Son helping mom pee stories

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In true to my life fashion however I have a different story to tell you. Let it help you remember to schedule your physical so at least it can serve some good. So, I gave the boys a magnet set and turned on an audio book so they could play while I washed everything and shaved my legs. You got to do the whole 9 yards.

You have to go for the full on, getting laid later, every nook and cranny shower.

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I planned to exit the shower the way Cinderella looks when the fairy godmother dresses her up. Hannigan from Annie and that is no joke. So, with soapy hair piled high and a face full of biodegradable, grey water safe soap I step out and feel for the handle.

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I have to pee pee now! Partially in the potty, and partially down my leg. I know this not because I could see but because it felt warm. So, I get back in and rinse off when the hot water runs out because I spent my hot water time in the floor getting peed on like a lady. I ended up finishing my shower cold and forgoing shaving my legs, sorry to the Dr who will be roto rootering my business later, but it is what it is.

Seriously, in these appointments you can almost taste the latex gloves.

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Also, during this shower two cats got in, there was a lizard incident and two people asked for snacks. I am here now, sitting in the old lady part of the waiting room surrounded by pamphlets about vaginal dryness and pelvic floor strength. This is the side for yearly checkups, breast exams and another speculum fun. Follow Katie on Instagram here. Submit your story hereand subscribe to our best love stories here. Peter better be a girl. It was my first time. When do I push? Not even a little. Provide beauty and strength for others.

It was a mistake.

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The moral of the story? Get our physical ladies but shower the night before.

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First Name. Last Name. Zip Code. Skip and continue to the site.

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Son helping mom pee stories

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