Stories of girls tying up boys

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Hello my name is Megan, I am 35 years old and married to my wonderful husband Bobby for over 3 years now. He and I are in a kinky female dominant relationship and he is overpowered and tied up by me on a regular basis. Sometimes I tie him up to fuck and use him, and sometimes I tie him up just because. He never knows when or why I will tie him up, but I love doing it so much that it never surprises him anymore. I have his consent to do this whenever I please and he is yet to use his safeword Oprah to stop me. But honestly I love it, I love being bigger and stronger than my hubby.

It feeds into our femdom relationship perfectly.

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So one night about a month ago I had my two friends Abby and Suzie over for a girls night while my husband was out playing poker with the guys. They are both in their early 30s, are my two closest friends and are both volleyball players. They are both very attractive but still single. This is mainly because like me they are both dommes and are only interested in a very particular type of guy. Like I said we are very close friends and awhile back I opened up to them about everything, my femdom relationship with Bobby, how I tie him up all the time … everything. So the topic of conversation turned to Bobby.

This le to a much longer conversation throughout the night and at the end we all agree that we should do it. For a few reasons, we are very close friends and it would be a great sexual and powerful experience for all of us… a real bonding thing among friends. Bobby would surely enjoy this experience too and he has given me permission to use him however I like for my sexual desires.

He has complete trust in me and Bobby knows his safeword is Oprah and even though he has never used it, he knows he can if he ever feels uncomfortable for whatever situation I put him in. Although it is Stories of girls tying up boys the case that he Stories of girls tying up boys gagged. With great power comes great responsibility. Both are big women for sure in their powerful volleyball physique. So all three us are taller, heavier and stronger than my husband which only adds to the dynamic.

Because of the size and strength difference it was quite easy to plan out a very real Consensual Non-Consent scene involving all of us. We put together a plan to tie up my husband and have our way with him. Of course I was in charge of all this and responsible for everything that happened to him. The night finally arrives! I am just spooning him wearing my lilac tank-top and panties and he is in his underwear. I am super excited and horny knowing in a few minutes Abby and Suzie will be arriving for the fun. Right as the clock hits Suzie and Abby come through the front door holding rope.

They are dressed in all black leggings and tank tops with black bandanas covering their lower face. I must say they do look quite intimidating like that. Bobby was surely feeling a mix of arousal and a little fear looking up at my tall, strong and sexy lady friends. I instantly change demeanor and sit up right on the couch and handgag him tightly against me.

Suzie and Abby walk slowly towards us and take him from me. Suzie gets behind him, removes her bandana and ties it around his mouth as a tight cleave gag. They forcefully wrestle him to the ground as he puts up token resistance.

Suzie sits on his butt and brings his hands together behind his back and at the other end Abby ties his ankles together. After his feet are secured Abby moves up his body and sits right behind Suzie as she takes her time and ties his hands together securely behind his back. Abby then ties rope just above his knees and Suzie ties rope around just above his elbows. Suzie takes another rope and ties his hands to his ankles to finish a secure hogtie. She does that super sexy thing where she presses down all her weight on his ankles while tying his hands to them which gets his hands and feet to almost touch.

Like I said they are both dommes like me and know the ropes so to speak. So here we are my husband lying on the floor in his underwear tightly hogtied, gagged and blindfolded. And the 3 of us just look down at him for a few minutes lying at our feet. He lies there quietly and still at first taking in the surprise of everything but after a few minutes he starts to squirm a little and mmmppphhhs into his gag in a playful fashion which lets us know he is enjoying this and extremely turned on.

The three of us all look at each other smiling simultaneously at his wiggling. I leave the two of them with him briefly and head up to my room. I pull the small pink chastity cage, soft bamboo rope, duct tape, and a purple scarf out of my closet. My heart is pounding with excitement and I feel my panties starting to get wet at the thought of what is about to cum. We untie his hogtie and remove the rope from his elbows and knees.

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Leaving just his hands tied behind his back and his feet tied together. We set him down on the bed and he squirms and mmmppphhhs around. I remove the bandana blindfold so he can get one last look at the 3 of us. The 3 of us have a little giggle and then tie his feet together with pink rope and tie that tightly to the bed pole. We tie the mint colored rope just above his knees and then have him sit up with his hands still tied behind his back.

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Abby unties and removes the cleave gag from his mouth but replaces it with her hand before he has a chance to speak. She hold his upper body tightly against hers while she keeps her hand firmly clasped over his mouth. All 3 of us love handgagging and are quite good at it, knowing the exact amount of pressure to put on his mouth and how to pull him against our bodies for leverage.

At this point my lilac panties are quite damp with arousal. I get very wet when tying him up, seeing him tied up or even thinking about him being tied up. I slide my panties off before they become completely soaked and Abby removes her hand from his mouth. I roll up my panties and shove them deep into his mouth and wrap duct tape around his head several times securing them in place. I then wrap my purple scarf around his eyes as a blindfold taking away his sight.

We untie his hands and have him lie down on the bed. We take the lilac rope and tie his hands together above his head and tie it tightly to the headboard pole. Now lying there on the bed before us horny gals is my husband tied up, gagged and blindfolded. His slender, naked, bound and helpless body is certainly a sight to behold. The pink chastity cage is small so Stories of girls tying up boys need to a wait a few minutes for him to calm and his erection to disappear. In the meantime I head to the bathroom and towel off my vagina and put a fresh pair of panties on.

The three of us stand there in relative silence admiring our beautiful tied up boy and finally his erection dissipates and he becomes soft. Now I take the chastity cage and put it on his cock and lock his penis in place. I lightly stroke his balls and his cock strains but is not allowed an erection at this point. I grab the key necklace and put it around my neck. The bamboo rope colors fit perfectly on him and really add an intimate, romantic tone to the night.

He is tied tightly to the bed in the I position with lovely pink, lilac and mint colored bamboo rope. The pink chastity cage, the purple scarf blindfold … ooohhh the softness displayed and the delicateness of his body, even the black duct tape over his mouth … ok now I am just rambling. He squirms a little and mmmppphhhs softly into his gag which makes us even hotter.

How Stories of girls tying up boys my arousal taste sweetie, my pussy drenched panties taped in your mouth? But I calm myself down because we have all night and there is no need to rush things. The feeling of absolute power is overflowing within me though. I am also starting to feel very protective and possessive because after all he is mine and only mine, I am just sharing him with my friends tonight.

I quietly tell Abby and Suzie to come downstairs with me. We walk out of the bedroom and I close the door behind us. Now that we are mostly out of his earshot. I hold the chastity key around my neck and tell them in very clear terms that only I have the key to his cage and his heart. To me this scenario was having it both ways, I am still in control and only I could access his most intimate parts like his eyes, mouth and penis. We just have girl talk for almost an hour, knowing that hearing our laughing and small talk about him must be driving him crazy and have his ears burning.

Finally I lead the way back upstairs and into my bedroom. I put my hands on his cage and lightly stroke his balls, this was also another way of telling my friends to stay clear of my possession and what I value most. Abby and Suzie in and put their hands on his body. Now the fun is really getting started! Abby was down by his feet rubbing his legs and thighs. I kept my hands on his cock cage and rubbing his testicles softly. Then I just let my head rest on his penis, must have been a strange sensation my hair just resting on top of his caged cock.

But after his squirming and moaning into his gag her horniness kicked into another gear. She lifted her head off his chest and ran her hands over his chest and stomach in a faster more sexually aggressive motion. Then she starts licking his stomach and kisses him starting at his stomach all the way up to his chest. She takes her time and is quite thorough as if trying to lay her lips on every inch of him. Finally she reaches his neck and after covering that with her kisses her mouth reaches his taped mouth. I know it is driving both of them crazy but probably most of all her.

As she is just dying to kiss and make out with his lips. Then almost to spite me she starts kissing his taped mouth passionately for several minutes. She positions her almost 6 foot pound body on the bed, making it awkward for me and Abby to fondle him as well but the two of play it cool and adjust to the other side of the bed and our fondling in our respective places.

She just keeps stroking his hair and face speaking soft lovey dovey to him in his ear. She keeps whispering sweet nothings in his ear and after about 15 minutes I begin to realize something. This idea was a mistake. She looks at me and although she has not broken any rules she realizes how possessive and jealous I must be feeling. She exhales and visibly a little shaken and hot as she tries to control her arousal. I look at Abby just stroking my husbands hair and running her other hand along his chest.

A couple minutes pass and Suzie returns. She has a seat at the foot of the bed and runs her hands along his thighs. My hands just grope his caged cock and and rub along his lower stomach. I fondle his belly button with my index finger. I take my necklace off, insert the key and carefully unlock his cage and free his cock. His cock springs erect once removed from chastity. I go to the foot of the bed and rub my hands along his legs looking on with delight. Suzie takes cock in her hand and starts to massage his balls. Abby kisses his taped mouth and holds his head close.

She looks into his eyes taking in the submissive bliss he must be in.

Stories of girls tying up boys

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