Stories of nudist families

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It was one of my more… eventful summers to say the least.

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So I accepted. The Stories of nudist families morning I was in for a ride awakening. I thought seeing her behind was shocking, I was not prepared to see the front. I quickly dart outside into the terrace, where my gf and her father were both having breakfast around a table, completely nude naturally. I think I spent the whole meal my eyes glued to my plate.

That afternoon they took me to their favourite beach, which surprise, surprise was a nudist beach, although to be fair it was quite a beautiful beach, hidden in a small cove between two cliffs, completely isolated, well except from naked old people. I glance down at her bare breasts, floating on the water line. She starts swimming away, still holding on to my cock. There she makes me lie down on the sand. She places on hand on my thigh, and cups my balls still wet from the ocean water with the other, before proceeding to give me the best blowjob, I have ever had that title still stands today.

I just lie there moaning, the sun beating down on our naked bodies, as she works her lips and tongue on my cock. When she finally stops, and spits it out, the head of my cock is covered in a sticky mix of her saliva and my precum. She dips a finger into the mess, before reaching down and sliding that digit between my butt cheeks.

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I moan as she pushes it it, and simultaneously s the fellatio. She lifts her head, but keeps her finger inside of me, just as I start shooting ropes and ropes of ejaculate onto her face. She licks her lips tasting my cum, before crawling up my body and lying on top of me, enjoying the warm weather. We returned to that spot quite a few times over that summer, and there were quite a few other mid adventures.

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Very well written. Great story. Well written and right amount of excitement. I knew of a couple families like this as well. Cool stuff.

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post. Next post. Finally I can promote your stories! Kinda wish I could get involved with a nudist family?

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Interesting story?. Please add some more adventures from your vacation…. Good read! I bet allllll the old people knew very well about that spot, lmao.

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Stories of nudist families

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