Spanked by aunt stories

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I was still crying as I washed my face.

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I could hear Auntie Sarah moving around in the kitchen. I Spanked by aunt stories to my bedroom and looked at my bottom in the mirror. for Free! Score 5 5. Famous Story. Published 13 years ago. I got some cold cream and started to rub it all over those red marks which felt so good. So soothing. After screwing the cap back on I lay on the bed, on my stomach, and rubbed my bottom. That felt good too. Then I moved my hand down to between my legs. I felt my vagina and hair mound and realised it was soaking wet. From the spanking.

I knew that Jack would have had the same feelings and probably did the same to his erection. I rolled on to my back, spread my legs, eased my fingers inside me, allowed my other hand to caress my breasts with their hard erect nipples, and slowly brought myself to an orgasm. A wonderful, electric, vibrant, exciting, orgasmic orgasm.

It took me a while to compose myself but knew I had to get dressed and face Auntie Sarah. I made a point of closing my door slightly hard so she would know I was on my way down. It worked as she met me in the hallway. I returned her smile. Sore of course. That jolted me. I learnt not to be rude to you again. After all I am a 19 year old who has just been spanked and acknowledged that I will be spanked again the very next time I am naughty. Still, I realised she was imposing her authority and leaving no room for me to suggest it was a once only.

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Me being spanked again was definitely on the cards for the rest of my six week stay. I got a tingle between my legs just thinking about it. Time and again in fact. Still, you have learned your lesson so that is very good. Spanked by aunt stories fell in to her arms and she hugged me. Such a warm hug. So strong. I felt so safe in those arms. It now felt so right.

I have to admit I found the spanking itself very hard to take. It hurt much more than I expected it to. Afterwards was better of course. Much better. So when I take the two together I know I should be spanked when I am naughty. So I learn. Even at 19 years old, and who knows, maybe 20 and even older. Your Mum said I would be run ragged what with you and Holly playing me up. You are a bit Spanked by aunt stories together after all.

But me spanking you when you are naughty will be a real help you know. I feel much more relaxed now. I get what I earn. She probably guessed, but as we were both gaining by it what did it matter. He is a naughty young man but instead of me getting all frazzled I put him across my lap and know whilst the tension leaves me he gets a very sore backside that reminds him of his bad behaviour for several hours at least.

I get on with what I was doing and he suffers. That is great for me, and I can tell you as well as being far better behaved he is much nicer to be around. So we both win. And when he is naughty then he gets excited, as you saw, but he sorts himself out later in his room I suppose. Just like I did. I asked her but she just refused and frankly at 19 years old it has to be something she agrees to.

So we have our battles still, but not with Jack. Just like it will be with you from now on Emma. She will watch you being spanked anyway. I was rude to your Mum and next thing I know she has me across her lap and is spanking me. A new experience I thought. I can see some benefits for your Mum. He gets spanked once or even twice a week. Heck that could be you being spanked maybe twelve times whilst you are here Emma. But I had agreed and I knew there was no going back.

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Three days later it happened. We were singing along. Auntie Sarah asked us to be quiet. We were for a few minutes then an anthem song came on and off we went again, even louder. Auntie Sarah came in and asked us to be quiet but we ignored her. I was conscious of Auntie Sarah standing with her hands on her hips. The chair. The one she sits on when she gives a spanking. Soon enough she sat down and I realised she Spanked by aunt stories the hairbrush in her hand. Yet even as we walked towards the chair I felt alive. I knew what would happen and whilst on the one hand I knew I had earned my next spanking on the other found myself aroused by the very prospect.

Auntie Sarah was cross. Very cross. This was going to hurt again I thought. It was a bit of a blur for me. I knew he was going to be spanked but I could only really think about what I was going to get. I looked sideways and saw Jacks erection. I remembered of course it happened last time and I was not surprised any more as I was conscious of the wetness between my legs. The hairbrush was also a blur as it was brought down with a force that Jack was clearly finding difficult to cope with. His face was tear stained and his bottom bright red before his Mother allowed him up.

It all happened too quickly but somehow not quickly enough as suddenly Auntie Sarah turned her steely glare on me. Now was not the time to upset her unduly bearing in mind where I was about to go.

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As I took my skirt and knickers off I realised my knickers were wet. I wondered if my Aunt would see how wet I was. Auntie Sarah gave me a real telling off. I was left under no illusion how annoyed she was with me. Her strict voice was exciting and scary at the same time. I was naughty and was going to be disciplined. Simple as that. I glanced across to Jack.

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His red bottom almost glowing and yes his erection clearly visible. Would I still be aroused afterwards I wondered?

Spanked by aunt stories

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