Sisters slave story

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True to her word, my Sister allowed me to clean my face before mum came home. However, before that, she also took the time to humiliate me further, and lay down a few new house rules. After hobbling back to my room, I shut my door and sat on my bed. As I sat and worried, my cum dried slowly on my face. Waiting for my Sister to return and tell me what would happen next. My stomach was in knots of terrified dread. I felt sick.

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Then my Sister walked into my room, not even bothering to knock, and she had her video camera in hand, ready to immortalise my further degradation, and bind my fate even tighter to her wickedness. She noticed my tear streaked face and actually smiled. She was going to make life hell for me. She aimed the camera at me and I once again noticed it was recording.

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I glanced down in shame. Am I being mean to you, huh? Get used to it. You still got those knickers? You know, the ones you jerked off with earlier, you stupid little freak. I nodded again. Come on. Hurry up! I did as I was told, standing before her, my eyes cast down. I hesitated. Sarah stepped up to me and hissed in my face. You have no idea. I was shaking in fear now, my tears dripping off my chin.

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She stepped back. I fumbled at my pants, unbuttoning them and pulling them off as quickly as I could, so fast I almost fell over. My socks came off next - first one and then the other. I paused now that all I wore were my boxers. I grabbed them and yanked Sisters slave story down as fast as I could. I stepped out and tossed them aside to the rest of my discarded clothing, and then stood with my hands cupping my groin, face aflame of colour. I did as commanded and once again looked down in disgrace as I exposed myself to her.

I looked up and she immediately exploded into a fit of giggles, pointing one of her beautifully manicured fingers at me. Standing in front of your little sister. Your stupid useless little cock and balls dangling pathetically between your spread legs. Your hands on your head like a naughty schoolboy. I mean — come on! I simply stood there shaking in humiliation. At least nothing I could think of at the time. She grinned. Get those knickers you used to masturbate with. I had a feeling I knew were this was going. Sisters slave story case you forgot, they were cute and light pink, with girly red hearts on them.

Oh, not lucky for you. Lucky for me. Seeing as you like them so much. Put them on. I swallowed, a lump in my throat, but knew I had no choice. I stepped reluctantly into the pretty girly panties and drew them up my legs. They fit tight really tight!

I had to really pull them up to get them on, and the result was that I ended up practically giving myself a wedgie. My sister giggled at me again. They were far from perfect. As the day went on, I would learn that eventually my balls would fall out one side, no matter how many times I corrected them, and that if I ever got an erection, the tip of my penis thought not large would stick Sisters slave story of the top.

She just enjoyed seeing me humiliated. And yes, she was still recording; adding more material to blackmail me into total, complete slavery. Let me have a good look at you. I did as instructed, turning slowly, lower lip wobbling pathetically. Sarah made me rotate several times, recording every angle, and teasing me with her endless giggles and mockery. You like them, huh loser? First, you keep those knickers on until I say you can remove them. Do I make myself clear?

You must speak to me with respect at all times. You worship me. I expect you to show me respect in every damn way possible. If I command you to do something, or ask you a question, you will reply, and then add something worshipful of me on the end. I command. You reply. She rolled her eyes. Did you just do that? I lowered my eyes, snivelling. She sneered at me and released me with a shove.

If you fail to please me, you will just be punished. So, slap yourself in the balls. I did it without thinking, grunting slightly. Do it hard fucktard! I tried again, hitting myself as hard as I dared, grunting again with the impact. Sarah sighed with irritation. It hurt so much. My stomach heaved in agony, like someone had poured acid into my belly. I expect you to use your imagination. I suggest you work on that. If you continue to displease me, you will be punished. You think that little slap to the balls hurt?

I felt terrible and every second, things just seemed to get worse. When would she get bored and leave me alone? Would she ever? I sobbed, broken. I lowered myself into the demeaning position and she smirked down at me. You will not, ever, touch your pathetic little dick without my permission. That means no wanking and certainly no cumming. All those mean old videos I have of you will go very, very public. I knew what she wanted now, but every time, my mind went blank, and all I could think of were the examples she had given me. Worship my feet. I swallowed, and then lowered my head down to place a soft kiss on the top of her foot.

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It was extremely humiliating. I was kneeling in my own bedroom wearing an embarrassingly girly pair of panties, kissing the feet of my little Sister. How had I fallen so low so quickly? Sarah hummed. After all, I let them get nice and dirty, just for you. More evidence that she had been planning this little day for a while. I took her big toe between my lips and sucked. Her feet tasted awful. They were sweaty and smelly and grimy. It seemed she was back to enjoying herself again - at my expense, of course. When she was mean and punishing me with psychical pain, or when she was amusing herself by degrading me.

It was Sisters slave story. I obediently stuck out my tongue and licked between the next set of toes. God, it was repulsive. But I kept going, knowing what would happen if I stopped, worshipping each toe and licking out the gathered dirt between each of them as I went along. The way they arched so perfectly, her dainty little toes, and the perfect, immaculate way Sisters slave story painted them. As it was, I barely managed to finish the task without gagging again. Sarah inspected them once I was done.

I guess we better get that ugly face of yours cleaned up. She turned to face me angrily. Did I say you could stand? It seemed I kept making mistakes. She motioned for me to follow again, and this time I knew what to do, and crawled after her like a dog. From this angle, I had a perfect view of her bubble butt, encased in tight blue jeans, the red strap of her thong still showing. Oh GodI thought, as I realised I was getting an erection. My hardening cock-tip pushed against the waistband of the little pink panties I still wore.

Oh GodI thought again, what will she say when she notices? Too sweet.

Sisters slave story

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Sister's Slave Pt. 01