Spanking daughters stories

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This is probably one of the longest short stories that I have written and it took me the best part of the day to complete and edit. Even then it is only 6, words long, but it felt like I wrote 30, words. You have the opportunity to leave feedback if you want. At the end of part one of this story I left a form for users to submit their ideas as to what they wanted to see in part 2. Many of you will see that I have included some of those ideas as best as I can.

Once you read the story, if you feel like leaving feedback or making a suggestion for part 3 then I will welcome it all, whether positive or negative. There are always bits of real life that are added to stories and the reason that I chose the year was because of a film that came out in In the film, Joysticks, Joe Don Baker tells his fully grown daughter, Corinne Bohrer, that she is not to old for a spanking. It was really hot and it spoke to me of a different time. Now onto the story, I hope that you like it. To avoid any confusion Brittney and Bri are the same person, likewise Elaine and Lainey are also the same person.

Back in it was a different time, especially in Texas. Sparing the rod and spoiling the child was as common as hot dinners. Ferris had received her last strapping at the hands of her own mother when she was 20 years old. The old premise was more common than not, as long as you are living under this roof you will follow my rules, and the consequences for breaking those rules would be carried out the old fashioned way.

Even to this day she remembers walking to the shed with tears running down her cheeks, hoping against all hope that nobody in the neighborhood was looking out of their window as she did the walk of shame. Fourteen well placed swings of the belt later on her bare bottom had her dancing all over the shed and promising that she will never again utter a curse word. Four years had passed, and even though she was about to turn 19, she also knew that if she ever dared mutter so much as a single curse word in front of her Father then she knew exactly where she would end up, that much was a guarantee.

Just the mere thought of carrying the strap that was going to be applied to her own bottom would make her go weak at the knees, and even now just catching a glimpse of it would make her blush a deep red. With her birthday just two weeks away to the day she very meekly asked how long Elaine was grounded for. Once the phone was placed on the receiver Brittney let out an audible sigh of relief. Her birthday was on a Sunday so that meant a Sunday brunch with her family, church, and then a rather conservative gathering with extended family members.

There was no guarantee that Elaine was going to be at church Spanking daughters stories, but past history in any family where discipline was involved would generally mean that going to church would be the one social outing that was accepted and allowed. Bri was hoping deep down that she would at the very least get to briefly speak with Elaine later that day at church, even if that was in the presence of both sets of families in a cordial environment.

Each family had a lot of love involved with them and the belief was that the installation of traditional family values helped to steer a young ward into the right direction in life. Most practitioners of discipline were themselves once a recipient of the same set of traditional family values, and they were all deemed valuable members of society.

There were many different variants of old horse straps and bridles which continued to serve a purpose long after they stopped being used on the horse in many a barn across this quiet town. Punishments were almost exclusively conducted within the same family, it would be very rare for it to take place outside of the Spanking daughters stories, though of course paddling was still employed Spanking daughters stories gusto.

In fact most of the kids growing up had also heard of the rumor that the church minister himself was the owner of a school paddle in his office, a rumor that grew into an urban legend. Twenty five to thirty years ago the urban legend was more than just a rumor, the most trusted member of the community was indeed a man whose services were required by many families.

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It became a practice that slowly disappeared Spanking daughters stories the years to a point that it only became a rumor, and then became an urban legend. Nobody knew if it was really true, except perhaps for the older folks who grew up during those formative years, and they were not people who would ever entertain discussing such a topic. The legend started thirty years ago, the secrets of many an adult remains until this current day.

Elaine and her mom were ready in their Sunday dress to make their way to church. Elaine was very mindful of her situation and she would never want to disrespect her mom, so she was a little apprehensive when she clasped her hands in front of her as she looked at the floor and meekly asked her mom a question in a little more than a whisper.

Ferris was a strict mother, but she was also a warm, loving person who valued friendships. She had no intention of restricting Elaine from speaking with Bri at church, and in fact she appreciated that Elaine had respected her enough to ask for her permission first. With a warm smile she said that she could, but also warning her not to abuse her freedom at church today.

His goal was to wait for Elaine to call him and if he was able to make eye contact with her at church for a quick smile then he would see that as a victory. The environment that Spanking daughters stories grew up in was vastly different to that of his girlfriend and Brittney, he grew up in a very progressive family who did not believe in corporal punishment. His experiences in that field he could count on one hand, well, after overhearing Lainey getting spanked he had now started on the second hand.

He could only look back at the incident with some humor.

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The joke was fleeting of course, it was soon replaced by the unbearable sound and feel of a maternal hand landing on its upended target. Tim would have sworn that it went on for half an hour, but it lasted less than a minute as he howled and squirmed with all his might. He then had to watch through tear stained eyes as his friend got the same treatment, though it was ificantly longer and harder than what he himself had got. Then there was the time that his friend, TJ, had got the belt from his dad the night before.

The reason that this was memorable was because TJ quite happily pulled his shorts down to show all of his friends what his bottom looked like as if it were some type of trophy. He had also seen another friend very briefly dance a merry tune as his dad swung the belt, but in that instance he was petrified and ran away as fast as he could after watching the thick leather belt land two times.

The most memorable spanking that he was a witness to was one that was forever etched in his mind that had happened many years ago. Tim was with a group of friends when one of their gang, Micheal, gleefully ed them. The reason for his joy was quite apparent very quickly as he announced with a tremendous amount of satisfaction that Kimberly, his older sister, was going to get a spanking.

Tim had a huge crush on Kimberly and as his friends started to leave he hung back slyly before slowly scooting off, Spanking daughters stories intended destination being the Smith household. It seemed like a no loss situation, he could amble around the property and if he was caught he had an easy out, he was just looking for his friend Michael. All he had expected was to hear the sounds of his crush getting a spanking, he had no idea at that time that where the spanking was due to take place was in the basement where the laundry machine was.

He discovered that by listening to the scolding that was taking place and following the sound of the single voice that he could hear. When he arrived at the final location where the voice had led him to, his mouth flew wide open as he crouched down and realized that one of the small windows to the basement would allow him a birds eye view to the scene that was just about to commence.

He kneeled there peeking in through the edge of the window as the battle of the loose hand commenced. What happened next is something that Tim will never forget. He could not forget Kimberly frantic attempts to avoid the smack of the brush as her legs kicked wildly and her pleas of forgiveness got louder by the second.

His eyes transfixed on the thin nylon rippling at every smack that the brush landed upon them, and how her frantic gyrations would cause those panties to ride up and up until the hard backed brush was striking nothing but bare skin as the spanking progressed, repeating the same pattern of covering every inch of the scarlet bottom several times over before all Spanking daughters stories said and done.

The very instant that the brush stopped descending on the well spanked fanny, and a tearful Kimberly started to stand up, Tim scarpered like Carl Lewis out of fear that one of them would look up and catch him spying on the spanking. When Tim overheard his girlfriend being spanked it was the image of this particular spanking that kept running through his mind as he tried to picture Elaine getting spanked.

Man, he remembered every time he ran into Kimberly from that day forward whenever he was with Michael, he could barely look her in the eye. However, whenever she left them alone his eyes were transfixed and never left the bottom that he had watched getting a spanking.

It was perhaps his best day ever when Kimberly left for college, he no longer had to blush at the mere sight of her. He was sheltered in his life from spankings, but the sight of Kimberly getting spanked and the sound of Lainey getting spanked were two events that he could quite happily relive in his mind until the cows came home.

Everyone was at church two days after the event in their Sunday best, once the service was over it was time for Spanking daughters stories families to socialize and catch up with one another. Tim stood close by his parents and their time at the post service gathering was going to be very short, perhaps only ten minutes had passed before they were all in the family car heading home. As the church service attendees milled around talking to one another, Elaine and Brittney pulled off one of their best stealth modes as they expertly inched their way step by step closer to each other.

Like skilled tacticians they had soon maneuvered themselves from a small gathering into a place where there was just the two of them. They talked as quietly as they could and Brittney tried to offer up some comfort to her friend.

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While Elaine had no intentions of passing the buck for her own lack of responsibilities, she did make it known in a backhanded manner that she did have some displeasure with her friend. Brittney looked like she had been stabbed with a needle.

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The first port of call would be for Tim to pick up Bri, and then the two of them could drive over to pick up Lainey before the three of them headed to the mall. Later that afternoon they would all meet up with other friends for an impromptu picnic in the park.

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Lainey smiled as she was delighted to have something to look forward to, but the little devil inside of her still wanted to pass some of the blame onto her friend for her current predicament. So before they broke up she teased Bri. The parents arrived and Elaine greeted her mom, full of joy. If looks could kill. Not just because of what had transpired, but also because it was going to be an awfully long ten days not speaking with the person who she normally spoke with several times a week. However, the elephant in the room still took over her thoughts, much to her despair.

Spanking daughters stories

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