Submissive punishment stories

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I was married when I was I had left my studies at 18 years of age and started my business of agro based products, which I exported out of India, in a small obscure town of South Africa. My parents lived in their small village in Punjab and were at first reluctant to send me abroad but I prevailed over them and in 5 years I had earned myself quite a little fortune. I visited India once a year and it was during such a visit that talks of my marriage started. I tried to convince them but to no avail and finally I was emotionally blackmailed into seeing a girl whose proposal had come.

The night before the meeting my father called me in his room for a tete tat, he explained to me the necessity of finding the right girl and laid down some principals which appealed to me. He told me that one should always marry a girl who is lesser Submissive punishment stories you in age, intelligence and in financial status then only can the institution of marriage survive.

We all went to see the girl after a long wait finally the girl arrived I could just catch a glimpse of her as she had her head covered with her chunni but whatsoever little I saw seemed good enough. After my mother and my sister had had a good look at her she was made to sit in front of me she was a real Punjabi beauty, round face, sharp features, good height, slim but well proportioned body, extremely fair in totality she was like a young flower which was ready to be plucked.

We were then left alone to talk; I did almost all of the talking. I was so messimerized by her looks that I did not asked any further questions some very important ones Submissive punishment stories I should have asked. As soon as I said yes to the proposal my mother insisted that we get engaged and then the wedding could be planned later that month before I leave for South Africa.

After reaching back I contacted my business associate and he informed me that there was something urgent that required my attention and I needed to be back after 7 days. I informed this to my parents who insisted that I should get married and then leave. I made her feel welcome in her new house which was quite a mansion as compared to her village standards and there was only one problem that it was in wilderness with no houses around.

I did all the running around cooking and she seemed to be adjusting nicely but there was a strange sense of aloofness in her as if she was avoiding any physical contact with me. On the third day after getting up I asked her to get me some tea she came back after 15 minutes and the tea she gave me was the worst tea I had ever had in my life. On the 7th day after we had reached Submissive punishment stories, I decided to confront her.

I asked her plain and simply about what was the problem? She however declined and was very evasive. At bed time I told her that I wanted a physical relationship with her as it was my right as a husband, she was still reluctant and told me that she would first like to understand me and then proceed any further.

I tried to explain but she was unwilling to understand at that moment I kissed her she again shrugged me off at that moment I got frustrated and pushed her and told her to pack her bags and go back to India. I marched out of the room and slept in the guest bedroom. Simran woke me up at 7 in the morning and she had a cup of tea in her hand. I sat her down and enquired in detail about her insecurities and feelings. She cooperated and told me a lot about herself. The gist of the matter was that she was not prepared for her marriage and she was literally afraid of the male touch, she had never worked at her home and so she did not know anything about cooking and household work.

I also observed that she was very careless. At that point I decided that simran required a lot of training to be a good wife. I decided to train her myself and quickly devised a plan.

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I talked to simran about her training process and she agreed without asking any questions, one thing was clear that she wanted this marriage to continue. Preparations for the training. As it was a Sunday, I was free, so after breakfast I went to the super market to buy certain essential material.

It took me about an hour but as I walked out I had almost got all the things which I required. My bag included, 5 pairs of 2 piece bikinis, 5 thongs and G strings, 5 sleeveless silk slips, body oil, hair removing lotions and razors, a couple of wooden scales and a metal ruler, and a couple of nylon stockings which I intended to use for a different purpose.

I still wanted a particular item which was not available even at the sex shop but my search ended at a nearby carpenter shop where I found my cane which was of the width I wanted, was pliable made a good noise when stroked in the air, though it was long as it was used for controlling sheep, but the carpenter obliged me by adjusting the length.

After reaching home I hid the whip, cane and the rulers in the garage as I intended to use them at a later point of time, and brought the other things inside. Simran and I had our lunch of sandwiches and after that simran went to take a nap, I on the other hand was planning the strategies of Submissive punishment stories simran.

I woke up simran at around 5 PM and told her that she required to make a lot of changes in her attitude and behaviour, she meekly listened and said that she will try her best to change. At this point I laid down certain rules which she needed to follow. The summary was that she should obey me at all cost, never argue or talk back, be responsible and respectful. I also explained that she should be in discipline and follow the rules. I asked her about her school life and whether she received any punishments at home or at school, she was a bit evasive but told me that she had received occasional beatings from her mother till the age of 14 but not after that and in school she received palm and Submissive punishment stories canings with a wooden scale and occasional impositional punishments like ear holdings and sit ups holding ears which continued till class 12th when she left school.

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Then I asked her whether she had been made a murga in school, she blushed and said that girls are not punished in such a manner. The expressions of her face made it clear to me that she was lying either she had experienced murga punishment or she had seen other girls receive it.

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Then she asked me that why I was asking such questions did I intend to punish her? I reassured her that it was just a casual question as I had been punished a lot at home and if she had been punished she would have been a better individual.

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Then I went on to explain to her that disciplining is different from punishment however I indicated that if she did not remain in discipline Submissive punishment stories might get punished to reinforce discipline. After explaining my plan I told her that the training would begin immediately.

She reluctantly nodded in affirmation, I made it clear to her that I would not have any sexual relations with her until she is ready and fully trained, this relaxed her a lot. Then I instructed her to bring the shopping bags to the room, she returned with a shocked expression on her face, I could visualize that she had seen the contents of the bag. I asked her but she denied at that point I told her firmly that telling lies is not allowed in this house. She then confessed that she had seen the contents I reprimanded her softly and told her never to open my things until told to do so.

I then took out the hair removing lotions and razors and instructed her to apply the lotion all over her body except her pubic area which she should shave and then take bath and apply the body oil. She hesitated but I reminded her that she should obey me completely. She went inside the bathroom and did as instructed, she walked out after an hour smelling nicely of soap, her hair still wet she looked divine.

She had worn my bathrobe while coming out. I controlled my erection and instructed her to remove the bathrobe. I brought a small low table and placed it in one corner of the room. I saw her position and ordered her to stand straight with her ears held tightly and with hands at right angle to her shoulders. It was a very pretty sight, her well sculpted hairless naked body trembling with fear and humiliation, simran was blushing like anything she, had gone all red. Her boobs were exposed and stretched out they were just the right size and given a few weeks of handling would become even better.

After 10 minutes I made simran turn around in the same position and face the wall as I wanted to observe her posterior assets. She had a thin waist and rather full hips as is the characteristics of Punjabi females a pound or two less flesh would have done but at the same time it was perfect for spankings and canings as there was enough shock absorbing material. I made her stand in this position for total 15 minutes simran was crying throughout this period.

After 15 minutes I asked her to go and wash her face she came back and I lectured her on the virtues of obedience and told her that this time she had been let of lightly. I then made her write her time table in a diary for all 7 days in the week in the same nude condition while kneeling down on the ground. I then made a dress code for her for 4 days mon to thu in a week she would wear the two piece bikini after 6 pm in the evening till 6 am in the morning and for the remaining 3 days fri to sun she would wear the thong and the slip without a bra.

Any deviation from the dress code or the time table would result in punishments. Then I took out a black nylon thong and a silken pink coloured slip and gave her to wear, she complied and came out in the costume. The pink slip reached her mid thigh levels exposing her long fair and thin legs.

I had chosen these dress codes as I wanted simran to be comfortable and flexible while doing punishments I intended to give her and to reduce her shyness and also to add the element of humiliation that comes with being under observation while one is partly dressed or naked. I was a strong believer in discipline both at home and at work. It may be due to my strict upbringing both at home and Submissive punishment stories school. It was later when I went to SA I realised the importance of such an upbringing and I longed to keep people in discipline and indiscipline irritated me.

Now I saw an opportunity in training simran and experimenting my point of view. I took simran in the kitchen and I taught her the use of the gas and the oven and the dish washer and the washing machine, I told her to take notes and ask me if she did not understand Submissive punishment stories thing.

I taught her to make aallu ki sabji and she made horrible chapattis but we both ate and we were free by pm. Simran was uncomfortable and she shut her eyes, I stopped the DVD and made it clear to simran that the DVD would enhance her knowledge about sex and she must watch it.

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I made it clear to her that I was not joking and gave her a nice ear pull. Then I told her to climb up the table again and do 25 uthak baithak holding her ears cris cross and tightly. Simran complied it was a fine sight to see her breasts Submissive punishment stories each other and her thongs getting visualized while she bent down but she was again crying profusely so after she had completed 25 uthak baithaks I made her do 10 more as a punishment for crying and told her that she should feel responsible for her deeds and should not cry.

Simran saw the whole DVD which explained the sex positions and the sexual process. I went to work after explaining to simran to wash clothes and utensils and prepare lunch. At lunch time the house was still in disarray and I reprimanded simran for not doing the ased chores.

I had a bite of whatever was available and went to work again. I reached home at around pm and saw simran still wearing a salwar suit; I told her to immediately go change her dress according to her dress code for the day. Simran did not come back so after 15 minutes I went to check on her, there Submissive punishment stories was sitting on the bed, I asked her why she did not comply with my order? At that moment she blurted out saying that she felt uncomfortable and even that I was a shameless fellow making her do these things I tried to explain that this was a part of her training but she was just not ready to listen so I decided that she needed to be taught a good lesson, I grabbed her by her right ear with my left hand and with my right hand I gave her a good slap on her left cheek and then another back handed one on her right cheek.

I waited in the living room and after 5 minutes simran walked out of the bedroom wearing a skimpy 2 piece bikini, she prepared tea for me and when she came out I took the tea and instructed her to kneel down on the ground besides me. Once she had kneeled down I started twisting and pulling her both ears like a motorcycle gear and scolded her for her disobedience www.

I then asked her whether she should be punished for this she did not reply to this.

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I told her that she deserved to be punished for being stubborn and careless and I gave her two options either she can be punished Submissive punishment stories her mistakes on a daily basis in the evening or she can be punished on the weekends. I also explained her the star and card system which will also be used, for every single major mistake she would be given a black star and if she accumulates 10 black stars she would be given a green card and if she gets 3 green cards she would be given a red card and all these cards will be valid for a month and we would start fresh every month.

Every green card or red card will carry a punishment along with it and if she behaved nicely or did an exceptional deed her black stars and cards would be negated. Simran thought for a while and agreed on the weekend punishment schedule which I knew she would not be able to follow but I played along and told her it was fine but punishments which will accompany the cards will be given on the day the card is given.

As for that day I told simran that she had misbehaved and will receive punishment she tried to argue against getting punished but I told her frankly that the more she argued the more severe will be her punishment. Now I ordered simran to get back to her room get naked take bath apply oil over her body and stand on the table placed in the corner, facing the wall and holding her ears tightly. I went to the garage and brought the canewooden and steel ruler and the whip and sat in the living room, I occasionally peeped in the bedroom to check on simran, she was there standing straight with her ears held tightly.

Any form of beating becomes more painful if it involves a considerable waiting time when the person on the receiving end wants to get it over sooner but Submissive punishment stories one punishing makes her wait for it. I first reprimanded her for leaving her ears without asking me she said sorry instantly and held on to her ears tightly. I lectured her for 5 minutes and then I told her that today she would receive a sample beating and some punishments, her face dropped she thought that her punishment was over she again argued with me but I told her if she spoke another word I would increase her punishment.

Then I gave her an option that she could first receive the punishment and then the beating she did not speak so it was considered as her consent so I instructed her to wear her bikini again.

Submissive punishment stories

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