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Show Thre Show Posts. Go to A Swinger Friend's daughter. I have debated as to whether to tell this encounter because I have had mixed feelings concerning it over the years. This was back when April and I were swinging and we mostly did our swinging within a group of friends in the Dallas area of Texas. We had a pretty large group of people who met and swapped on a weekly basis, usually Thursday night each week.

We all kept records of partners and we each submitted STD test on a scheduled basis. It was te safe way to play when condoms were not always used within the group. Toward the end of our swinging career, April and I were going weekly to the get-togethers knowing the end was near.

Our children were getting old enough they were curious as to where mom and dad were going every Thursday and their own curiosity aroused the curiosity of our parents and friends some. None of them know about April and I swinging so we had decided to stop rather than to go into disclosure mode.

She is a full time high school teacher and Swinging with friends stories is not a hobby that most schools want to see on their teachers' s. Believe me, anyone who knows my wife or meets her would never believe that she could be a swinger in a hidden life. April and I were attending one of the get togethers and I had been with a lady named Debbie since I arrived. She was the wife of a man named Charles and they were one of the few couples in the group we did not really feel as though we had much in common with. April and I love the outdoors and the lake.

We are riding 4 wheelers and we hunt and fish and hike. We love 4x4ing. On the other side we love concerts and we spend a lot of time at our kids ballgames. Charles and Debbie did spend a lot of time with their kids, but after that the similarities ended. They were more homebodies with few outdoor interests. They liked art shows and festivals. The few times we talked the conversation had not went far.

However, Debbie was a five four dirty blond with her hair cut short.

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She had a nice ass and full set of D cup breasts with huge brown aureolas. She had more than a passing resemblance to Jenna Jameson and that alone made her very popular in our group. She had been about to make a drink in the kitchen when I ran into her and I made her one of my semi-famous Bushwackers and she loved the chocolate taste of it with the crushed ice. We had went to a back room together. While Deb sipped on her drink, I settled down to licking her pussy. Concentrating on her clit at first, I circiled it slowly, sliding my tongue into the beautiful cleft, tasting her as she moaned, putting one hand on my head.

I kissed her inner thighs, working her labia with my thumb before moving back to her clit. My tongue soon had her breathing quite hard and I glanced up at her, seeing her head lolling back with her eyes closed. The drink was sitting on the nightstand and I sucked at the folds of her pussy lips, delving my tongue into her tasty wetness. Now I knew Deb normally wanted her partners Swinging with friends stories wear a condom, but I have cum inside of her a of times in the past and intended to do so tonight.

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I stood up and rubbed the head of my cock up and down her slit. Her eyes met mine and I pushed it in sans condom, feeling her tightness taking my entire cock. I pushed her legs back and worked her pussy with my shaft, grinding against her clitoris with each thrust as her hands gripped my arms. Leaning forward I sucked her big nipples even as my thumb on my left hand rubbed and massaged her clit while I stroked in and out of her.

The look on her face was sublime and I knew she was close to cumming. I started working on mine to be someone simultaneous. Debbie thought simultaneous orgasm was like a that meant you were supposed to be together sexually and I wasn't finished with her Swinging with friends stories for the night.

When she came, it was loud, her entire body shuddering as I responded in kind, shooting jet after jet of semen deep inside of her mature pussy. She was looking at me, her eyes hooded and we kissed, our tongues meeting each others. She was a good kisser. I left my cock in her for several moments after the last spasm of orgasm went through me and we kissed before I rolled off the top of her and over to the side. We talked. For the first time, she and I struck up a decent conversation and the subject was swinging with kids at home. I told her April and I kept it hidded from our kids and that we were considering putting a halt or at least a temporary hiatus on our swinging adventures until they were out of the house.

She told me their oldest daughter Yvette had just turned 18 and she knew about their swinging. She had known since she was 16 years old and much of it was because she had figured out mom and dad were not going out to play cards every Thursday night. Yvette was Swinging with friends stories in swinging. I asked them how she and Charlie were dealing with it. She said they weren't sure.

How do you convince an 18 year old that what you are doing is not morally wrong if everyone has made a mature decision to have fun sexually with other adults and then turn around and tell them it is wrong for them to try? This too was something I had thought about, but had not had to face yet. Hopefully I would never have to face it. The second round I started off with oral for both of us and then Debbie in a nice doggy position where I could slap and squeeze her ass.

She enjoyed it as she had a small orgasm while we were doing it. Then I lay on my back and she rode my cock while I sucked those big nipples. She had a big orgasm on top of my cock after a long hard ride and I once again sprayed the inside of her womb with my sperm.

We talked some more and had one of the best nights she and I had ever spent together. As we parted in the living room I seen April. She had been with one of the few single guys in our group and she was nude. I hugged her and we started talking to another couple, deciding to move the couple action to another room. I had seen Debbie go back to the kitchen. I did not really think about our conversation much more. A few days later I get an invitation to their daughers initial swing experience.

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This is a phone call from Charlie, who I am not that close to, so I am more than a little surprised. Yvette is 18 and gorgeous.

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A darker haired younger version of her mom, she had the same smile and looks. Now I am not an old prude at all, but my preference is in women. Mature women from the age of 30 to 60 years old are my turn on, but this invitation was unlike anything I had ever been offered. Charlie said it would be a well structured get together that let her explore the lifestyle in a safe environment. I was all for that and I sit down and discussed it with April. She left it up to me as to whether I would do it, but she did say obviously they trusted me to allow me to be part of their daughter's first swing experience.

That was as close as a blessing as you could get, so I agreed to be there. The next Tuesday night I found myself at the house we swing at We all chip in on rental and it is a big 3 story house built in the s and I was sitting naked on the couch with 4 other guys.

Debbie was there and Charlie and Yvette as well. This is Yvette. I have changed her real name and hid her face to protect her identity. Charlie gave a big long speech about how Swinging with friends stories had given this a lot of thought and how this was hard for them and they were trusting us to be with their daughter in a way that made it fun for all.

Yvette stood there quietly in a robe and I could see her eyes on the cocks in front of her. Mine was semi-hard and so were several of the others in anticipation. I almost zoned Charlie out as we made eye contact and I smiled softly and she smiled back. I noticed Debbie stepped out of her robe and knelt by the guy at the end of the couch on my right and she started sucking his cock.

He held her head as she brought him to stiffness, his shaft shining brightly with her saliva. I was sitting right in the middle and I watched as Debbie moved to the next guy. Every guy gave a sharp inhalation as Yvette's robe hit the floor. Her taut young body was curved but without a bit of fat on it. Her breasts were a large B cup or small C.

Swinging with friends stories

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