Sumo weight gain stories

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Having started Sumo wrestling in school, Jyuri Beniya has pushed through physical challenges and stigma to pursue her passion. Jyuri Beniya is a female sumo wrestler who has won the top title both in Japan and competes on the world stage.

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Jyuri started doing sumo in her fourth year Sumo weight gain stories school. I just thought that sumo was easier than swimming or running. Jyuri Beniya second from the left in the back row holding a trophy Jyuri Beniya. Sometimes local sports clubs also offer kids sumo classes and local children's competitions are culturally important in some communities. According to Jyuri, the of primary school girls who do sumo has been increasing in recent years.

Thehowever, falls off sharply when girls start Year 7. Jyuri thinks that there are two reasons for the drop off. Jyuri herself says she was teased at school because she was big and did sumo, but she never took it too seriously. Jyuri was the only female member of the sumo clubs she ed in school and as such practiced with male students.

There was no difference in their practice routine, except the size of the workout weights. As Jyuri attended training on weekdays and weekends, there was no time for her to hang out and have fun with her peers. The life with sumo was normal. I was quite lucky. My fellow members were all supportive. But a tough blow hit Jyuri when she was a high school student.

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She was struggling to gain weight and also trying to figure out how she could beat an opponent heavier than her, yet she had nobody to turn to. Regarding the sumo diet, Jyuri says that keeping balance is important, even though you have to eat enough to gain weight. Jyuri recalls feeling sorry for her family as she struggled to gain weight because she thought that she ate so much that the cost of food put pressure on family finances. Jyuri says she considered quitting and her teacher told her to take one week off to consider it. Jyuri enjoyed the freedom, but the life she has been secretly longing for failed to satisfy her.

She went back to sumo and, in the same year, she won the top title in Japan, then represented Japan in a team competition at the world championship, where the team won the top spot.

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Sumo is gaining popularity globally. Australia is not an exception. Competitors of the national championships can represent Australia at the Sumo World Championships in Osaka, Japan this year. Both men and women are competing.

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Jyuri thinks that the important factor for a good sumo wrestler is an ability to be polite and friendly to your opponents. I think this applies to other sports as well. Radio Program Podcast. Coming Up Live in. By Junko Hirabayashi.

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Sumo weight gain stories

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