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An Unexpected Cane by Joelstrap. The sky was heavy with rain-clouds, pressing down upon the rooftops, looming menacingly above the streets, ready to release their burden Spanking stories cane water. I glanced upward uneasily. He nodded; and, even as he did so, it was as if some mischievous weather-god had pulled a switch, and the heavens opened. We were dressed only in jeans and light shirts, which were soon soaking wet. Mike grabbed my arm and propelled me into a shop-doorway.

I shook myself like a dog emerging from the sea and a spray of raindrops spattered the door. I peered through the glass. Wanna go in and have a look? Maybe the rain will go off soon. Mike assented and we pushed open the door, setting an old-fashioned bell jangling inside. An elderly man emerged from a room at the back and smiled at us. Have a look round. A student, perhaps? First time away from home and enjoying the freedoms concomitant thereupon? I reached into my brain to remember what concomitant meant and then nodded.

He walked to a far corner of the shop and we followed. He reached into a tall cupboard and pulled out a traditional school-cane, which he bent into a smooth arc. The old chap handed the cane to me and I ran a finger along its slender length and then whipped it sharply. The air winced. Mike raised his eyebrows. He suddenly raised it and brought it down sharply on the surface of a leather chair-seat. A vicious crack echoed through the shop and we both jumped.

We stared at him, taken aback by this statement which was as true as it was unexpected. Just take care not to break anything. He handed the cane to Mike and walked off to the counter at the rear of the shop. He threw the cane back over his shoulder and twisted round as it descended, aiming for the leather seat, but unfortunately his aim was slightly awry and the swiftly-falling Spanking stories cane caught the rim of a nearby table.

There was a crash of wood on wood; and an ornate china teapot, which had been standing on the table, bounced and then slid over the edge to smash spectacularly at our feet. The old chap bumbled over and shook his head. He bent and picked up the handle of the teapot, from which dangled a price-tag. I looked nervously. We both stared wordlessly at the lissom cane which Mike still held.

I took the dustpan and swept up the broken china, while Mike and the shopkeeper watched in silence. I stood up. The old man smiled and, taking the cane from Mike, he led us behind the counter and into a room behind the shop. Broad shoulders led down to a lean waist and long, denim-clad legs. He wore an open-necked shirt and a generous amount of his chest-hair was clearly visible. My eyes widened and my penis throbbed. Mike and I exchanged horrified glances.

Jed was a different matter entirely. I had no doubt whatsoever that he could make it hurt beyond anything I could imagine. Jed arched the cane and then sent it zipping through the air with a terrifying whine. We both winced instinctively. I could think of plenty to which to object, but held my tongue. Unably, my penis was straining at the front of my jeans. Mike obeyed and I watched with a curious sense of excitement.

His jeans were close-fitting and when he bent over they were stretched taut across his behind, revealing the full curves of his rump. Mike winced and I saw his glutes tighten for a few seconds. The cane whipped across him again and again. Spanking stories cane stroke elicited a flinch from Mike, but he stayed silent. The fourth one landed low and I heard him gasp as the pain got to him. Jed gave him no time to recover before sending the fifth lower still. Mike clenched his buttocks, his body quivering; and then he bucked as the sixth cut sliced on a diagonal, firing the lines of the earlier strokes.

A half-stifled yelp escaped him. As Mike vacated the chair, I stepped forward and bent over, presenting my bottom for the cane. My penis was so hard that it was pushing painfully against the fabric of my clothing, desperate for release.

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I was aware of Jed standing to one side of me and then of the cane rapping the centre of my behind. I held my breath as I Spanking stories cane it being lifted away; and then exhaled sharply as a fierce sting ripped across my rump. My penis loved it. I waited and the cane came again and again, each stroke etching a new line of fire slightly lower down my bottom. For some reason the burning pain seemed to pass right through me from arse to balls and made my arousal all the harder.

By the time the sixth stroke had cross-cut the first ones and I had absorbed the sting, I knew that I wanted more. Jed sent me to stand at the wall and summoned Mike back. I saw his bare buttocks with six clear red marks on the skin. Blood throbbed in my straining cock. Mike steadied himself and Jed hit him again, getting a similar reaction. I pressed my finger hard on my perineum to prevent myself from coming. He yelped and leapt upright, both hands rubbing at his outraged rump.

Mike hastily bent over once again. Jed made him wait before lashing the cane ferociously hard across his bottom for the sixth time on the bare. You, jeans and pants down and bend over. I complied and felt the cool wood of the cane on my hot, slightly sweaty skin. The coolness seemed like a mockery in view of the searing fires to come. The first stroke felt like a serrated knife ripping through my flesh and I gasped aloud.

The next had me clenching my gluteal-muscles like there was no tomorrow. The third scored a slim pathway of pain across my lower buttocks and forced a squeal of pain from me. My proud cock, which had emerged bouncing and fully-erect from the constriction of my clothing when I bared my behind, had gone into partial Spanking stories cane. I steadied myself and waited. The cane, whipping ferociously across my rump, sent my pain-level soaring and I writhed from the hips, panting with the effort to remain in position.

I would never have believed it could hurt this much. It was forced out of me without conscious decision as I half rose and rubbed at my tortured flesh. It came with merciless force and again I found my hands trying in vain to rub out some of the blazing fire in my bottom. I regained control of myself and got back into position. Jed made me wait. As I did, every nerve a-quiver, my body tense, I felt my penis slowly begin to rise in anticipation of the two punishment-strokes to come.

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I heard a whistling sound and flinched automatically; but Jed was just doing a practice-stroke. The cane touched my bottom lightly, low down, where it curved slightly inward. I closed my eyes and gripped the sides of the chair as hard as I could. The lithe cane blasted a blazing furrow of fire across my flesh and my whole body thrust violently forward.

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