Son impregnates mom stories

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PM change Verification. ed: Oct 26, Messages: Oct 26, Shawn will never have a brother or sister. The doctors have said you have too low a sperm count. You just aren't fertile any more. I know I do my part every month when we have sex. You and your date circled on the calendar when you supposedly ovulate.

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It wouldn't mean you're any less of a man, Arthur, and we'd have another. Not in a million years. I'm not going to have another man's sperm in you.

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You're my woman, and that's the end of it. And don't try anything behind my back, because I know everyone in the local medical community and know where all the money is, so you can't pay for it. But, my husband ignored me, walked out the door, and went to work. I sat there at the kitchen table, sobbing, until my son Shawn came in. I heard everything, again for the millionth time. You know Dad's not going to change his mind. I wiped my eyes and hugged him back, feeling how thin and delicate he was, my just-turnedyear-old beautiful boy. My pride and joy. I didn't know what I would do if I didn't have him.

The same old thing.

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I guess I have to start facing the truth. You'll never have a brother or a sister. The doctors have said I'm fine, but your Dad can't produce what's needed any more.

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We learned all about that when that lady that had all the babies was in the news. And it's too expensive. I would do anything to know another little life is growing inside me. It would fulfill me completely. That's why it's hurting so much. Just once. Dad would never know. What would make you say such a thing. I've never cheated on your father and I never will! And if I did, your father would know the baby looked nothing like him. That's a totally stupid idea.

You'd be doing something right for the right reasons. Just for that once and that's it so you have another child for the rest of your life. That seems like a good deal for me. He was encouraging me to have a one-night stand with some guy just to have a baby. As crazy as that Son impregnates mom stories, it did have some logic to it, but I could never stand the thought of being intimate with some strange man, no matter what the motivation.

That would never, ever happen. I needed to have some affection, some love for the man I allowed into my body. We're out of ideas on that subject. I wiped my eyes and tried not to cry any more in front of him. I would hide the pain from now on.

That's when Shawn spoke again. I thought he was talking about also wanting a brother or sister. That's called genetics. A baby looks like both his parents. The baby would look like both of you. Problem solved! My son, my young son had just suggested getting his own mother pregnant. It was so unexpected and preposterous that I couldn't even give words to the protest my mind was thinking. I just sat there with my mouth open. Shawn continued: "Dad would think it's his.

He would be happy thinking he's the big man, and you'd be happy that you're pregnant. And, I'd be happy you two weren't fighting all the time and I had something to do with making things better. Do you even realize what you're saying? Listen to yourself.

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You're talking about being a sperm donor for your own mother. And, if you weren't listening, it costs a lot of money to have that one. Your father would know all about it, and know about who the donor was. Some plan. There's no way he wouldn't find out.

Son impregnates mom stories

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