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Note: You can change font size, font face, and turn on dark mode by clicking the "A" icon tab in the Story Info Box. Please consider leaving feedback on issues you experience or suggest improvements. I was 24 and it had been a little over a month since my girlfriend of a year and a half broke up Sister masterbating stories me.

I was kind of in a Sister masterbating stories I hadn't considered starting to date anyone and the last time I had sex was a seeming like a long time ago. Alex and I had sex all the time she was amazing and we had an incredible sex life. We had explored all the things that we were both interested in sexually and she was always up for trying something at least once. As you can imagine when I got invited to my cousins wedding I was less then thrilled to go. I wouldn't even have a date to bring with me aside from the fact that I would have to watch someone get married while I was feeling miserable.

The wedding was a few states away and my parents along with my sister were all going to travel out to attend. At the hotel we were staying at my sister Jen and I were supposed to share a room together. I didn't mind sharing a room with her we got along well and were always able to talk to each other about anything. We left on Thursday morning and were supposed to check into the hotel that night.

The rehearsal dinner was on Friday followed by the wedding Saturday afternoon. When we arrived at the hotel we walked to the front desk to check in. The gentleman behind the desk told us that he had some bad news. While there was a room for each of us the original ones we had booked were no longer available. Jen and I were supposed to have a room with two twin beds but instead we ended up with a room that only had one queen bed. We didn't mind sharing a bed together necessarily but it just wasn't what we had planned on. When Jen and I got to the room we put our bags by the door then walked in to look around.

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It was just like any other hotel room there was a TV a desk then the bed and a night stand. We both sat on the bed and started talking while we flipped through the stations on the TV. Jen asked me how my love life was going since Alex and I had broken up. I honestly told her I was feeling down but for the most part was doing ok. Then she surprised me by asking how my sex life was going, I sat not saying anything for a moment.

Then I told her how I hadn't had sex anyone since breaking up with Alex and I was getting pretty horny. She joked telling me that there was probably Sister masterbating stories a chance for me to hook up with a single girl at the wedding. We talked for a little while longer and then I decided I was going to take a shower before I went to bed. In the shower my mind started to wonder to thoughts of sex as my hands were rubbing all over. Soon I had my hand wrapped around my cock and I was slowly jerking up and down.

After only a few minutes I heard the bathroom door open and I quickly let go of my cock. My sister apologized saying that she really had to take a pee and she couldn't wait for me to get out of the shower. I told her it was ok although I was really worked up now because I had stopped in the middle of jerking off. She left after a few minutes I would have had no problem going back to jerking off but by that time my cock was no longer hard.

I stepped out of the shower dried off and then started putting on my t-shirt and boxers. When I walked out of the bathroom Jen was already laying Sister masterbating stories the bed watching TV. She had on a cute Sister masterbating stories tank top and pajama pants. As I climbed in bed next to her she joked saying that I was lucky because she normally slept naked. I laughed telling her she wasn't the only one that liked to sleep naked. At home I never slept with clothes on and would frequently jerk off because the sheets felt good rubbing against my naked body.

Even though we both normally slept naked we knew that it would be weird if we slept in the same bed together with no clothes on. So we remained in our pajamas and after a while we were both asleep. Since I wasn't used to sleeping with clothes on I found that I was tossing and turning a lot through the night. Around two in the morning I woke up and found myself spooning with my sister.

Her ass was pushed into my cock that was now hard and sticking through the front of my boxers. Realizing what was happening I quickly rolled over onto my back hoping that my sister didn't know what was going on. I lay perfectly still until the feeling of panic began to fade and my cock started to soften. Eventually I was able to fall back asleep and the next time I opened my eyes it was morning. I heard the noise of the shower going, my sister had already woken up to get ready. After she got out of the shower I went in and got ready.

Jen didn't mention anything about what had happened while we were sleeping so I figured that was a good thing. The day seemed to go quick and soon enough we were at the rehearsal dinner enjoying a few cocktails while talking with family members. Dinner went by really quickly and soon enough we were back at the hotel. Jen and I walked in the room we were talking pretty loudly and both admitted that we were pretty buzzed.

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We sat on the bed watching TV for a while before we decided to go to bed. Jen told me that she hadn't really slept that well last night probably because she wasn't naked. I was kind of surprised at how forward my sister was when she told me that but I figured the alcohol was making her not embarrassed.

I said that if it was ok with her and it wouldn't weird her out any we could just try both sleeping naked. Without answering she began to pull her shirt over her head and before I knew it she was naked and climbing under the sheets. Since she seemed comfortable with it I decided that I was going to strip down and get in bed as well.

We sat in bed watching TV and I could feel the heat from her bare leg next to mine. It had been a while since I had felt someone else's naked flesh next to mine and it started making me hard. I tried to hide my hard cock by pushing the covers up with my hands so they weren't directly lying on my body. After about a half hour my hard on still hadn't gone and I realized the only way I would be able to get rid of it was to jerk off. I looked over and my sister was asleep this was my chance to quickly jerk off. Feeling brave Sister masterbating stories of the alcohol I slowly started to slide the sheets down my legs past my hard cock.

Once my cock was exposed I wrapped my hand around it and started stroking up and down. After a few minutes I brought my hand up to my mouth and put a little spit into my palm so I could have some lubrication for jerking Sister masterbating stories.

Just as I was getting close to cumming I heard the sheets move and in an instant my sister had rolled over facing me.

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The room was dimly light with a little light shining in from outside through the curtains. I could make out my sisters face but couldn't clearly see if she was looking at me or not. Soon enough I got my answer when I heard her say. I quickly pulled the covers back over me to hide my naked body and raging hard on.

I began to apologize to my Jen telling her I was sorry but in the middle of my apology she stopped me and told Sister masterbating stories it was ok. She explained that she knew I hadn't had sex in a while and that being naked feeling the sheets against my body had probably caused me to get excited. She said if I wanted to I could do ahead and finish because she knew how painful it was when you had to stop.

I guess it was because I had alcohol in my system or maybe because I was really horny but I decided that since Jen didn't mind I would start jerking off again. I started slowly rubbing my cock under the sheets as it slowly started to get hard Jen suggested that I get more comfortable.

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When I asked her what she meant she said that I could pull the covers back down if I wanted to. The thought of pulling the covers down and exposing my hard cock to my sister got me even more excited. In no time I had them pulled down and I was getting harder as I played with myself. My sister looked like she was watching and when I looked over I saw that she was looking down watching my hand as it slid up and down my cock. After a few minuets Jen seemed to get bolder and she asked me what I was thinking about. I was kind of shocked but answered that I was thinking about Alex's ass. Jen seemed interested in my answer and asked a few more questions like what about Alex's ass did I like and how did it look.

I told her I always loved how round and full her ass was and that simply looking at it always made me hard. I even went as far as to tell Sister masterbating stories how hot it was looking at Alex's tight little asshole. Just the sight of it had always made me really hard and was almost enough to make me cum without even doing anything.

I couldn't believe the things I was saying but alcohol has a funny way of allowing you to let down your guard and really say what's on your mind.

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With thoughts of Alex's ass in my head and cock now fully exposed I was jerking off and getting very close to cumming. My sister said a few more things one of which caused me to shoot cum all over my stomach. She leaned a little close to me on the bed and it felt like her Sister masterbating stories was right near my ear.

She whispered, "You must have loved sticking your finger into her tight little asshole. I lay motionless for a little then my sister jokingly suggested that I go to the bathroom and clean myself up. I got out of bed and walked to the bathroom turning on the light I swung the door shut.

I was in kind of a daze as I reached for a towel and wiped the cum off my stomach. I was wondering to myself if that had just really happened, had I really jerked off in the same bed as my sister and did she really say all those filthy things. When I eventually walked back out of Sister masterbating stories bathroom and made my way over to the bed I saw that my sister was sleeping.

The next morning when I woke up was just like the other one my sister was already in the shower getting ready. When she came out she gave me a smile and said good morning then told me I should hurry up because we were supposed to meet our parents for breakfast. Throughout the day there was no mention of the nights activities and eventually we were at the wedding reception. My sister and I hung out by the bar for a while having drinks, we even danced with each other at some point in the night. By the end of the reception it seemed that we had both drank a good amount and were feeling buzzed.

We made our way back to the hotel room once inside my sister disappeared into the bathroom as I made my to the bed turning on the TV. After a little while she emerged wearing only a bra and panties. She lay down on the bed facing the foot end while her feet rested on the pillow next to me. A few minutes went by when she turned her head around and faced me. She asked if I was still horny and needed to jerk off again like I did the other night.

I was curious to see where she was going with this so I decided to answer yes and then asked her what she had in mind. Without saying anything I watched as her hands started to slide up the sides of her legs and eventually her thumbs hooked into the tops of her panties.

Her hands then pulled her panties down her legs until eventually they were at her feet and she kicked them off throwing them to the floor.

Sister masterbating stories

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