heels, girly outfits, wigs, nail polish, and lots of makeup? Perfect; we'll make that happen for you! Gloss is a safe, sane, nonjudgmental environment where you can let loose and be yourself en femme.

Your secret is safe with us. Gloss Opening: January, I was about 13 years old at the time. We drove up from Massachusetts in a station-wagon, just me, my step sister, Tammy 13 alsomy dad, and my stepmom.

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Among the kids were my two cousins, Travis 12 and Charlotte We were all living together in a big isolated house in the woods for the next 3 days. Myself, Tammy, Travis, and Charlotte all shared the basement. Travis and I shared a room; Tammy and Charlotte shared a room. We stayed up late the first night playing truth or dare and poker. However, we had a secret plan. When the girls fell asleep, we crept into their room quietly and put honey in their hair. When they both woke up, their hair was sticking to their pillows and they were furious but washed it off in the shower.

We all continued with our day. After a family dinner that next evening, Travis and I were hanging out in our basement room taking about girls when Tammy and Charlotte walked in with a small pink leather bag. We both bolted up and ran past them, sprinting for the back door! We made it past the door and the girls chased us towards the woods. All four of us kids were back in the basement hanging out before we went to bed.

We watched the movie Grease together in the girls room before Travis and I went to Sissy tg stories bedroom to go to sleep. We turned the lights off and I had this sinking feeling that the girls were going to prank us that night. I tried my best to stay awake but ended up falling asleep. I was alone. I awoke to the sunlight lighting the room from a small window near the ceiling. I tried went to scratch my shoulder but realized my wrists were tied to the bedposts with what looked to be black leggings.

The material was soft against my skin.

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As I opened my eyes, my eyelids felt heavy and I could see my eyelashes! They looked longer and thicker than usual, as I had never noticed them before. I looked down and Sissy tg stories I saw immediately surprised me. The girls got me good. I was so embarrassed. The first thing I noticed when I looked down was long blond hair on my shoulders and pink lumps on my chest. How did they put me in a wig without me waking up?

I could feel a pair of satin panties between my legs. I noticed that my legs were also restrained by leggings and when I went to look at my ankles, I realized they also put a pair of pink high heels on my feet and painted my toenails white. The shoes somehow fit perfectly. Who could it be? She turned the corner and was looking right at me. She somehow had her full makeup done early in the morning, wearing a light pink slip, fuzzy pink wedge slippers, and her hair in curlers.

Hold tight while I grab some things upstairs. She uncaps the eyeliner pencil, grabs my face Sissy tg stories my chin, and proceeds to make a dot on the side of my face. Aunt B put the camera down and picked up the mirror. Was that me? The girl in the mirror was so feminine. I actually looked like a real girl! My eyebrows were filled in and shaped. I was wearing heavy blue eye shadow above sharp cat-style black eyeliner.

The false eyelashes the girls put on me were so long and curvy, they felt heavy on my eyes. My cheeks were rosy with blush and my lips were filled in with bright shiny pink lipstick! I was even wearing sparkles around my eyes and on my cheeks. I could see the black beauty mark that Aunt B added before she took the pictures.

I really looked as feminine as Aunt B. I even smelled like her too. I felt so embarrassed that my cheeks went bright red.

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Unfortunately they were already bright pink from all the blush the girls put on me. Aunt B untied me and I was able to take off the girly outfit and wash the makeup off in the bathroom sink. I put on my regular clothes and shoes and continued with my day. The girls would giggle at me and call me girly names for the rest of the weekend. After leaving the house in Maine, I, Tammy, my dad, and my Sissy tg stories all got back to our house. As I got ready for bed, I took off my shoes and clothes before putting on my pajamas.

I noticed the remnants of my forced feminization and humiliation: my sparkly white toenails. Ah, what a weekend. The primary purpose of ABGender. The publication of ABGender. This simply means All rights reserved. I was struggling to get out of my restraints when I heard footsteps coming down the basement stairs.

Sissy tg stories

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