Sister fart stories

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Pastebin API tools faq. up. Fart fetish story. Jun 5th, Not a member of Pastebin yet? Upit unlocks many cool features! So this all started about two or three years ago. I've always had a fart fetish, but it wasn't really starting to show until I was like My sister, who is 3 years younger than me, has really sexy farts. Seeing as how she's so young, she doesn't really understand that when I sniff her farts, it's not all fun and games, she's really giving me a huge boner.

Anyways, around two or three years ago, we were in her room.

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She sat me down and farted right on my head. At first I felt nothing. But a little later on, she was on a bean bag chair, and I was laying down with my head on the chair. All the sudden I heard her start to move. Then I look behind me, and her legs are spread. Tight jeans, and my head is right in between both legs. She lets one rip and starts giggling. Without Sister fart stories, I instantly stuck my face directly into her crotch area. She did this three more times, the third one was the best because it stunk sooooo bad.

One day, we were sitting on the couch and she said, "I just farted, smell it" I replied with, "really? Omg the smell, so delicious. Every Christmas, we sleep in the same bed, I'm supposed to make sure she doesn't sneek out to look at the presents and the door is always closed.

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So I always get lo of farts to sniff then : the best experience I've had, is one time when my parents were out. My sister does cheer and has these really really tight shorts that are like legging material, skin tight. Make her ass really fun to sniff and nice looking. One day I was Sitting on the couch. And she was on the computer chair and she said, "I just farted, wanna smell it?

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Oh it stinks! Come smell it" So I of course went over and she lifted her ass sideways and I sniffed for about 20 seconds. The smelliest she's ever had. OMG it got me so hard. I go back to the couch, then I heard, pfffffttttt. Really low pitch rumbly bubbly fart. And without me even saying anything, she lifts up that ass and I'm in heaven. Later on we wrestlerd and she spread her legs and my face was right in her ass, and she blew a nice quiet one right then.

I sniffed that one so hard. I now have a very hot girlfriend and plan on telling her about my fetish soon. Maybe I'll get a little something from her, because she Sister fart stories a beautiful ass, and is so pretty.

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Sister fart stories

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Fart fetish story;)