Stories about the first time i fucked my sister

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She screamed loudly, and jumped on him, almost knocking him over. She pulled herself away from him and held his hands. He just smiled as she looked at him, still not believing he was standing in front of her. She pulled him by the hands into her room. There was an attractive brunette sitting at the desk, combing her wet hair, and wearing nothing but a towel. She stood up and grabbed the beer, then motioned with her hand for him to turn around.

He did as he was told and she dropped her towel and giggled. Her body was fantastic, and Chris instantly got excited. She giggled again. She continued to get ready while she and Chris made small talk. She finally threw on some low cut shorts and a tank top just before Julie came back into the room, also wrapped in a towel. It had been over a year since Chris and Julie had seen each other. They always seemed to miss each other on break as well.

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If one came home, the other usually made other plans, so they were both happy to be together. I know her. Now turn around while I get dressed. They both worked up a pretty good buzz at the party. Julie must have introduced Chris to a thousand people, but mostly they just talked. They were both so caught up in each other that they barely even noticed there was a part going on around them.

Chris knew it was the alcohol, but he knew that if this was any other girl and not his sister, he would be in. He knew the alcohol was affecting him too, but there was nothing wrong with just being flirty. Besides, in some strange way, he was enjoying the attention. She knew it was a little crazy, but she was actually crushing on her brother a little bit. She always thought he was good looking, but this was different. She was just so excited to see him, and made a point of saying so, every chance she got.

But with a year of college behind them both, they felt more grown up, and for some reason, it seemed okay to talk about it now. They were both pleasantly surprised at how comfortable they felt talking in detail about these things with each other. Chris was especially interested in hearing how her and Brenda had, on occasion, done some experimenting. The mental picture was too much for him to take, and he would have loved to have heard about it in more detail.

It was just hard to carry on this kind of conversation with so many ears around them. Chris finally suggested that they leave when Julie got up to go to the bathroom and stumbled on top of him. Julie giggled and nodded, and they both got to their feet, stumbling their way out of the party. All my stuff is in his car, and we have to find a place to crash. Whatever stuff you have, you can get it in the morning. Girls have guys up here all the time.

No one cares.

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He looked around the room. The alcohol was really going to his head now. Moments later, Julie stumbled back in the room and immediately started to undress. Before Chris could say anything, she had her shirt and bra completely off, and was pulling down her shorts. She giggled. She continued to undress, and Chris continued to ogle her body, until she slipped on a big t-shirt that went down to her knees.

Chris laughed. Chris quickly slipped off his jeans and slipped the shorts on while Julie whistled and yelled at him, laughing the whole time. Julie pulled Chris on to her bed and cuddled up next to him. She held his hand while they talked some more about what they had been doing for the past year. Before too long, they both started to get tired. Julie was snuggled tightly into Chris. Their conversation began to fade, and they lay quietly next to each other.

Julie suddenly noticed that Chris appeared to have an erection. She pulled her knee up towards her and pretended to scratch an itch on her calf, firmly pressing her knee into it. They laughed for a few seconds, but then suddenly things got very awkward.

They were both quiet, and again it was Julie who broke the silence. It was the most sensual, loving kiss either one of them had ever experienced. Suddenly, they heard the door open and immediately stopped. Julie moved her hand just in time. I just came to grab some stuff. Julie turned to Chris. I never felt so close to anyone before, and…well…I love you. I just want to be with you.

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All I know is that was the most amazing kiss, from the most amazing guy I know. Julie sat up and straddled Chris, pressing her bare pussy against his shorts, feeling his shaft between her lips. She lifted her night shirt above her head and threw it on the floor. She was completely naked, and Chris had never seen a more beautiful girl.

She sighed loudly as Chris penetrated her, and it only took a few pumps of her hips before her orgasm hit her. Chris knew he could have held out longer, but wanted to give Julie what she wanted. Chris could feel his cum dripping out of his sister around his cock. He was actually surprised that he was still hard.

Julie laughed. That was so hot! I never came so hard in my life. You are so hot! I love you so much.

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Julie kissed her brother hard. His tongue on hers sent chills through her body. She could still feel his hard cock pulsing inside of her, and slowly began to move her hips up and down his shaft. Julie knew that this was different from anything she had ever experienced.

Up until now, she thought it was all the same. Sweaty bodies, rubbing up against each other in a car or in some back room of a party somewhere, maybe a bed, if you were lucky, until one, or both of you, if you were really lucky, came, and that was it. Maybe you would even do it again, or a few times, and you actually thought you were getting better at it, or you were building chemistry, but now she knew none of that was true.

It was almost as if she was dreaming, or having an out of body experience. She never knew anything could be this amazing, not even sex. Who would have known it would be her own brother that made her feel this way? Chris felt it too. There was nothing more incredible than this feeling. He could feel that she loved him through his whole body, and he felt his own love for her pouring out of him.

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