Spanking stories illustrated

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Everyone knew the penalty for neglecting to do a homework. Across the classroom, all fidgeting stopped.

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A perfect hush settled. Everyone knew what happened next. Head bowed, Hannah stood from her desk, she reached the low platform at the front of the class in 6 slow footsteps, visibly hesitating before taking the final step up to stand beside him. His finger beckoned her one step forward.

Nevertheless, she turned her head, giving him one last plaintive look. No mercy was forthcoming.

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His eyes merely narrowed. Hannah bent over, her bottom jutting towards her captivated classmates, grasping her ankles, and shutting her eyes, too ashamed to look back through her legs at the gawping class. Moments later, she felt the unmistakable draught as he lifted her navy blue pleated skirt, and folded it over her back.

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All the while, her classmates stared on silently, as if spying through a peephole, fearful that any sound would give away their presence. Thanks to yourwordsplease for choosing this image when reblogging Treasure Hunt.

Stand up! Come up here!

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Skirt off, knickers down, legs apart so the rest of the class can see. Those two words always made her clit ache. She imagined a nimble, athletic girl slowly leaning forward to touch her toes, making her buttocks swell, then part, revealing the secrets within. There was a swoosh, a whack and stifled moan. Then another. The rhythm of the caning made her mind wander, her imagination painting in what she could not see. Whereas the first girl yelped with every stroke, this girl sounded like she was enjoying her experience.

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She imagined her pushing her bum out to meet each strike, her clit hard, her slit wet and glistening, taunting her teacher to do her worst. Each successive whack was louder than the last, until eventually the moans gave way to whimpers. Read the full story…. Create a free website or blog at WordPress.

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Spanking stories illustrated

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