Teen girls spanking stories

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My daughter attends a four year university near our home, so to save money she lives with me. Her grades are very important to me. When my daughter gets below a 3. I instituted this policy after her grades started to lag during winter term of her freshman year. She has to come home straight after class of course, but I also require that as soon as she enters the house she has to change into a school girl uniform, meaning a white blouse, plaid skirt, knee-high socks and black dress shoes.

This is to enforce a studious atmosphere. She is not allowed to be with any boys until her grades improve. We keep a desk in the living room with her books and a copy of her syllabi so that I can make sure that she does all of her work.

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This increases to four hours during midterms and finals. After studying, she has to tend to her daily chores, which include sweeping, mopping, dusting and generally keeping the house neat and tidy. On weekends she also mows the lawn.

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Because I give her so much time to study I expect excellent grades. Because these spankings are to encourage her to get good grades and not for misbehavior, I allow her to keep her panties on, however she is still required to completely remove her skirt which stays off for the rest of the day.

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I spank her as soon as she comes home, so on those days she has to do her homework, eat dinner and complete her chores without a skirt. I spank quite hard, so if she misses twenty points or more on an asment her bottom will be quite red, which is clearly visible even with her panties on. She has asked before to be allowed a skirt when we have company over, but I always refuse. Humiliation is the most important part of the punishment. In a very snarky tone, my daughter retorted that he should mind his own business. I consider rudeness to guests to be unacceptable. I ordered her to drop her panties and grab her ankles right there in the kitchen.

I told him to give her whatever he thought was appropriate. He gave her about thirty good swats. I took the spoon from him and gave her twenty more, fast and hard. She can be quite a proud girl but by this point the pain and shame had forced Teen girls spanking stories to abandon any sense of dignity and she was crying openly. I told her to stand up, but leave her panties where they were. I had her stand in the corner of the dining room, facing the wall with her bare butt exposed until our friends went home about two hours later.

Her butt was still red when they left. Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment. post Next post. Posted: 4 November AviatorLt1 The girl should have be sent to the front room and made to kneel on couch. Tell her we are going to learn to spell? Tell her she was very rude and are going to learn how to spell a few words. After each letter you will get a Hard swat with the paddle.

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You will repeat this 50 times. And No Mumbling! Say each letter loudly and clearly. After the company had left, I would have taken her to the bedroom, finish stripping her naked and fuck her brains out. She woulnd't have disrespected my friend any more. My wife gets whipped with a strap wile she conpleaty naked and has to suck my friend till she sucks him dry. I would have made her get conpleaty naked and after my friend spanked her i would have made her suck him off wile another friend whipped her. For a student spanking is mint to reach pride with pain and US hold more of all that is learned.

A bare bottom spanking is necessary in order to begin a lesson. Your daughter should be spanked before class each day.

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In review of the lesson a paddle should come out. Your daughter should be paddled and told to review the lesson each day after school.

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Spanking should only be given naked or on the bare bottom so that pride can be seat and she cannot hide. A spanking is not a counter for any measure but intern reaches pride so that she can be raised. Tell me if you are looking for a man to spank your daughter. I most certainly would.

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I know all of you going to think that I am strict but I would have her dress into her uniform but not have no panties on just in case she needs a spanking and then If she got into trouble I make her take off her uniform and keep it off for a couple of days and while she got it off she has to give me a blow job and I will fuck her brains out. If you are paying her tuition, you certainly are entitled to spank her for unsatisfactory grades, but you should not be exploiting her sexually.

Teen girls spanking stories

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