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The series had a team of writers - Karen O'Hara, A. Lawrence, Anthony L. It starred a host of actors and actresses who s I'm probably the biggest fan of softcore porn on late night cable TV. Most big name cable providers Dish, Direct TV, etc have softcore adult movies that come on late night, but these are entirely different animals than the porno found on the big name adult channels like Playboy, Spice, etc. Disclaimer: This story is both hardcore and softcore at the same time. If you want more explicit to A Brad Friend is a collection of short stories, both hardcore and softcore at the same time.

It is intended to be a softcore and sensual approach to hardcore subjects like rape, choking, and very explicit murder. That bei Another true adventure, with a few names rearranged for privacy I had shot several made-for cable movies in the past, and this was not the first for the late-night audience, in other Soft core story a softcore film.

I am a reasonably well-educated adult male, with a pretty liberal worldview, so the idea of making a softcore cable flick has never been a problem for I don't know about you, but I have a serious wedgie fetish.

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It's my hope to continue to write on this theme and share some fun fictional sensual stories that will really get your juices flowing. First though, I wanted to give a little background on the wedgie fetish. Read on, hope you learn, then get ready for the REAL Soft core story stuff. Feel free to PM Welcome to this collection of short stories by yours truly. Most of these are vanilla boy-girl stories, but anything that deviates into more kinky fuckery will be labeled as such. If you enjoy any of these stories, please consider donating to my Patreon.

I've got nothing else to say so have a photo of the lovely Alina Lopez. What's next? Tommy Martin Series Since her retirement from the adult movie business, she had kept in trim on the erotic dance circuit around the country. Recently employed as an advisor for a new adult movie company After my sister moved out I wound up with the basement bedroom. Not that I minded, of course; it was much bigger than the one I had upstairs, which was now the reading room, and it was the only bedroom downstairs leaving me quite a bit of privacy.

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I used this privacy to its full advantage. As my sexual curiosity elevated and ramd throughout the remainder Alexa - Girl 22 year old virgin with busty boobs and tight ass.

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Boy - Alex Girl - Alexa What's next? Boy - Alex Girl - Alexa SmutMD Log in. Log in Remember Me. SmutMD up. There is a lot more to SmutMD than you think!

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Soft core story

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