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I love my glasses; they are a part of me. Back in junior high, when I first suspected I needed glasses as most of my family members had vision issues that required themI tried to hide that need. But after an eye exam the truth came out — Tyna needed prescription glasses. I still remember the first day I slid those tortoise framed glasses out of their pouch while at my desk and put them on. I can see everything on the chalkboard! And look at all the little details on Strong glasses stories classroom walls! Wait — Is this how everyone else sees things?

My first day with glasses was a revelation. I was amazed at how far across the room I could see, and how clear everything was. Instead of fuzzy blobs, my friends, the teacher, the flag, the desks, even notebooks and pencils were crystal clear. I admit, at first I still tried to pick and choose when I needed to actually wear my glasses.

Sliding them into their pouch after one class ended, I would blindly follow Stef down the hall to the next one, in a sea of fuzzy students and un-readable faces. But just like Eleanor in the sweet video above, I learned to truly love my glasses. And surprisingly, no one cared. The teasing and names I thought my glasses would invoke never materialized. I mean, how else can you change your style and appearance in seconds? From cat eyes to oval shapes, rimless to colored frames, nothing puts a stamp on your style quite like a great pair of glasses.

And like Eleanor, I upped my style by finding frames and colors that flattered my face. If you are still looking for the perfect pair of prescription glasses, a visit to Glasses.

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Here you will find every style of prescription glasses imaginable at great rates and they even take most vision insurance! Pick a few favorites and test them out on your face with your smart phone. Then order the winner online and have them shipped for free straight to your door. Strong glasses stories so many choices and such fabulous styles, you, like me and Eleanor, will soon learn to love your glasses! What frames fit your face and style best? I loved this so much, it definitely mirrored my experience, though I was a bit older! I was only 8 when I first got glasses, so wearing them just became part of what I did.

I was about 12 when I decided that I needed contacts, right around the time disposable contacts became readily available. Until when I was around 23, not long out of college, and discovered that my eyes developed an allergy to preservatives in contact lens solution. I moved to another brand, but eventually I developed red, itchy eyes from that too.

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I was devastated to have to switch back to glasses again. But with age came the lovely attitude of not caring. Eventually I realized that it was easier to wear glasses, my eyes felt better, and it was way cheaper in the long run.

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Now, my glasses are a part of me; so much so that when I thought about wearing contact lenses for my wedding, my fiance was horrified! I really need to take advantage of using my glasses are more an accessory, rather than just a part of my face. Aww, lyssachelle — I love that wedding story! You found a keeper for sure! Thanks for the compliment on the story — I think a lot of wearers of glasses can relate. Like you, I have issues with contacts — my eyes get red, itchy and my vision gets fuzzy.

I DO need a new pair soon however! This was so great! I love Strong glasses stories glasses—since I discovered online spec shopping, I have all different styles, from nerd-chic to cat eyes. I love this! My eyes always feel relieved when I take my contacts out at the end of the day.

It would be nice to feel that way all day long. Thanks for the inspiration, tyna. I think a trip to glasses. Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Under no circumstances should any information from this blog be used as replacement for professional medical, financial, or legal advice.

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Strong glasses stories

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