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My wife, Tracy, and I were skiing in Italy and had gone to the hotel's sauna to ease some of the aches you always get after a hard day on the mountain. We had only been in a couple of minutes when the door opened again and a large Italian came in. As he took off his towel and sat down I saw that he was certainly built to scale! His prick hung thick and long overa pair of heavy balls. Tracy also seemed suitably impssed, though she had modestly wrapped a towel round herself when she heard him coming into the sauna area. He introduced himself as Benito and we talked Sublime stories skiing for a while before Tracy went out to the shower to cool down.

When she came back she took her towel off and spad it out on the bench to lie down. She seemed to take a while to get it as she wanted and as she bent over with her back to us, we had a fine view of her backside and her pussy lips in their nest of blonde hair.

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Benito seemed to enjoy the view and gave me a sly smile. Finally Tracy lay down with her feet towards Benito. After a couple of minutes she raised one knee and gave him another flash as we talked. As Benito was alone we asked him to us at our table for dinner later in the evening. Tracy left before me and Benito gave me another smile and complimented me on my beautiful wife.

As we dressed for dinner, Tracy said she had enjoyed flashing at Benito and admitted she had been trying to get him worked up to see how big he would grow. She added that she might still find out! Over dinner Benito told us he was only stopping for a couple of days and Tracy shot me a glance. As we got up to Sublime stories the table she gave a mock groan and remarked how stiff she still felt, despite the sauna.

Benito laughed and said she needed a massage and then, with another sly smile, said that he had some oil in his room if we wanted to borrow it. The three of us went to his room where he produced the oil and asked Tracy if she would like him to show me how to massage her.

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She agreed but asked him to come to our room in a few minutes. Once in there she said she wanted to screw him but only if I was willing, and with butterflies in my stomach I agreed. Tracy quickly changed into a bathrobe, leaving on just a small pair of lacy knickers. Benito knocked politely and the atmosphere was electric as he asked her to lie on the bed. She slipped off the robe and the sight of my wife standing almost naked in front of a stranger she Sublime stories to fuck her, gave me an incredible hard-on.

Benito spad oil on his hands and began to slowly and rhythmically rub his hands up Tracy's calf. After what seemed an age he moved onto her thigh and then said he was afraid the oil would stain her pants. Without a word, Tracy raised her bottom off the bed and he hooked his fingers into either side of the lace and slowly eased them down. Tracy seemed to spad her legs a little wider and this time Benito's oiled hands went higher, covering one of the cheeks of her behind, then his fingers ran down the crack to the lips of her pussy before going back down her thigh. Before starting on the other leg he said he Sublime stories too hot and stripped off his shirt and trousers, leaving only a small pair of briefs which bulged alarmingly.

Tracy laughed and told him to be careful not to stain his knickers! So, with a laugh, he took them off to reveal his erection. I was pleased to see that, despite his impssive size when slack, his hard cock was only the same size as mine. He went back to rubbing Tracy's other leg and again repeated the procedure until he was again brushing her pussy with his fingertips. Tracy was obviously loving it and purring like a kitten. Benito slowly massaged her back and then told her to turn over.

He massaged the front of her thighs and her stomach, making no attempt to hide the attention he was giving her pussy. Next he knelt beside her and placed her hand on his thigh so that he could massage the muscles of her arm. Without a word, Tracy moved her hand up and began caressing those massive balls.

Benito leaned forward to kiss her and soon was lying on top of her, their arms around each other as they kissed frantically.

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He slowly moved her legs apart before putting the tip of his cock at the entrance of her pussy, the muscles of his backside tense as he slowly pushed into my wife's dripping cunt. As he did so he looked across at me, then lifted Tracy's legs onto his shoulders so that I could see how completely he was taking her.

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His cock slowly pulled out until the tip was barely resting on her lips before he went back in to the hilt. Tracy moaned and groaned her way through several orgasms before Benito began pounding more quickly and came deep inside her. Again he looked at me as he filled her with his spunk, seeming to take as much pleasure from my psence as from the act itself.

By now I had also stripped and was desperate to take Tracy, but Benito ordered me to lie on the bed and then lifted Tracy onto me Sublime stories a She wrapped her lips around Sublime stories tool while I saw her red and gaping pussy lips above, dripping with Benito's juice. With Benito looking straight into my eyes I put my lips to her pussy and tasted his spunk as it dripped from her. I was driven mad by lust and within a couple of minutes I shot into Tracy's throat.

Tracy was slumped across me but Benito had other ideas. Even though he'd only just come he was stiff again and lifted Tracy to her knees above my face, sliding into her from behind. From that angle he looked massive as his balls swung inches from my nose while his cock gave Tracy another fucking.

After a few minutes he pulled out and sat on the edge of the bed, lifting Tracy to sit astride him, resting her back against his chest as he fondled her breasts. Again he was fully in charge and ordered me to kneel between her outspad legs and lick her clit. I had the closest possible view of his cock spearing her widespad cunt as my tongue licked her clit.

After that we fell into an exhausted sleep but the next morning Benito fucked Tracy as she sucked my cock and that night, before he left for Milan, he indulged himself in a prolonged cock-sucking session before again vigorously fucking her from behind. Once he had gone Tracy and I agreed it had been the most erotic experience of our lives.

Sublime stories

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