Thanksgiving belly stuffing story

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Gainfully Employed original weight gain fiction by kyaada. The head of his dick pressed itself firmly against the slick material of his sweatpants, looking like a fat guide post for the pure, undiluted hunk. After gaining about 40 pounds this year dating Toby, he explained that he had more than enough belly to tackle a double Thanksgiving.

Enough belly was no problem; it was the lack of pants capacity earlier that caused the required wardrobe change. It was hard work getting those buttoned on a daily basis. Toby returned from her rounds of saying hello to the various family members in attendance. She pushed her slightly-wider carriage in close to him, placing her left arm around his back, and affixing her right hand to the front of his swollen belly. Toby giggled. Nick managed a pleasingly multi-toned belch as an initial response.

A call from the kitchen area aled imminent dinner. The hypnotic combination of aromas from the various fat-laden delicacies filled the air and started the drool of even the Thanksgiving belly stuffing story diet-driven amongst the family. The two sniffed at the thought and wandered into the living room to watch something that was blaring obnoxiously on the television.

Picking up the slack, I grabbed the placemats, flatware, and napkins and got to work. I knew Nick would be ing us all for dinner, and I had made sure to plan ahead. Fattening was a definite plus. A variety of cookies and brownies bolstered the pie supply, and I knew there were enough calories in the dessert section to do several large appetites proud.

Over the months, I had watched Nick grow from a corn-fed mostly-in-shape gym rat into an always-hungry potbellied garbage disposal. Nick had fattened up impressively and quickly, always proud to let his expanding belly stick out of too-tight shirts and undersized pants. I vividly remembered a totally-bloated Nick lying fat on his back on a wooden picnic bench seat in Cooper Park, groaning and rubbing his enormous bare belly as Toby carefully spooned baked beans into his mouth. The happy trail up that rotund sausage gut led to his choice belly button, an irresistible feature that urged me to fill it with beer and dare Toby to suck it out.

During my mental vacation down memory lane, I had ventured into the living room to catch a glimpse of Toby and Nick on the loveseat. Nick obviously enjoyed the attention as his indiscreet cock had lengthened somewhat and headed down a pants leg. Bouncing him a little like I were trying to dribble a basketball, I relished in the simple warmness and reluctance to yield to pressure. Show off that prime table muscle! Nick released a long exhale and slowly breathed in until there was a hard stop with his skin stretched to the max. He then pushed his belly out, completely relaxing his abdominal muscles.

Look at this guy! His belly looks like a deployed airbag after a full frontal collision with a donut shop! I finally held out my hands to assist pulling him up. It was almost like dining with The Simpsons. Food was passed in a complete helter-skelter fashion, and chomping noises erupted around the table like a pack of wild animals competing for the best position at a feast. Before there was even a clean spot on his plate, she shoved some more stuffing onto his trough, ladling gravy freely over nearly the complete southern half.

He was still able to get a nice stretch down the front of his belly as he spread his thick thighs. I had taken the position to his right, at a slight angle being that I was on one corner of the oval table. The view Thanksgiving belly stuffing story most inspirational and I took a break to watch him survey the breadth of his swollen stomach.

Hits the spot! Nick continued to amaze. The power dome under his ribs had extended out far enough on which to perch at least a dessert plate. As serving dishes became void of their contents, most people around the table ceased to be able to continue eating. Nick had placed his left hand on top of his belly awhile ago, and rubbed his radically bloated sphere with more and more urgency. All of that fresh whipped cream concealing sweet fruit looked like so many clouds floating in front of his planetoid of a belly. His gut is so damn full that he tilts back more after every time he swallows.

Reaching over, I poked his belly in several spots, noting that I scarcely made a dent in the solid mass of flesh. One more bite and you could very easily pop like an overblown balloon. Best to roll off now and give yourself a break. I smiled at Toby, who was trying to push yet another bite of fruit salad into her exceptionally overstuffed boyfriend.

With that, the meal was over. She patted his belly in front to try to wake him up. She grabbed under one arm and I took the opposite. We grunted in between his snores and merely lifted his arms up a little on each side. All of the jostling had awakened the sleeping giant, and he groaned under the weight of his fully engorged midsection. I think I might have overdid it. Stick a pin in me and pop me now! Sitting the overstuffed stud on her bed almost pulled both of us over on top of him, as the big lazy chunk let gravity pull his fat ass down.

He was quickly on his back, belly up tall in the air, on the verge of falling asleep again. Nick smiled. Most of his belly was already bare, and he tugged his shirt up past his erect nipple crowned pecs to offer a complete experience. His chest and arms still had a lot of muscle from his dedicated gym days; only they were made slightly larger and softer by a creamy layer of fat Thanksgiving belly stuffing story his buttery skin. Nick just laid there, slapping the sides of his tall round belly with alternating hands, imparting a seductive beat as his palms smacked taut skin.

Toby got out her camera and snapped a few pictures of her incredibly overstuffed boyfriend. It was getting late and I had to take Mom home.

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Several days later, Toby called me to let me know that Nick had survived Thanksgiving, and was finally able to eat pie and ice cream about midnight. With so few leftovers after such unrestrained gorging, Toby easily fed Nick the remainder in one day. After all of the Tupperware was empty, she took him to buffets to keep up the momentum. We have to go to Costco to get him some new ones, wanna meet us there at lunch tomorrow? With Christmas coming, Costco was brimming with shoppers, holiday decorations, and sample carts at almost every turn. I always liked going to Costco around lunchtime, as that was when the widest selection of hungry construction workers, local truck drivers, and other well-fed blue collar boys could be found taking advantage of the cheap, plentiful food.

Plus, I could see my lesbian friend and watch for my favorite eye candy: Jake. Toby and Nick were a little late for what you would have called regular lunch time, and I soon found out why. I was just hanging up my cell phone when I saw the doughy duo appear at the front entrance. They have to accommodate at least a moderate bellyful. Planning ahead, eh? Even the waitress broke protocol and was helping in bringing more plates of pizza, breticks, and pasta. And one of those Cobb sal.

The snack area was still pretty busy by the time we got there with our conservatively-sized lunch, and I bought us drinks at the counter. I watched where Nick and Toby went to sit, and was walking up with three cups of soda as the two had stopped to talk to a couple of grungy flannel-clad construction types. Handshakes and hellos went all the way around, with Gary and me staring at each other at the end.

Gary had been one of the major homophobes in high school and I had never actually talked to him; however I knew who he was from him Thanksgiving belly stuffing story pointing at me and laughing.

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Gary had changed a lot since school. His face was rounder, his hair was a little longer, and his substantial gut pressed out against the tight buttons of his red flannel shirt. The three of us were able to take a table right next to them, and Nick sat on the same side as Scruffy, only about two feet away. Gary had the same chicken bake, two hot dogs, slice of pizza, and drink that Scruffy had; however, Scruffy made very quick work of his lunch, finishing his round before Gary had unwrapped his second hot dog.

Between all of the chicken and the gigantic salad that Toby was munching her way through, Thanksgiving belly stuffing story layered enough additional food on top of his pizza buffet to shallow his breathing. Nick had finished the chicken and wiped off all of the grease from his fingers; a project that took concentrated effort and a considerable pile of napkins.

He turned to Nick. Make the skinny boy eat the food. Scruffy chuckled. I remember you from the gym. Gary fished out his wallet and offered Scruffy a ten. I declined, and then watched the two bellied boys grunt their way up to the counter; Toby followed behind. Nick was just ready to split up the middle from so much food and soda, and he actually popped open two jeans buttons when he was in line for dessert.

Gary breathed a sigh of admiration when Nick got to the counter and turned sideways to look at pudgy Scruffy as he ordered, waving the free money in his hand.

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Each of the roundbellied studs had two fresh churros Thanksgiving belly stuffing story an overflowing strawberry sundae; Toby somehow controlled herself with opting for a chocolate-covered ice cream bar. Too much gut for too little jeans. Fat and sugar was sucked down at an impressive rate, and Scruffy swallowed hard to get the last spoonful of sundae down his gullet. Scruffy grabbed his soda cup and grunted his way over to the drink bar. Scruffy emptied the last bit of ice in the bottom of the cup and filled it to the brim with Coke.

Scruffy tilted the cup up to his cherry-red lips and gulped down the entire 16oz, letting out a deep belch as he pushed the cup into the Coke dispenser again. The woman behind him seemed to be getting somewhat impatient; nonetheless, Scruffy took his time, gave her a smile as he swung his swollen belly around to return to our seating area.

As he was waddling over the best he could, Scruffy smiled at the people that were still staring at him, throwing in a belly rub for added effect. Thanksgiving belly stuffing story had made his way back to where Gary sat and stood there, preparing to drink his soda. Almost too good to be true, my eye candy Jake arrived for his shift.

As always, his red vest was completely unbuttoned and he was squeezed into a pullover shirt that used to fit without complete distress. And, as the very last time before, his belly looked bigger and fatter. He smiled, waved, and then made his way over to where we were all sitting.

Standing next to Scruffy, he was at least four inches taller, and the coal-black of his short-cropped hair made him look so exceptionally handsome. Come in for lunch again, I see. Nick muffled a belch and patted his stuffed gut. Gary chuckled. Especially in the food area. But I still had a turkey sandwich. I ate all day Thanksgiving, and then when I saw all of the snow outside on Friday, just stayed in all day and ate leftovers. They see a nice fat belly perched over a tight belt and they are going to want to put something in it.

I know my belly has surely become one of their fatter targets. Got Christmas coming, ya know. We all watched as Scruffy took flannel shirt in each hand and tugged the front together, endeavoring to mate a button. Nick chuckled. Buttoning the rest was easy, and the flannel molded itself to the big full gut. The buttons on the front of it sported vertical sliver-sized gaps between them, and there were horizontal stress marks in the fabric emanating from each of them.

Thanksgiving belly stuffing story

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