Stuffed belly ache story

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If I eat more than a single serving, it gives me pretty narly belly aches.

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My tummy rounds out like it did in those pics I posted and it makes lots of noise- mostly watery squelching c:. Ate some super spicy chili after a banana and sprite bloat and my belly was gurgling and cramping until finally I had to let it all out.

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I rarely get bellyaches this bad. Might delete later. Late last night I was in absolute agony.

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Never before has my belly felt so tight and bloated. Keep reading. My tummy is not happy. Last night I had meat n potatoes for dinner plus 4 underripe bananas. I need someone to rub my poor tummy. I feel sick. My stomach is churning, trying desperately to settle. My guts feel so full, like somebody poured concrete into my intestines. Pressing even slightly sends whining ripples of pain through my lower abdomen.

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It hurtsss. My bowels feel swollen and heavy with shit but no urge to release it. I can feel the pressure in my lower back, occasionally causing painful spasms.

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I need someone to gently massage between my hip bones and soothe me while I writhe and moan. But seriously? My belly is so angry at me. My guts are churning. I need rubs. I got a bunch of sugar free gummy bears….

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It was super gurgly and hurt a while ago but has since died down. Posts Likes Archive. Anonymous asked: Does fruit always upset your tummy?

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I figured it out I got my tummy to cramp and ache like I wanted! Idk for sure. Hold my tummy please. Only pressure on it is giving me some relief. I need belly rubs, now. Recently Liked.

Stuffed belly ache story

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