Sisters slave stories

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May 17, 1 T May 18, 2 T Nov 27, 3 T Nov 27, 4 T Nov 28, 5 T We've updated our Privacy Policy and by continuing you're agreeing to the updated terms. This website uses cookies for functionality, analytics and advertising purposes as described in our Privacy Policy. Or Learn more Continue. The MousePad. My sister's slave. Share Share with:. Link: Copy link. Switch to Print View - 5 posts. Hey this is a true story about how i became my sister's slave One day my older sister came back from a long hard day at the gym.

She was using the treadmill to keep healthy. Well as you know she was sweating alot you could smell her by a mile away. She went to the bathroom and took a hot shower she takes around 20 minutes. Well i took advantage of this chance so i sneaked out of my room and picked up her revolting socks.

Revolting but i liked it. I took a small wiffs and than Sisters slave stories wiffs. My sister came out and was shocked of what i was doing she said " What the hell are you doing?

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She than said "Im gonna tell mom if you dont be my bitch! I walked behind her and she sat down on her bed. She said "Do you like my sweaty feet? I said "What the hell was that for! She said "Smell my feet" I did as she said since i was really scared. I took a small Sisters slave stories. She put her toe into my mouth and said "suck on it or else" I sucked and sucked till she was happy. She than commanded "Go under my bed" I went under my bed she said "Leave your head out" I left my head out and she waved her feet above my head i knew what this meant so i extended my tounge out and she put her sweaty feet on my tounge, "Lick all the dirt off the bottom" I was putting my tounge all over the bottom of her feet.

She than said "Good job for a reward you can message my ass" I was shocked but i got out under the bed and went on her bed. I placed my hands on her soft ass and massaged it as she asked. She said "Like it slave? This went on for a hour till my mom came she quickly said "Act normal infront of mom or ill tell" I obeyed and i went to my mom since she called me. My mom went asleep later on and than my sister called me back.

I was worried. I went to her room and said "Yes Mistress? I than put my nose on her soft feet and smelt it. It was disgusting but i liked the smell. She said "Bitch like the smell of my feet is it better than how you smell? She said "I no longer need you but kiss all my toes and say something nice about me" I bowed down and kissed all her toes and said "Misstress how are you so nice i love your feet and i would love to serve you more" She laughed and said "Go now slave" The next morning it was a saturday.

Before she went to the gym she shouted "Slave when im gone you will clean my bed,Do my chores and lay under my bed and for proof my phone is gonna be recording you so Sisters slave stories funny buisness and to keep ur self occupied under the bed you can smell my dirty socks its on the bed now bye slave" I went first to clean her bed. I changed her pillow case and her bed sheets. I than done all her chores not her actaul chores her chores which where for me. Than i had to iron all her clothe and last i had to pick up every single piece of dirty with hand which took me a hour. One more hour till she came.

So i took her dirty stink socks and went under the bed. So i smelt her socks for a whole hour till she knocked on the door. I crawled on my knees to the door and opened it.

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She said "Take off my fucking shoes" I done as she said than she said "Take off my socks" I put my hand on it and was about to take it off when she said "With your mouth! I lied down on the floor and bit her socks and than pulled it off. Sweat was dripping in my mouth. She said "Look what i got you" and Sisters slave stories out a leach which was personlised saying Bitch She strapped the leach around my neck and took me for a walk in the garden.

It was raining and since we have a dog she got the dog out of the kennel and put me in. She than got a bowl of water which the dog already had some water from and said "Drink up". I was left outside in the cold locked out. I was thristy and i actaully regret doing this but i drank the water After the rain stopped. This was a hour later she came out and collected me. She gasped when she saw i actaully drank the water and said "Your a filthy bitch" She took me inside and said "As your such a disgusting piece of crap your gonna smell my fucking crap.

She said "Smell or im gonna tell mom" I sniffed and sniffed. She laughed and laughed. I than said to make her happy "Oh thank you miss thank you. Than she let me go and said "Did you enjoy slave? I said "Misstress can i smell ur asshole when ur asleep.?

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We locked the room and i went under her blanket and smelled her asshole directly since she was just wearing her knickers as a treat for me. I was smelling for the Sisters slave stories night she was farting like hell. I loved smelling her farts it was like the best thing i smelt. I took advantage of this and slid her knickers down I than put my nose in to her asshole and sniffed.

The next morning was sunday. She called her friend over and said to me before she came "Ur her slave and mine" I nodded her friend came in and laughed at me since i was on my knees i led them to the room. My sister explained to her friend and said shes free to use me.

I just got sold to another person. Her friend commanded slave "Kiss my toes" Part 2 coming soon. Good start, but most definitely not a "true story". You are soooo lucky!!!

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I love the asshole and farts part please more! Make a story about fart and ass smell fethis. Fart-fethish-guy wrote: Make a story about fart and ass smell fethis. Tapatalk promotion. Back to top.

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Sisters slave stories

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My Sisters ‘Slave Minutes’