Teen diaper punishment story

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Updated on July 2, The following is a list of story ideas that have been taken from the Survey. If any of these ideas appeal to you and you would like to write a story about it, please feel welcome to do so. Use the check boxes to indicate your interest if you would like to pledge to fulfill any of these story ideas.

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Fill out the remainder of the form at the bottom of the and use the Submit button. If you have an idea of your own you would like to submit, please. If you have an actual story to submit, please use this form.

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Please also allow me to apologize for the substandard grammar, spelling, punctuation etc. Time constraints do not permit for me to edit and correct other people's mistakes. Check to Pledge Description of Idea 1 A girl making a film about boys in diapers 2 An older teen who likes diapers and Teen diaper punishment story 3 Roommates that started college, a story where 2 freshmen get into wearing diapers and acting like babies, changing each other, NO GIRLS!!!!!

Gay story 4 True bedwetting experiences 5 Anything about 2 boys in early teens making a fort in the woods to keep diapers in and masturbate each other. One boy is very into diapers the other is fairly unsure about it and worried about gettng caught quite a bit.

This is based on my true story. We never did finish the fort and we didnt have diapers that quite fit right until about right when we drifted away from friendship, so I figure some creative embellishment could be necessary here. I will welcome "fan fiction" versions of the story, too. The uncle then takes him home and puts a diaper on him.

Perhaps being forced to wear a chastity belt for being caught masturbating. He goes to the store and buys some Goodnites and sneaks them in the house. His mom finds out one day and pulls down his pants and sees the diaper. She then takes it smoothly and then the next morning the boy wakes up and finds that he has woken up in a crib and his room is full of diapers and baby oil and powder and baby stuff. Then his mom comes and for the whole school year all of his school year his mom keeps him in diapers.

The boy cannot use the toilett and is not allowed to wet his diapers. If he wets, he will be punished even more severely until he does not wet his diapers. SHe makes him wet in public and spanks him on-sight for it. For example, a guy goes out on a date and ends up having an accident and his date makes him wear diapers as a punishment The more embarrassing the better!

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He lingers around passing the diapers several times, then realizing he is SO SO close but not being brave enough to take the diapers up to the register he grabs them and runs out the door. He rides his bike as fast as he can back home. Someone who knew the boy tells his mother who confronts him about it the next day after school.

She decides he needs mental health help and takes him to a psycologist. She thinks it is best for him to be admitted into the hospital because his desires to be a bay has over took his life. His grades have slipped and it was all he could think about. So much so that he is clinically depressed. During the hospital stay he wets his pants and bed constantly and eventually they put him into diapers.

She takes him around in public in just a tshirt and diapers, and changes him at the park.

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She pushes him in a stroller and carries his diaper bag around. She lets all of her friends babysit and change him.

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Then the story should include, bathing, changing, breast feeding, masturbation, and sex. Lots of breastfeeding! A boy is caught by is sister, who is a little older than him. She ties him to his bed, and gives him suppositories, and enemas. She invites her girlfriends over to play with her new "Baby. Lost of diaper changes from girls laughing at the boy. He has to wear them to school and to any place they go. His mom takes him out of that school and puts him in a special school wear kids have to wear diapers.

Little does he know that he is mentally maybe also physically regressing 66 more 15 yr. Involve boxers somewhere. Quite a fun story?! Then being fed huge amounts of food and juice. Next, being tied down to the bed and forced to wear the same diaper for a week while being force-fed tons of food and juice. My fantasy 74 An adult in his 30's is forced into diapers by one or more boys no more than 3 ages 14 to All the things of him house, money They don't like it but they're made to do it. If you ever read that one story, "Cody and the Baby Start-Over Program", that was the best one so far- something like that.

Have there be some kind of robbery or mystery that, while in the course of investigating, they get Teen diaper punishment story and "bare"ly escape without being potty trained. This brings all of the boys together some in gay relationships at the school. Have a happy ending. First they regress you to baby, and you have to work your way up again. They give you tests: how long you can hold it in a diaper, a pull-up, your underwear, etc.

And if you fail, you go back down a level levels: baby, infant, toddler, preschool, etc. Make it with disposable diapers, breastfeeding, sex either or or bothand other cool stuff. Possibly some like magic or someone goes on a quest. Include Pull-Ups, underwear with Teen diaper punishment story and a lot of punishment and embarrassment.

It would include all they ever wanted, like one of those evil genie stories where they take things way too seriously and it makes this person the baby of their dreams. This goes on for years. His boyfriend changes him. One day his sister finds out and she agrees not to tell anyone if she gets to baby him. Their mother works several jobs, so they almost never get to spend time with her. The 13 year old boy starts wetting the bed and turns to his sister for help. He also tells her about his special secret, he wants to wear diapers!

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The sister accepts this and diapers him happily. One lived with their mom and the other lived with their dad until like They both live with the mom and the twins hate each other and argue. The mom decides that the best way for them to get along is to start from their childhood together. The next day, the twins find each other being babied by their mother. Everything from wearing diapers to bottle feeding. Even being babysat! By a girl. Sometimes it's one of the twin's friends.

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Might be a nice story, huh? Age boy is made to wear a diaper, take a bath, and babied by the year-old babysitter. There, the boy is forced to wear and use thick disposable diapers, and is treated completely like a baby, including sleeping in a crib, eating in a highchair, sitting in a playpen, etc.

You seam to have him not noticing how wet he gets until some one else mentions it so this should not be too hard. Then after this incident and maybe a few more he is able to since when he needs to change. Thanks 96 A three-year-old who is untoilet trained and in nappies, has to have frequent visits to the clinic because of chronic constipation.

When at the clinic has to undergo rectal temp taking, fingers inserted into rectum to check for constipation, and suppositories and enemas, and of course, the big poo in the nappies that would follow. Twins eventually become to love wearing diapers. Twins names: Collin, Logan.

She has you wear diapers and somehow you get turned on. But every time he made he would ask the teacher or a classmate to change his diaper. Also, it would be nice to see the discontinued story of "Cody and Chris" completed.

The diapers come in as one of the dares have the boy use the diapers. And she treats her best friend like a 2 year old. Please and stay comphy and happliy diapered deeker!!! This web site rules!!!! Please write this one. He is humiliated when his mom changes him in front of the girl and treats him like a baby ie. The girl, however, finds it adorable and begins treating him like a baby herself. After having to start wearing diapers, which he wishes to remain secret, the girl ends up becoming his regular babysitter. She seizes the opportunity to completely humiliate him, but soon they both Teen diaper punishment story fond of their new relationship.

He finds himself in a constant battle between these two desires. He finds the opportunite to make a wish, ie, genie, time manipulation, chemical formula, ect. When faced with the opportunity, he makes a decision on impulse which brings his secret fantasy to life. Later, he is back to his desire for status, but it is too late, his wish is already coming true. He has everything up so he reach things like playstation and TV.

He sleeps in a cribe that is locked down. He only gets changed four times a day, after breakfast, lunch and dinner, and before bed. He has to eat in a highchair. He is kept like this for four days, and then is released after ransom paid. He does not know where he was kept because he was unconscous when being transported. Will this help or make things worse? I look on the internet for them, but I can't find any great ones. We would want to use a similier engine as this one: www. We only had cloth diapers in those days.

I like stories about sisters diapering brothers Teen diaper punishment story girlfriends diapering boys, too, at school and everywhere. Of course my life story in diapers still goes on, I'm 55 now. Billy is Carla's favourite child and gives him anything what he wants, including diapers. Billy is also pooping in his diapers, but Carla doesn't mind it, because she likes treating Billy like a baby.

Billy also likes that. One day his favourite cousin the year old Angie Howards is staying for a few weeks in their house, because Carla is going on a trip. From that moment Angie also changes Billy's diapers, but one day they discover that Carla has been kidnapped by gangsters. This team has these unique powers: water gun's hidden in their hands and ice beam gun's also hidden in their hands.

They find the gangsters, they deliver them to the police and they take Carla back to New York. You get the honour to make the remaining texts of this story, Deeker. His mother finds out and indicates for the next few months will be treated like a 2-year old. His mother buys him adult-sized baby diapers and other supplies. His mother straps the diapers on tightly so he cannot get out.

His mother knows that he has a crush on a year old teenager baby sitter.

Teen diaper punishment story

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