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for Free! Family strip poker "A horny family just has some fun playing a friendly game" 7 Votes 7. Score 5 5. Hi, my name is Angelina, I'm 52 and I have brown hair and eyes. I have nice C-cup breasts and I have 2 kids that are adults now that also have brown and eyes, a boy and a girl, that are 24 and 28 now.

Unfortunately their dad past some years ago, but we're still a family. We have a tradition, that on Saturday nights, we do something as a family. So it was Saturday and my kids Brian and Amanda were in charge of picking out something for us to do that night, so they were in the kitchen sitting at the table thinking about it.

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Amanda and I nodded, it wasn't the best choice, but we liked it. Brian got the cards as Amanda and I sat down at the table, then he came back and dealt them, but as he was done dealing them, I thought of something. Brian looked around for a minute and then started laughing. It was a funny idea, so we all laughed. Then Amanda said something pretty logical. I mean we're family and we've seen each other naked numerous times, so why not?

Brian seemed to think she made sense. Everyone exchanged looks and nodded. Then we all made sure we just had 5 items of clothing on and sat down at the table. I had my shirt, bra, thong, pants and a hat to make 5. Amanda had her dress, bra, panties and 2 socks. Brian had his shirt, pants, boxers and 2 socks.

So as we were all ready, we took a look at our cards. We all put our shirts in the pot on the first hand. I thought that was interesting, you know they both had socks, but chose their shirts. I had a crap hand, but I still played it. To no surprise I lost that hand and Brian won our shirts. Brian was really good and kicking out butts. I bet my bra and Amanda bet her panties. We both put them in the pot, but I of course had to cover my boobs though. So I let them see my tits, they were family, so why not? They both seemed mesmerized by my rack. We looked at our cards again, and this time I actually got something good: a full house.

I wasn't sure what Amanda had though. We both stayed in and Brian called. He Stories about strip poker down his cards and he had a crap for a change. Luck was not Amanda's friend though, so I got my bra back along with my hat he bet, but Amanda just had her bra left.

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So I put my bra and hat back on, but Amanda was undoing her bra sense she just had that left. He was eyeballing her B-cup boobs like a hawk, I kind of wondered if he had a crush on her or something. After that he dealt the cards again as Amanda was completely naked. Brian was fully clothed though, luck was his friend. I had something good again: a straight flush, so I was all in. We all put our cards down and I won his socks to no surprise, but Amanda was out though. After that she stayed naked and watched, I thought that was interesting.

Brian and I played a few more hands and my luck took another turn, he won until I was Stories about strip poker to my hat and he had his socks back. I thought they'd appreciate that. Brian was declared the winner. As he gloated a little and handed us our clothes and I thought of something, he never had to expose his cock.

I think we were all a little horny, so I think we were up for anything. He undid his pants and exposed his cock to us as he was standing up. I saw Amanda eyeballing his cock like a hawk, maybe there really was something going on. He just looked at her for a couple seconds and he saw that she liked what she saw as well.

Obviously we were all horny, I mean he willingly answered that question.

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Then out of nowhere, she came over to him and actually felt his cock with her right hand. He didn't seem offended though. She stroked his cock for a few seconds and then completely undressed him as well. She stood back up and slowly began caressing his cock as they starred at each other for a few seconds. They just kissed each other right in front of me as we were all naked.

As I saw that, my pussy got really wet. They kissed again and my pussy got even wetter.

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They began making out passionately and they wouldn't stop, I wasn't sure what was going on with them, but it just made me even hornier. He put his hands onto her boobs and they started making their way into the living room.

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They got in front of the couch. She got on it first and then he got on top of her. They began making out passionately and I stayed in the kitchen for a minute to I masturbate while I watched them go at it. I think they were just horny and would have stopped eventually, but by time I came, they were still making out, so I decided to go over there with them. I got down on my knees and watched them up close. Then Amanda leaned up and she gave me a huge kiss right on the lips.

I wasn't sure how I felt about that honestly, it was weird, but it was also a great kiss. She kissed me again and Brian got off her so I could get on her.

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We both wrapped our arms around each other for a minute and made out passionately as our boobs pressed against each other. I was making out with my own daughter and my son was watching, I wasn't sure if it could get any hotter honestly. So I kissed him as well and that was the second best kiss of my life, only behind the one with his sister. We all went to my bedroom and got on the bed with me in the middle.

They both began licking my nipples and I was in absolute paradise, granted we were all really horny, but I don't think we cared too much, we were really just going with it then. I put my hands on their he and we all just got really sweaty. My pussy got even wetter as if that was possible, but Amanda made sure to find out just how wet, she put her hand right on my pussy and rubbed it really slowly. That made me moan really loudly. They were sucking my nicely sized nipples really slowly and made it feel absolutely wonderful, then she brought her hand up to my mouth. I licked her hand clean and it was beyond kinky honestly.

I leaned down and put my hand on her very wet pussy. As my hand was drenched, I brought it back up and had her lick all of her juices off my hand. Then she actually leaned down and began eating me out. I couldn't believe it, but it wasn't as big of a stretch considering what we had already done.

I immediately let out a big moan. She had only been fucking me for a few seconds and I knew Stories about strip poker probably have the biggest orgasm of my life. I put my hands on her head as Brian kept licking my nipple like mad. They were both making my pussy as wet as could be and it was more than paradise, I had both of my kids making some very sweet love to me.

Stories about strip poker

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