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Are you 18 years of age or older? Plus, you'll get the chance to download captions, which are not available for download at other sites! When trying to create even semi-regular content, every little bit helps, so if a dollar is all you're comfortable chipping in know it's still highly appreciated. This tier will get you the patron-feed, the chance to comment on ongoing and new story ideas, the caption downlo, access to excerpts of stories in progress, AND the chance to request caption-length stories of your own!

Same as the tiers, plus access to completed single-chapter stories, AND the chance to send in a request for a short single chapter story of your own that will get posted here and eventually elsewhere like DeviantArt or Fictionmania! While I try to remain open-minded there are some themes I might not be comfortable broaching, so be sure Tg wg story check, first. Skip .

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Show more. About MithFics. First of all, if you're here and even thinking of dropping a buck or two, I cannot thank you enough Funny story: a of years ago, when I was pretty young, I posted a few stories up on Fictionmania as Mithrandir, stories that revolved around themes of male to female transformations, female weight gain, mental transformations, and erotica.

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Given that life has a habit of getting in the way I didn't pursue the hobby too far. However, a lot of the feedback I've received has been very positive by all means, judge for yourself! My latest projects are the Pass It On multi-chapter stories and InsulaVolupe standalone shorts series, but I've been having some fun lately experimenting with captions, too! My goals are pretty simple: if I could pursue this hobby while bringing in a bit of pocket change then that's a pretty sweet deal, isn't it?

My reward tiers offer chances to make requests for some shorter or longer form stories, depending on the tier, so if you like what I'm putting out there feel free to take the plunge and pass an idea or two along! At this amount, my ability Tg wg story reach out to fellow artists around Patreon, DeviantArt, Tumblr, etc. By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to exclusive posts. Recent posts by MithFics. How it works.

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