Sister panties stories

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She's about 5'9' and had D cup fake of course. She has golden blonde hair and an ass to die for. I spend every other weekend with my father, step-mother, and step-sister. I woke up one morning with the house all to myself, the parents must have gone to Wal-Mart or something. I was watching my regular porno TV on the satellite and I got a hankerin' for some wackin'. I began by fantasizing about one of the women on the show but decided that it just wasn't doing the trick for me sooo I started nosing around the house for some good material to justify the insufficient jack-off Sister panties stories I was having.

No luck, so I put it away and looked for something to eat. The cupboard is located inside the laundry room so as I was digging for some goods I glanced over at the dirty clothes hamper and saw a silky black wad on top of it all. Curious to know what it was, I picked it up and sure enough it was a pair of freshly worn lace cut bikini panties that my step mother must have just peeled off her sweet wet snatch because they were Sister panties stories WARM I opened them up a bit and noticed a wet gel-like substance in the crotch of her sexy panties.

I was even more curious now so I brought them to my nose and inhaled deeply from the wet spot. It was the most wonderful thing I had ever smelt to this day. A little of the cream delight stuck to the tip of my nose so I wiped it off with my finger and decided I would taste it. I did and let me tell you, I thought my dick was going to pop a blood vessel it was so hard.

I snatched my pants off like a raging madman, held her heavenly garments before me, and beat my dick like a prisoner on life sentence. I came in less than a minute.

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My dick didn't even flinch so I sat down at the kitchen table and wrapped her panties around my face and went at it with all I had. Right before I came I wrapped my lips around the wet spot and sucked her pussy juices dry.

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I didn't then, and will not ever look at this angelic woman the same way ever again. Every other weekend from then on would be the same I'd 'grab a snack' but really I'd go grab a 'pair' and take my prize to the bathroom to feast upon them. Sometimes I would rub them all over my dick and take an extra pair for sniffing and licking.

What fun it is to visit Daddy! As I grew a older my little step-sister did too. She turned 15 last year, and she is hot. Long blonde hair with an incredible body and nice thick thighs.

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One day while going to get my 'snack' for the day, I noticed a small wad of pink on top of the hamper. I had never known my step-mom to wear pink panties so I knew who the culprit had to be. It was a size small thong and it had a very crusty cream crotch. I inhaled the aroma and fell in love all over again. Never had I smelled such a smell in all my day.

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I took them on a journey to the bathroom that they would never forget. I sniffed and sucked and licked at them with all I had for about two minutes, and then I exploded all over the floor. As I began to clean up I noticed a fresh set of clothes on the floor next to the shower.

I knew it was my sis's so I began the search.

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I found a Sister panties stories fresh pair of green mesh bikini's tucked inside a pair of jeans like she ripped her pants off as fast as she could and her panties just stuck to the pants when she did. As I peeled them out of the jeans, I could feel the steam rising from where her warm pink virgin pussy had been gnawing away at the crotch of her panties. I looked at the crotch and found literally a puddle of sweet juices covering almost the entire cotton lining. I immediately dragged my tongue across the juices and sopped it all up. It was tasty, but I wanted more. I quickly went back to the hamper and found another pair, this one was white briefs and it was delectable.

I wrapped them around my face and the green bikinis around my cock and beat it vigorously. I came very shortly afterwords. I'm telling you, I must be the luckiest guy in the world to have what I have just lying around at my Dad's house. Thank you guys for reading. Hope you enjoyed, and yes, all of this is very true. Copyright SMI-Help.

Sister panties stories

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Sister Panties Stories