Sneaker fetish stories

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Moderators: cumheelsMrs. Post by royx » Mon Jun 05, am. Post by tretornshoe » Mon Jun 05, am. Post by tretornshoe » Mon Jun 05, pm. Users browsing this forum: basiam18brandonm83 and 10 guests. Shoesession Yes, boots and sneakers too! Started writing a sneaker fetish story! Sneaker Jobs and sneaker cumming including Keds, Converse, Nikes, Vans, and all other brands of athletic shoes. Now slippers too! Post Reply. Ive only typed up the first "scene" and I want to post it to gauge interest! I'm writing primarily for my own enjoyment, however, I would really like recommendations and requests if anyone has some!

Ill post the story in the comments. Re: Started writing a sneaker fetish story! As Sara walked through the sliding double doors of her local PetCo, she tried her best to hide her annoyance from her co-workers and customers. Her morning had been bothersome, having woken up late, and upon realizing she had no clean panties, was forced to go commando under her blue skinny jeans. And to top it all off, she had somehow forgotten to wear socks that morning, in the middle of the hottest summer on record. Her bare feet were already sweating like crazy in her Nike Frees!

Sara was a petite girl, at only 5'2, and with a thin, yet still womanly build. She prided herself on her long brunette hair, which she wore in a ponytail. She had what some called pixie-esque features, with a cute button nose, and a splash of freckles under her eyes. Her face scrunched in discomfort as her damp, sweaty feet began to stick to her insoles. If her feet kept at it like this, she was sure her shoes would start to squelch and squeak, as her feet sweat saturated the small size 5.

She Sneaker fetish stories the break room and ed in, racking her brain for any solutions. As she set her bag in a locker, something caught her eye. In the locker to the lower right, were a pair of Converse. Grey, double tongued, with a light blue stitch, and a purple inner tongue. She recognized these sneakers. They belonged to her least favorite coworker, Anne. Anne and Sara were always at each other's throats, clashing over anything and everything. Though Sara had never had a reason to dislike the girl initially, the taller redhead had immediately taken a special hatred for the cute, bubbly brunette.

Though quite beautiful herself, Anne had quite a territorial stance when it came to the workplace. As Sara noticed Anne's Converse, she cringed at the thought of wearing the other girl's shoes. But upon taking a step closer, she realized that, as predicted, her poor little Nikes were so sweaty that they squelched as her weight shifted! With a huff, Sara knelt down to untie her sneakers. As she untied both of her sneakers, she sat back on one of the metal chairs, and began the long process of sliding her feet out of the sweat soaked shoes. She took off her right shoe, and there was a soft squeak as her sweaty sole slide down the inside.

She took a moment to examine the inside of the shoe. At first glance, it seemed there were no damp spots anywhere. But upon closer Sneaker fetish stories, she realized it was all a uniform shade because the entire interior of her Nike was soaked with sweat!

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As she peeled the left Nike off, her insole stuck to her foot, pulling it out of the shoe. Once free, the insole fell to the floor, and with a mix of contempt and disgust, she picked up the sole, and both Nikes, and placed them in a locker. As she went to close the door, she Sneaker fetish stories it might help them dry if she took the right insole out of the shoe as well. Delicately, she tugged the right insole out, and placed it in the locker as well, and closed the door.

Sara then opened the other locker, and took Anne's chucks out. She once again sat in the chair, and began to put on the sneakers. As she slid both shoes on and tied them, she found the worn insides quite comfortable, and although they were a size too large, they would make do. Sara shifted back and forth from her heels to her toes, relieved to hear not a peep from the purple and grey lowtop chucks on her bare feet.

Quite the drastic change from her soaked, sweaty Nikes, that squished and squelched with every step.

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She had rolled her jeans into capris to attempt to cool down a bit, and discovered that thanks to the Converse being a size too large, and having eyelets in the sides, her feet had remained relatively cool, albeit they still dampened the insoles. Anne's chucks had started to grow on her, Sara admitted to herself. She had always dismissed Converse and Vans as "not her style", which she had begun to regret. Sara was busy thinking to herself, 'God these chucks feel so good. It's almost making m-' "Sara! Did you hear me? I need you to go sweep up a dry food spill. I- I'm sorry, I- uh As she grabbed the broom and headed across the store, she stopped dead in her tracks.

Standing in front of her was the person she least wanted to see here. There stood Anne, in a pair of flip flops and shorts, shopping for cat food. Sara tried to make her way past Anne without being noticed, but her heart sank when a voice rang out. Listen, i gott-" Sara mumbled. Her crotch began to darken as the sweat soaked in to Sneaker fetish stories denim between her legs, and her feet were once again sweating profusely. They were so sweaty that they were slipping out of the back of Anne's chucks!

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Her heels popped out of the backs with each step. Sara couldn't help but savor the feeling of her bare feet sinking back down into the wet, squishy insoles, and soon the crotch of her jeans grew darker, though to her amazement, not just from sweat this time.

As Anne watched Sara leave, she smirked, and grabbed some items off the shelf next to her, before walking off towards the break room. Quote Post by royx » Mon Jun 05, am Good writing, this has potential! Keep it up! Quote Post by tretornshoe » Mon Jun 05, am Yes, please keep it going! Which would you guys rather see happen? Cum, WAM style stuff, or something else? Quote Post by tretornshoe » Mon Jun 05, am cum please.

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Sneaker fetish stories

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