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Velvet was the best, and she wanted everyone to know it.

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She pranced elegantly to the podium, ready for the Tundra elder to ceremoniously announce her the champion of the herd. She had easily beaten all the other deer in the fighting competition for the right to represent the herd, dispatching them easily with a dazzling display of speed and potent ice magic. The other cervine lowered their he with respect, gathered as they were in a small semi-circle around the podium. Drostan, the village elder, trotted over holding a ceremonial flower wreath between his teeth. She held her head high with pride, but then felt a sudden tickle bother her nose.

Trying not to falter, she glanced surreptitiously at the flowers woven in to the wreath. How dare they use Sneeze stories female cheap flowers to commemorate this moment! She was terribly allergic, and a faint bead of sweat ran down her head as she felt a stubborn itch spread along the inside of her nostrils. Her muzzle cringed as the elder slipped the wreath over her head.

The scent of the lilies was strong, and she could see the pollen rising like a thin mist. She put on a forced smile, only letting a blink give away the torture of the pollen invading her sinuses. Velvet felt panic rise within her, the old fool was going to make this speech last all day! As naturally as she could, she raised a hoof to delicately rub her nose, just once.

It offered no relief, there was far too much pollen dancing around her delicate nose already. Her nose flared in the most undignified way as she tried her hardest to hold back. Maybe a tiny stifle would Sneeze stories female Just one quiet little sneeze…. With a brisk rub she pulled herself back from the precipice, but it was torture keeping the sneeze held. She blinked back the tears pricking her eyes and tried her best to talk to the crowd. Her body trembled with the tension of keeping it inside, making the wreath shake even more tickly pollen into the air around her.

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A couple of the more perceptive deer in the crowd looked at each other nervously. This was supposed to be your moment, damn it! She clenched her teeth with her muzzle wriggling violently, pollen now coating every inch of her nose, inside and out. She sneezed violently, shards of magical ice flying outwards from her body like a volley of arrows. Drostan dove for cover as a blade of ice narrowly avoided his ear, and the rest of the gathered warriors stampeded away from their champion.

Her head shook with each forceful outburst, shaking the wreath violently and dusting her overworked nose with yet more pollen. After several minutes of exhausting sneezes, her magic shredded the wreath with icy blades, allowing her enough respite to clumsily dunk her head into a nearby stream and wash the pollen off her sleek fur. She looked around with embarrassment at the devastation she had caused, icicles puncturing the gathering spot, and the crowd cowering behind trees.

She was very glad her journey started tomorrow. Maya had been sneezing all day, and she was tired of it. She was allergic to horses, hay, and dust and the farm had a share of each. She vowed Sneeze stories female this would be the last time she ever volunteered to help her friend. At least she was nearly finished. She ruffled through the store cupboard whilst rubbing her nose, and soon found what she needed.

She tugged on the heavy sack Sneeze stories female it split with a loud rip right down the middle. She cursed under her breath, and surveyed the damage. If she was careful she might be able to carry it on its side, but she would have to be careful not to lose balance or make sudden movements.

She gingerly hoisted the bag of feed up, and with a twitching nose teetered over towards the stall. With a tap of her black and white striped paw, she got the stall open. This one kept coming back for more, and each time Maya pushed its head away it bobbed back to try and steal some feed. A few more inches and she could dump the pellets into the trough and sneeze in peace.

Unlucky for her, that was when the mare decided to flick its tail. It was all too much for the poor tigress. Her chest pushed outward and her tail curled, her poor itchy nose raised high in the air as she took one last shaky breath. She doubled over, spilling the entire bag on to the floor.

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She had barely time to regain her balance before another sneeze erupted from her small frame, and then several others. Duh-dammit hehh-!! She scrambled out of the stall quickly, her body shaking with each sneeze, leaving the crafty mare to leisurely graze on her spoils. Nick awkwardly lowered his muzzle down to street level. He hated patrolling Little Rodentia, but it was important to keep up with his contacts.

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No one else on the force boasted the connections he has with the less legitimate residents of Zootopia. Lenny squeaked and scampered forward to massage the flared nostrils as best he could, forgetting he was covered in dust too. He tried his best charming smile on the distraught rodent.

The most frequent sightings occur in spring-time, though they are known to be active throughout the year to some degree. The sneeze fairy gets its name from its unusual habits; it hides in sweet-smelling flowers and waits for humanoids to wander too close, upon which they will either attempt to lodge themselves into the nasal cavity of the creatures or instead cling to the exterior of the nose. In both cases they cause keen irritation. In our earliest study, roughly half of our research team sneezed immediately upon being host to a fairy. The rest of us were able to hold back long enough to make some preliminary observations, though having Sneeze stories female fairy inside your nose causes distinct irritation like no other.

The result is that having one sit inside your nostrils is like trying to keep a fluttering feather inside your nose, a tickling sensation that is incredibly hard to fight for long. Another reason for their powerful effect is that they hide in wildflowers, and as such their bodies tend to be covered in pollen.

Poor Samuel suffers from hayfever, and the Fae seemed to make a sport of triggering his allergies. One after another they would flutter to his nose and shake their wings, causing him to explode in the most violent fit of sneezes, shooting the tricky creatures off into the far corners of the observation field. The poor man must have sneezed a hundred times this morning! Perhaps they enjoy humans that are known to have a quick and strong reaction to their presence? To them it may be like riding an express lane.

One Sneeze stories female word of warning for those that undertake similar research, beware of their defense mechanism! I made the mistake of trying to pull one of the Fae out of my nose to bottle it for further study I would have released it soon after!

As soon as it caught wind of my ruse, it released some sort of magical powder that burned and itched like no other. The feeling was incredible! In a split second, every fibre of my being was acutely aware of the sensation in my nose. A white-hot tickle that left me no chance of fighting or holding back.

It rose within me like a wave, until my body expanded with desperate breath and I exploded. I sneezed for a solid fifteen minutes. Harsh, barking and desperate sneezes that almost depleted me of breath and nearly left me passed out in my research tent!

Even now as I write up this report hours later, an after-tickle will twinge my nose and I will powerfully sneeze a few more Sneeze stories female with little relief. The entire ordeal has been exhausting, but science demands such sacrifice! For a friend on discord, written as part of an easter secret-santa… secret bunny? Secret egg? He struggled against the thick rope pinning his arms to his sides, secured to the ground by sturdy wooden stakes. Myver tried his best to avoid human villagers, but they did have this frequent habit of showing up unannounced with torches and pitchforks.

The huge satyr had taken a nap in a nearby field, not realising that it belonged to an irate shepherd that had little appreciation for the giant scaring his sheep. In a rage he had summoned the village guards, rowdy amateurs with the most absurd feather plumed helms. The ruffians had clambered over Myver whilst he slept, lashing him facedown in the field.

Ever polite, Myver kept quiet when he woke and saw his predicament. If he stayed very still, he could pretend to still be asleep. He planned to slip away as soon as the guards got tired of their sport. However the feathers from their uniforms began to tickle the sensitive spots of his hairless upper body. The giant spluttered, and then openly guffawed. The guards backed off when they discovered the Satyr was awake. Upon noticing their restraints held they cruelly prodded Myver, jeering insults.

Myver shuddered with laughter, struggling to breathe from the ticklish assault. Judging by the incredible size of the plumage adorning the helm, he could only be the commander of the rabble. He then smartly turned to face the guards forming up behind him.

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Myver went cross-eyed trying to look at the rude man beneath his face. He felt the beginnings of a sneeze brewing in his nose. He turned back to his men to finish his speech, and this time the feather from his nose slid into the nostril of the giant.

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It danced around the sensitive walls of his nose, making the urge to sneeze multiply a thousand-fold. Blinking back tears, he tried to warn the captain of the imminent danger; A sneeze at this range would blow the poor man over. The guards worked out the danger far quicker than the captain, and as one man turned and fled. The captain Sneeze stories female flustered at this sudden act of cowardice and yelled curses after his men. The blast blew the belligerent captain across the field, where he landed unceremoniously upside down in a brush. The force of the sneeze broke the ropes holding Myver down with a chorus of snaps.

He gingerly picked himself up and lumbered to the shelter in the nearby woods, stopping briefly to apologise to the red-faced officer. The sun was shining merrily as Ashley and Vinny walked hand-in-hand through the park. Ashley let out a contented sigh when unexpectedly a butterfly fluttered over and gently rested atop her nose. She blinked with surprise and reached to dislodge it when Vinny let out a squeal.

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The damn thing is probably covered in pollen too, she thought. Already the tell-tale itch of an allergy attack was creeping along her muzzle. Posts Likes Following Archive. Just one quiet little sneeze… "…hhahhhh-! Dusty Patrol Double drabble for discord Nick awkwardly lowered his muzzle down to street level. Excerpt from the Journal of Dr. Oh puh-please stahh-stop- ahaha! N-no muhh-more! The captain spun round to admonish Myver. A Walk in the Park Double drabble request for discord The sun was shining merrily as Ashley and Vinny walked hand-in-hand through the park.

Vinny smiled slyly and pocketed her phone. See this in the app Show more. Recently Liked.

Sneeze stories female

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