Soft swap stories

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Readers can read all books for free, without any and give the authors feedback. Books that perform well based on their reader engagement are published by Inkitt in different formats and channels. I looked over at my poor nervous wife. She was still as beautiful now as she was thirty years ago when we met. I loved that her nervousness always made her chew her bottom lip and it always, and I mean always, turned me on.

Everything is ready for the party. Are you going to be ok hosting your part of it? We have the games, the music, the food and everything else you can think of. All we need now are the peoples and we are all set. We placed an ad online on a couple of sites for the first event for people new to swinging. The way the add was written up it was for couples only who were inquisitive about this chance to liven up their own love lives and for them to meet other couples who were the same way.

This was not a sex party. This was a meet and greet with some great games and a chance for new couple relationships. We listed in the ad many times this was not a sex party. We did not want anyone going past the boundaries we set up, so everyone would stay comfortable. At first we were happy when we had three or four respond Soft swap stories our ad, then it was five, then ten, and so on. When the was all done we had seventy couples close enough to drive in ask to be part of the party. We selected twenty couples and began the correspondence back and forth.

Most all of them said yes. The twenty we did select were all different age groups but the one constant was that at least one person in the relationship marked they liked country music. We decided that would be our tie in. We decided we would have a country theme. My wife of course was ecstatic, she loved country music. Since we let everyone know way ahead of time this was a soft swap club, we suggested jeans or jean shorts with plaid or rodeo shirts.

This was a party to seduce other couple with your personality and your natural look, not your naked body. Everyone whole heartedly agreed and we had no one raise any kind of problem. My wife looked good in plaid and I bet all the other women would too. I was getting excited thinking about it. She knew exactly what effect her plaid shirt had on me, especially with all those buttons that needed to be free. I shook myself out of it and continued taking care of the stuff I Soft swap stories up earlier. I just got everything stored when Meghan came back down from upstairs.

Holy shit she looked good.

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My wife was wearing a red plaid shirt that was tied off at the bottom with about four buttons coming from the top. I could see her bra straps and they were just as sexy just peaking through. Her B cups were tight and her smile must have been from my obvious excitement. I loved that look. I finished my hair and hoped it made it to the club site before the wind whipped it or something. It was a beautiful day out and with the sun shining we should be able to do all the things we talked about and have one hell of a party. I was nervous about everyone having a good time. I knew Aaron and I would do our best to host the party and try to include everyone but it was still my biggest worry.

I threw some extra accessories in a box and carried them down to the truck. We rented an old masons club for the party. It was a concrete building with no see through windows and had a completely fenced in area attached to the back that stretched out quite a ways. A friend of mine was going to DJ for us and his wife was going to accompany him so no one would think a single guy was there.

We wanted everyone comfortable. They would not partake of any of the activities but they would be essential to help running the Soft swap stories. I checked everything out yesterday with Dave and they have an actually nice kitchen there. All the stuff for the sal are already there and in the giant fridge. The meal would consist of chicken, burgers, dogs and we even had some veggie burgers if anyone was so inclined. The sal were the typical potato, macaroni, past and tossed. Aaron was also going to do some fried green beans and JoJo potatoes.

All in all I thought we had a good plan going in. We Soft swap stories had cookies and brownies for desert. He knew what that did to me and he was definitely starting early on getting me in the mood. Browneyedwolfgirl: I really hope he marks her. The anticipation is going to kill me.

A more realistic look on the human and wear wolf story. What I'd imagine it to almost be like. So far the best book I've read on here. Enthusiastically waiting for more chapters!! Danielle Reardon: Enjoying reading these. Glad to see a few have got their own stories which I plan on reading next thank you.

Stummy: This story has a lot of potential. It needs character abs plot development. Even if this was a novella, the story just jumped from on thing to the next. Hopefully the author will continue to edit the story and get it matured. Columbine Pirouette: I have read all the awesome series of books written by this great writer, I totally enjoyed each one of them. I want to of your work. Keep it up! MMi: I enjoyed this story. It's unfortunate he is being so stubborn and essentially hurting the both of them. I really hope there is a continuation to this story I was left with soooo many questions about the last events that transpired I liked the plot, it was unique as opposed to other books were the mates are from the same species.

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Soft swap stories

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