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Do you write sex stories or sex-related texts? Register here to post. Posted Mon 2nd of June Report. Introduction: She tried to escape, but there were too many Too Sticky: Hi there, my name is Monica. I'm 23 years old and in the process of becoming a neurosurgeon. My father always had horrible migraine problems, so around the age of 17, I decided to dedicate myself to eliminating that problem. My father died of a stroke when I was 21, renewing my dedication to my studies. Unfortunately for me, that left very little time for men.

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With large C cup breasts, an ass that was plump and bouncy, and curly, shoulder length black hair that framed my face perfectly, I attracted a lot of attention, and I certainly have a healthy sexual appetite. I try to masturbate as often as possible to alleviate my unsatisfied hunger, but between study time and classes themselves, I barely have time to keep up with my hygiene, let alone a man.

I was walking home from classes one night when I felt something plop onto the back of my neck. I reached around and grimaced in disgust as I peeled something off of my neck. I had Slug sex stories it up in the light of a streetlamp. It looked like a slug, a little bigger than any I'd seen before. It was squishy and slimy, and when I tried to hold it still, some kind of excretion leaked onto my hand.

I opened my hand, letting out a "Yuck!

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It had been still for a moment, but then it started squiggling towards my legs, and I found myself hurrying home. The slime from the slug had taken ten minutes of soap and hot water to get rid of, and it left an odd smell clinging to my hand. I just hoped nobody else would notice it. I wake up the next morning feeling strange.

It takes me a moment to notice that my hand- the one I held the slug with- is slightly numb. As well as that, my head feels foggy. But something else scares me more. I catch a whiff of the slug smell on my hand and feel an unmistakable jolt of arousal shoot down to my pussy.

I'm so terrified that for a moment, I can't move. I can't help it though. My hand starts moving down. It slips under my panties with a mind of its own. The feeling I get when my dirtied hand touches Slug sex stories pussy is indescribable. I hope it isn't the slime, but a voice in the back of my head tells me that it is.

I desperately ram three fingers up into my pussy, arching my back as I climax immediately and spray my juices all over my hand.

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But I don't stop- I can't stop. Three fingers turn into four and my hand is a blur. I climax over and over, spraying cum everywhere until I pass out after a full hour of endless masturbation. I wake up several hours later. My entire bed and lower body are covered with my dried juices. I look a the clock and realize that I've already missed half of my classes today.

Then I Slug sex stories something behind the clock. A slug. I can tell it isn't the same one as before, but it's definitely the same species. It pauses on the wall by the clock and squiggles as if in pleasure or delight. It slowly crawls onto the floor and over towards my bed. The thought enters my head from nowhere, but I remember and can still smell the slimy odor that inspired an hour of masturbation all by itself. What would it feel like to have that slime pumped directly into me?

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Losing control quickly, I reach down towards it, but it apparently already knows what I'm thinking. It slips up onto my hand and I move it over towards my exposed pussy. It moves slowly, off of my hand and onto my inner thigh. As it creeps up and inwards, it leaves slime all over my leg, and I can feel it driving me nearly insane with lust. I grab at the slug to try to move it to my pussy faster and realize something.

I can't get it off. It's too sticky. I panic as I realize that I couldn't stop this now if I wanted to. And suddenly I do. My panic shatter the lustful grip of the sticky slime. I frantically tug at the slug, but it continues undeterred towards my pussy. One of my hands shoots up by itself and jams four fingers into my mouth and against my tongue, coating it in slime.

I nearly pass out from the arousing shock that rocks my body, but I fight it and stay conscious. Even through the sex-hungry haze, I still know that I don't want that slug in me. Giving up on tearing it off, I use my non-possessed hand to cover my pussy. My possessed one, my left and non-dominant hand, is doing its best to coat my tongue with the slug's slime.

I focus all of my willpower on breaking that hand's possession, and it works a lot easier than I expected it to. With both hands now free, I place my second hand between the worm and my covered pussy, trying to block it. When it gets to my hand, the worm crawls up onto it.

I quickly move my hand out and away from myself. The slug pauses in confusion, then starts crawling up my arm like nothing happened. I quickly grab it and tear at it. It comes off easily- it wasn't expecting such a savage assault. I run ti the bathroom and Slug sex stories it in the toilet before it has a chance to stick itself to my hand.

I flush with no hesitation. As it swirls down, I notice that the water dilutes the slime and keeps the thing from sticking to the toilet bowl. I quickly run a bath after it disappears and soak in it for ten minutes. The slime is gone afterwards, and the smell is almost entirely gone.

After I dry off and get my shit together, I leave to attend my afternoon class on anatomy. May as well try to cut down on the amount of work I'll need to Slug sex stories up on. Two agonizing hours of notes later, I leave to go home. I wonder momentarily if I should try to shack up with a friend for the night. That slug from the morning had gotten in somehow What if more follow? But I'm being silly, right? It was a fluke. As least that's what I tell myself.

I arrive at my apartment a few minutes later, a strange dreadful apprehension filling me. I feel like something horrible's about to happen. I unlock my front door slowly and immediately flick on a light. I sigh in relief.

Slug sex stories

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