Teacher tickling stories

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The largest clips store online. Link your site to the TMF. Info here. Tickling videos on demand! Forum Rules. The TMF is sponsored by:. Register Help. Remember Me? What's New? Story about tickling my teacher. Thread: A real! A real! Story about tickling my teacher Ok hey guys! So, I was actually never going to tell this story but a friend here on the forum said he loves my tickling stories and some people on here know they are true because they have me on snap chat social media and my cell.

So I always share. I mean hell why the fuck wouldn't I? So to get to the essential point here, 2 weeks ago I was super bummed. I fibushed 2 weeks of photoshoots I'm a full time photographer and about 15 tickling videos when I had a fraud issue. I flew back to nyc handled my business but had to change about 25 accts to my new one. So I decided to take my cash and hit the bar. Now I live on staten island pretty close to my old high school so I went around there.

That's when I ran into my cousin! She is an English teacher at my old high school super sexy feet btw very soft. And no were not blood related at all. And she was with my old high school English teacher! This wasn't anything new they had always been friends.

Now since a young age I have always been super duper open about life. They all had super sexy feet. But ms. F we will call her that was my junior year teacher and by far my favorite. But I digress, it was mid way through my junior year when if you had the courage to tell one secret in written form she would give you an extra credit of on a test.

But it had to be valid. I decided fuck it I don't really need the grade but why not. So I got in front of my class and said "I love women with sexy feet and I tickle girls all the time". Some people called me a fucking weirdo and some ppl Teacher tickling stories. Now ms. And I swear it got so quiet a pin could drop.

As a joke she was really cool with us like that she said I'd let you tickle me but your 16 so sit down and pointed to my chair with a barefoot. Now I got made fun of a bit but 1 girl found it sexy clip and story of her coming soon. And a few guts confessed their fetish to me so all worth it. Now my cousin found out she was Teacher tickling stories a eng sub at the time and she teased me always poking me barefoot and crap. I'm actually trying to get her to shoot. Now after 6 years I'm 22 and this is my first time seeing them together since me being 17 and graduating.

We decide to drink together. Now we get smashed!

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And at one point they bring up my fetish and start making fun of me. That's when I was like Hey hush your ticklish to my cousin and grabbed her ribs. She freaked and laughed spilling my damn blue moon that's a sin people. But it was worth it. Not sexually just for funsies. So I tickle her a bit on her hips and she giggled but honestly no big laugh. I was sad but fuck it. Then I started talking about my tickling business the Tickle Room and all that and they see it and laugh thinking it's cool.

My cousin said maybe I'll try it but ms.

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So I slept over my cousins with them after a cab home. My cousin goes to get bagels since it's Sunday but she decides to go to Brooklyn. My ny ppl know why. But it's 30 min away. So she leaves and ms.

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Now I decide its on since she drew a dick on my forehead while I was sleeping so I clean it off and then dive on the bed. She moans for me to go away but us ticklers know how we get. If the shit is there and consensual it's happening so I sit on her while she's face down and she goes I'm gonna kick you in the balls if you Now idk why but she was way worse. She starts laughing like a young teenager. It was so sexy. And all I could think was I'm tickling my old English teacher holy shitif is good. I keep going and she goes I'm gonna pee dude stoppppll!!!!!

Long story short she peed. And THAT was just her ribs. So I clean it up and she's actually pretty pissed no pun intended lol I thought I was In trouble but she smiles and says your a dick after I bring her coffee. Now we chill my cousin comes and bagels begin. Now this is where shit gets fucked up. My cousin winks at ms. It's bad. The joke is short lived when I force myself to go on face book to save myself. So we talk and catch up. Now skipping forward. So we give actual advice but then I pull a James darke and go into depth about how if she let's me tickle her it will be therapy. She laughs but I kept a straight face and said I'm serious.

My cousin shrugged and was like go for it just don't record it. So it happened. That day I tied her to a chair and we agreed on English as the safe word and in her pj's no nudity. And NO pictures or recording. Now I got away with snapchat and for those of you on tmf who have me on snap chat know because you guys begged for the full video lol. I had her arms above her on the pull up bar and Teacher tickling stories through the chair.

My favorite position. Her feet smelt really good and she was toetied with blue nail polish. Not the best color but hey it worked. She was 5'10 with size 13 feet so I was excited. They were slim not thick. My cousin went to go work out to give us privacy for her sake.

So it began. She looked at me interested and nervous like everyone and said I've never really been tickled on my feet just my sides. I laughed and went to work. Fingers first got. She couldn't go anywhere. She giggled a bit and then I let my fingers run wild. She screamed hahahaha like crazy and I then after about 2 minutes I went into her toes slowly making her squirm and giggle in bursts. I gave her feet a break and went to her knees. No love there sadly. But her thighs we're BAD and she kicked and screamed and started telling me fuck off and all that.

So I gave her a break and went Teacher tickling stories to the feet with lube since I had no baby oil and the brush. She was wrecked.

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She actually started to freak and I had to stop and caress her. Then when she was ready I ran the brush through her soles and toes so fast my forearm was a rock. And that's when I ended it on her armpits and sides. She started to actually cry when I was up there. Begging me to stop but NO safeword. When I was done she said she actually liked it. She said it was fun!. Now I am hoping this gets major feedback. She is thinking about shooting but it's 10 percent.

Teacher tickling stories

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