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When I was growing up, my best friends Nicky Kenton, Chuck Stills, and I loved to tickle, and it's unbelievable all the stuff we got away with! One time we pinned down and tickled Nicky's pretty mom, Mrs. Kenton, or "Mrs.

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K" as Chuck and I called her, on a rainy afternoon when we were watching TV. She was hyper-ticklish, and she laughed herself to exhaustion, but she didn't get mad at us. In fact, I think she enjoyed it almost as much as we did! We tickled her again a few weeks after the rainy afternoon episode. It happened the same summer, and we would have been about 14 at the time. I went over to Nicky's house to mess around. Chuck had to go shopping with his mom and little sister that day, so Nicky and I were going to see what we could come up with.

We couldn't decide what to do, so Mrs. K said she'd decide for us -- we would help her weed her flower garden. We whined and moaned, but she said if we'd do something for her, she'd do something for us later. We all went outside to the backyard.

The sky was a Tickling mom stories overcast and although it was a June day, the temperature was mild and pleasant. Nicky and I each took a flowerbed on either side of her and got to work. Actually, I didn't mind all that much. I liked being around Mrs.

For one thing, she always smelled good, even when she was working in her flower garden. But besides that, I just liked talking and joking with her, and with her playful sense of humor, she laughed easily and often. I watched her out of the corner of my eye as she scooted around on all-fours, busily ridding her beloved flower garden of weeds. She was a pretty lady, shapely and petite, hardly as tall as us boys. That day she had a red cotton scarf tied over her blonde hair. A denim bib jumper, underneath which she wore a red bikini top, and old canvas shoes completed her gardening outfit. As she reached here and there pulling weeds, I followed the movement of her toned arms.

I was fascinated with her smooth underarms. They were hairless and sleek, and as I already knew, exquisitely ticklish! Ever since I'd discovered my interest in tickling, Mrs. K had become one of my favorite "ticklees! K on the living Tickling mom stories floor that rainy afternoon a few weeks earlier, I had the pleasure of tickling her as much as I wanted -- dancing my fingers under her arms and digging in her ribs -- all the while hearing her wild, gorgeous laughter.

As I weeded, lost in the daydream, she suddenly turned around and caught me gawking. I blushed and immediately stepped up the pace of my weeding. She just smiled a knowing little smile and said nothing. Nicky and I yakked back and forth with his mom between us. Now and then she'd interject something, a joke or a question about our big plans for summer vacation or teasing us about our girlfriends at school.

With the three of us working together, we had all the flowerbeds weeded and cleaned up within an hour. You're good gardeners! K said, getting to her feet and dusting off her knees. What do you want to do? Go to the movies? Me and Dougie have to talk about this. K shucked off her gardening gloves and busied herself putting away tools in the garden shed as we figured out what our reward would be. Nicky just kept grinning as he glanced back at his mom. She was still in the garden shed, but we had to work fast.

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Then when we get her there, we tie her up and tickle her crazy! We were just congratulating ourselves on our devious little plan when Mrs. K came back from the garden shed. You'll be our prisoner and we have to take you to the tree house and interrogate you! Little did she know! You have the secret codes and we want 'em!

Nicky stepped to her side and grabbed one of her arms at wrist and biceps. I followed his example. You're gonna be interrogated!

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Must escape! Must return to base" she hissed each word dramatically, trying to wriggle out of our clutches. As she struggled, I let my hand on her biceps slip upward until I hooked it up under her arm. K didn't even seem to Tickling mom stories, but I liked feeling her smooth armpit in the palm of my hand as we made our way to the tree house. A few minutes later, we arrived at our woodland hideaway.

Kenton, Nicky's father, had built it for us a couple years ago. He'd had a tree house when he was a kid, and was always telling Nicky how much fun it was. Tucked in the bower of a gigantic old oak tree, it was roughly circular, about 12 feet in diameter, and enclosed on all sides with four-foot high plywood walls.

It was huge! There was a trapdoor in the floor accessible by a rope ladder. Once inside, you could look down from about 15 feet up. There was enough room for stools, a small table, and our supply box. Nicky went up first. K started up a couple rungs and then stopped. As Nicky tried to get the door open, I took advantage of a little tickling opportunity. K's right hand gripped the rung above her head as she waited on Nicky.

I reached up and tickled under her arm. She giggled and jerked her elbow to her side. Nicky finally got the door opened and we all climbed inside. K glanced around the tree house. It had been quite a while since she was last up there. She folded her arms and gave us a haughty, defiant look. My lips are sealed! K pursed her lips, stuck out her chin. She was really playing along with this!

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I could see the twinkly smile in her eyes. Nicky fished out some lengths of soft nylon cord from the supply box that we kept for tying up "prisoners" and started looping one of them around his mother's slender ankles. It's the required procedure for interrogation!

All the while Mrs. K looked a little jittery about the situation. Then Nicky pulled on the cord until Mrs. K's arms were drawn up so high she was practically standing on tiptoe. He tied off the end to the railing. Our captured spy was stretched up full length -- her ankles bound, her sleekly muscled arms pulled high overhead, and her ticklish armpits exposed and vulnerable.

Nicky knew what he was doing.

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I couldn't wait to get started! The prisoner is now ready for interrogation! I'll never d-divulge the secret codes! K's words were still defiant, but I now detected a slightly nervous note in her voice. Nicky paced around her, then stopped behind her and leaned in to her ear. Is that true? Not truuhuue! K lurched away from his finger.

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