Sonic sex stories

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Amy undressed and dropped down on her bed with a deep sigh. It was the first time in many days she had nobody at her bedside, but she was glad to be all by herself for once, like before the orgy. It reminded her of nostalgic times, just Amy Rose, her dildo, and the pictures she took of Sonic masturbating in his room.

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Amy looked into the night table, searching for the secret box Sonic sex stories kept hidden ever since she fell in love with Sonic. When Sonic still ignored and ran away from her, she always sneaked to his house in the middle of the night were he would often find him jerking off. She took pictures, braught them to her hut and masturbated while looking at them, pretending like he fucked her. Tails and Cream gazed upon the amazing orgy with their mouths wide open. Bunnie and Blaze already made the kids horny, and seeing all the sex around them made them even more.

Tails instinct told him to masturbate and a second later he was rubbing his dick slowly, looking at all the fine ladies being fucked. Knuckles was sitting on the couch with Rouge face-to-face riding him. Her big boobs bounced around and Knuckles could finally compare the girls breasts: Rouge had no doubt the biggest, next being Vanilla. Bunnie was third and Blaze fourth. Then came Sally and finally Mina, Amy and the almost flat Cream was the smallest shaped.

They were of course fucking, missionary position. Sally moaned softly while Sonic panted.

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Suddenly, their good times were disturbed by a loud bang. Sonic quickly jumped off Sally and moved the blankets over their naked bodies in a reflex.

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They were both sweating and panting too, with blushes on their faces. They were both in the park when they passed each other by. Knuckles first noticed how much Shade had grown; her proportions were much more feminine and her breasts had grown from perky to mature. I was a little out of control then.

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I loved you very much. See you there! She had big plans for tonight.

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Have fun. Also he heard the sound of a shower running. Sonic sneaked towards the hut and looked through the window; there he saw Knuckles on the wet floor and Shadow standing. Rouge was bending down between them and enjoyed a double penetration while the water of the shower rained down on her wet hot body. They were all very supsicious Sonic sex stories everybody suddenly not returning, and Amy decided to volunteer and check it out. She opened the door towards the cellar and quietly stepped down the stairs. She heard moaning and sopping noises; her ears were pointed as she crawled carefully down the stairs.

When she got close enough to see what was happening, she gazed upon her worst nightmare…. Sonic was getting a blowjob by Vanilla while Knuckles was licking her clit. Mina had just left the living room, chasing Amy. There were only four people left, Silver, Blaze, Sally and Bunnie. Silver was new in this group of friends and his first introduction had left a good impression on Sally and Bunnie: He was charming, funny and a handsome hedgehog. They all laughed at his jokes and admired Silver, the alcohol stimulating some naughty fantasies about him.

Shadow entered the room, followed by Rouge.

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They both glanced at the four people on the couch, all naked. Sally had a little bit of white cream around her mouth. And on the other side of the couch, the two innocent kids were having their first sex. It was so cute. Rouge woke up with two strong arms embrassing her.

His arms were red and the two gloves had two pointy knuckles on them. Slowly, Rouge started to remember what happened last night and opened her eyes. Rouge smiled when she felt something hard touching her leg and she looked down. She pulled his shaft for a while and Knuckles moaned in his sleep.

She then Sonic sex stories her lips around his big cock and started sucking him off. Sonic Hentai. Just another hentai weblog at Hentai XXX. Home Sample. When she got close enough to see what was happening, she gazed upon her worst nightmare… Sonic was getting a blowjob by Vanilla while Knuckles was licking her clit. Proudly powered by WordPress.

Sonic sex stories

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