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Other : 90 ePub eBooks8 Series. Bodysuit Stripper by yugimaster. Mark is a good older brother by day, and a Stripper by night, Well as long as he's wearing the female body suit of Chelsea that is. Dick Grayson would do anything to be a hero, even if it means becoming a heroine. Staring down Supergirl in a seemingly normal confrontation, notorious supervillain Lex Luthor is on Tg skinsuit stories last limb. In a drastic move to atone for his sins, gain insight to the superhero community, and stabilize his health he is instead confronted with his own Tg skinsuit stories.

A gradual move from a bad man to a good woman with some body and mind horror. The Lost Princess by Shannon Colby. Garrett's unrequited crush on Lanie takes a backseat when travelers from a parallel universe discover that she is the princess smuggled out of her kingdom during an insurrection twenty years before. Garrett is along for the ride until he uncovers some hidden facts about his own past.

In a world where Henchmen get mowed down by careless heroes and sacrificed by villains, Henchman 5 of the Stonecutter organization -Tyler Mason- is a survivor and uses his veteran knowledge of henching to keep as many of his fellow henchman alive as possible. Unfortunately for Tyler, keeping his men alive this time means being a decoy for a deadly female assassin.

Is there anything in the Survival Guide that can help him get out of this one? Gifts from my garage by cindy october. Cleaning out the garage isn't usually this productive. What gifts have been in hiding, waiting to be discovered. Well here it is-the first part of my first multi-part story written between July June This concerns one Chloe L'Amour who has been given a very special asment, and not just as a new transfer student at American Southern high school. Part I written late July-early Aug with some revisions done in Aug My first bodysuit by Rubdoll.

I always wanted to try sex as woman. Thanks to one company, i managed. So first bodysuit, first transformation, first sex. Top 20 by Cashmere Chloe. A little girl finds herself in the boots of Ricochet, the local superhero, except A familiar friend faces off with a new growing threat. Armored by TigerThyme. A metropolitan city is protected by the superhero Lady Bullet.

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One day, Dominic discovers the truth about Lady Bullet and finds himself in heroic situations. Can he live up to the title? Swarmwear by Boudica. When Saul ed on to test modular clothing made from nanites, women's clothing was not part of the plan! The Annual Ski Trip by Alliebee. Chris is a semi-nerdy high school senior on a ski trip with his parents and sister. When his sister meets a boy in the chalet and his parents get unexpectedly called home on business things start to change for him.

Meet My Magic Holodeck by Invisiguy Star Trek holodecks are awesome, but can't do everything But maybe they could do more. You're Neil, a high schooler whose ordinary days are swept away forever when your friend shows you a special zipper he found.

Antics with it involving you two Tg skinsuit stories a few others ensue. Playing the Girl by Adam Cooper. It was a regular occurrence for Liam and his girlfriend Jessica to dress up and live out each other's sexual fantasies in the bedroom. Role-play was their passion and no idea was too crazy or too kinky… though for Liam maybe there was one exception…. Karma by PJWright. Wallflower by HeseusCristo. An amateur couple try their hands at intercourse. One of them is faking it. INworld by Onimass. Unfortunately it will require him to go beyond what he has experienced so far Shuichi Saihara, otherwise known as the Ultimate Detective, falls into a trap set up by Angie Yonaga with the intention to convert his ideology.

American "Ninjette" by AB Norway. A drug-addicted murderer is given a capital verdict but he wakes up again - to a life as a member of a super secret corps of national SWAT agents. Taking part in many missions but finally finding out that there's something "fishy" about the corps Gunning for a Piece by HeseusCristo.

You are gifted a costume gun by your older brother working on it for the government. The most natural thing to do, of course, is play around with it as if Tg skinsuit stories were a toy on Christmas Day. As for the playmate, opportunity has thrusted a particular athlete for you. Veronica's Secret by Frankie J Warner. Hot for Teacher by Frankie J Warner. Mandi Cross is the new sub teacher for a local school, but is there more to her? Find out. Honeymoon Surprise by Frankie J Warner.

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Our newly married couple are having a night of passion, but one of them might not be telling the whole truth. Convention Dreams by AlexiaRose. A strange woman transforms attendees of a Comic Book Convention while teasing a man with his dream of become a woman. Sticky Sissy by Contact. Halloween Sisters by Carolyn Collins. Jim's wife wants to win a prize for best Halloween costumes. He tells her to pick out the costumes. She and her Tg skinsuit stories choose a body suit for him. Ian has lived a good life, but his love for the taboo will prove to be his downfall as those closest to him do unto him everything he ever lusted over.

Their First Time by Misfit. In secluded part of the city, a young man has his first experience at The Grand Brothel. Caps Log Compilation! Perchance to Dream by Amanda Hawkins. A costume gun tale unlike any other: For in that sleep of bodysuit, what dreams may come This a fictional Story about a pair of friends, one of whom is beta testing some cutting edge state of the art VR suits. After a night of merriment they decide to return to Derek's flat, to smoke and test out the gaming suits What follows is Andy's story.

Poke-Carnival by Mega A new amusement park opens up, with a Pokemon theme. But there are hidden intentions behind it. Homegrown Housewife by bamboozlr. Successful neither at your career nor at love, nothing exciting or uplifting ever happens in your life.

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When a strange dream gives you powers over your body that you had never thought possible, you fail to realise the potential danger that comes with them. Disney princess descendants by Mega The stories of seven of the Disney Princess' are true, and six of their descendants get to become them, one gets the short end of the stick. The T-Girl Life by Stvkar. What does prosthetics, makeup, and naturally good looks do for two guys?

It guarantees them a crazy good time. Fursona by Sakuraelf. A young boy discovers a whole new person inside when he finds a strange costume, while working at his uncles resort. Hotel Cyberium by M A Thermidor. Halloween is fast approaching and North, Tg skinsuit stories impress the girl he likes, agrees to dress up as a character from a TV show he has never seen. Unfortunately he discovers too late that the character he agreed to dress as is a girl and he has no choice but to go through with it. The Promise by Misfit. Charlie Roberts has tried to be a good friend to his long time buddy Joe, but after a horrible break-up, his friend seems to have lost the will to live for himself.

Wanting to help his friend out at any cost, he makes a promise with his friend's infirm mother. It's from this point on that Charlie starts to live two different lives. One as the caring, supportive friend and the other as the loving girlfriend. But how long can he keep these two lives separate? How long can keep the truth from his friend? Which one will he ultimately choose?

The Swimsuit by Scatman. A couple goes out on vacation to Hawaii for surfing. When arriving there however, they realize their luggage was mishandled and had gone somewhere else. Tg skinsuit stories the meanwhile, Mark and Gina go out to buy replacement gear.

Mark, still sleepy and distracted from the incident, commited a HUGE mistake while shopping for his stuff After the events at Amanda's beach house, I've got to check out what Brenda have told me. My Birthday gift by my mom by Anjali shree. My name is Mark.

Tg skinsuit stories

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Skinsuit Stories