Teacher student lesbian sex stories

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I am a regular reader of ISS. I am Meera. I am 24 years old. I am from Mumbai and I work here as well. I am 5 feet 9 inches, fair and shiny skin, my eyes are light brown and attractive. I have a sexy body of On the whole, I look beautiful. I also have a boyfriend; we are in relationship right from my 12th STD. I am sharing this story as I study no more in this college. The story which I am going to share is of my college days when I was It was my 2nd year in college. I use to have crushes on boys, but at the same time, I like ladies also, especially, those ladies who are older than me.

I am not attracted to girls though. Now, I had a teacher in my college, her name is Sarika, who use to teach me chemistry. She may be 30 years old, she is married and she had a year old son who was born very late after 5 years of her marriage. She told me this when she was talking about her little baby to me. She was a little taller than me, may be 5 feet 11 inches. She was fair and she had a good body with nice curves.

I saw her for the 1st time in the chemistry practical. I was late, and she made me stand out of the lab for 20 minutes.

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I hated her on the very moment. I was watching her from outside; she was teaching the other students with a wide smile on her face. Later on, when I attended her lectures and practical, I found her very kind and loving and my hatred towards gradually decreased. Then I started observing her, she was beautiful, I usually like kind and loving people. Then I realized that I am attracted to her. During the lectures, I never really listened to what she said, I only Teacher student lesbian sex stories her every move and I felt it sexy. I was a naughty girl but I was also good at studies, so she used to have more attention on me.

Whenever I do some mischief in class, she just calls my name and gives me smile. But she never scolded me for that. And I liked it. So I do it purposely to grab her attention. I am sure, she liked me. She noticed me upset and when the lecture was over she asked me to meet her in her personal cabin. I was little surprised. And all the energy came back into me. I went up there to meet her.

When I reached there, I saw her reading some file, her top was slit down and her cleavage was exposed, and she was busy reading, and I also noticed another sir from the same department enjoying that view. When I saw him, he turned away.

Even her black bra strap was slightly peeping on her shoulder. I moved on to her, she saw me, and gave me a beautiful smile. She asked me to sit and she asked why I was disturbed. As I mentioned earlier, she was kind, she was worried for me. She wanted to know whether everything was alright. I was a bit hesitated to talk to her about this, but as she insisted so much, I had to tell her. She comforted me. And the way she comforted me was awesome. She got up from her seat and sat on another seat next to me.

She was really close to me; I have never been so close to her, she held my hands tight in her hands with her hands on her lap. She was saying something, but I was in no mood to listen to what she was saying. Her eyes were intense black. I was mesmerized in it.

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She left my hands and kept her left hand on my right thigh and her right hand was on my shoulder, she was moving her hands continuously over my body. She was so close to me that I felt her breath when she was talking. And I think she enjoyed too. Finally she gave me a tight hug, before I left. I was stunned.

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I never expected this from her, yes, I liked her, I felt every move of her was sexy, but I have never imagined getting physical with her. But after this, she made me to fantasize about her. I used to enjoy it. During lectures, she makes eye contact only with me as if I was the only person sitting in her class.

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Once again she called me talk to her; I was wearing a black top that day, which was transparent, so my inner wear can be seen easily. When I went to her, she asked me whether I can baby sit his son for 4 hrs just for 1 day, as her parents were moving to their native place and she had to drop them at the airport and her husband had to go to an important meeting. While she was saying about this, I noticed her seeing my body. Even she was unable to concentrate on what she was saying. She even said that she will pay me for that. I agreed to do it without charging money.

She thanked me and gave her address. I was very excited to go to her place the next day. I got up early and wore a sexy low neck shirt and tight jeans. Actually, I just wanted to see her how she is at home. And I also wanted her to see me as a grown up women instead of a student. I reached her place by 9 am; she called me at that time. I rang her door bell, she opened the door with a big smile, and she was wearing a light blue colored Maxi. Her tits were clearly seen in it. And she asked me to sit. She brought her little baby, he was so cute.

He looks exactly Teacher student lesbian sex stories his mom. And she also introduced her husband as Abhijit to me. He was little rude, I felt he is not at all suitable to madam. He just gave me a rude smile and went inside. I was playing with her baby. Her husband was getting ready, so she was also busy helping him find his things.

There was a continuous noise at her house made by both husband and wife.

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My mood was spoiled to see her husband. And later, suddenly, the noise stopped. I saw an amazing scene there; Abhijit was kissing Sarika holding her against the wall. I was excited to see this. I continued watching them further. Abhijit kissed and licked her neck, and he came down to her chest, where he used his both hands to press her boobs and he was rubbing his body against hers.

He cupped his hands on her boobs and was pressing it. Sarika madam had her eyes closed and was enjoying it. He was really enjoying her boobs. While watching this I felt wet in my panties, of course I was damn excited to watch Sarika madam doing all these stuffs. But one sad thing is that, I wanted to do it to her too.

I asked madam about her parents, she told me that they live in a street next to theirs. Sarika madam went inside to dress up to go out. Then she left too. While I was taking care of her baby, I was fantasizing about Sarika madam, I thought to tell her about my feelings, and I wanted to do all those things to her which her husband did.

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But I was worried also, what if she refuses? Or what if she just considers me as a student? But, I felt she also has some attraction towards me, because of her behavior. These things were continuously running on my mind. Sarika madam, reached home by 1. As she reached, I dropped all my thoughts and told her that I am leaving.

But she asked me whether I have some other plans. I said no.

Teacher student lesbian sex stories

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