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Deep down John knew that it was more his attraction to her that made him accept her invitation to come back Tied balls story the house to receive what his father had left to him. Serena his "Wicked Stepmother" as he always referred to her as sent him a letter telling him that his father left him something of immeasureable value that was never mentioned in the will.

John reluctantly responded to her saying that he could make the specific date she wrote him about. That would be no problem has he was between jobs at the moment and had just put all of his things in storage.

He was surviving by doing some photography on the side and was planning to relocate wherever things suited him best. John arrived at the house just after dark. Serena answered the door after he rang the bell twice. He was quite nervous as his stepmother looked more beautiful now then she did when he lived at home. John was 14 when Serena married his father who herself was barely With only six years difference between them John found himself caught by her in many fantasies.

In fact while they small talked some John was fantasizing about her. It had only been five years and in that time John realized part of his problem with her was that he thought he was closer to her age and wished he was the one who was with her and not his father. This caused much tension between he and his dad. Serena's Tied balls story attitude toward him never helped the situation out either. So there he was at 19 years of age with her at 25 and she still had the same affect on him. She made him nervous and sweaty and quite horny also. She did not get right down to business as was part of her plan.

They talked and ate and drank and it became later and later. Finally the clock struck midnight and Serena acted surpirsed that it had gotten so late. She told him that when they awoke later in the morning she would present him with what his father had left to him and then he could be on his way. Serena smiled at the compliment and caresed his cheek as she kissed him on the mouth.

After brushing his teeth John grab his bag and walked up the stairs to his old room in the attic. Pretty much everything has stayed the same except for a big closet on wheels that was in the corner of the room.

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Serena walked up to his room with him just to say goodnight and see him to bed. He asked about the huge closet and she explained that she bought it to keep some of her things in it. They hugged and she exited the room and John went to sleep. It was weird not only being in his old house but his old bed too. He dreamt about having sex with Serena. Hid body shook and he woke up suddenly with a weird feeling like someone had been in the room watching him.

He walked to the stiars and looked down to see no one there.

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He convinced himself it was just part of his dream. He couldn't go back to sleep as he thought more and more about her. He pondered the idea of asking her to be with him but thought it was just immoral since she was his fathers wife at one time. Did he love her he asked himself or was it simply a sexual attraction or perhaps both of these things drew him to dream and fantasize about her. John started to touch himself while he thought about her. Soon he was masturbating while fantasizing about having sex with her. All of the sudden he heard something in the room and turned to see Serena standing by his bed.

She sat down on his bed and placed her index Tied balls story down the center of his lips. John's face turned red at these words. Then she took a hold of the blanket and pulled it down revealing his hardon. John sat up and tried to pull the blanket back over his hard cock. Serena pulled down on the blanket and caressed John's hand softly with hers. She took his hard cock in her hand and John all but melted. His cock became even harder from her touch. Soon she was gripping it hard and stroking it slowly. John's breathign changed as he felt he was about to come in her hand and she stopped stroking it.

She took his balls into her other hand and squeezed causing much pain as her long nails dug into his ball sac. Then she started to stroke his cock while squeezing his balls. John was shocked and quite turned on and his cock grew even more hard then he thought it could.

She took her hand off his cock for a moment and reached to the floor and produced a thin piece of rope. John did not flinch nor did he protest as she proceeded to tie up his balls with the rope. She tied it wround the base of his cock and then around the ball sac tight up to the base of his throbbing dick. The rope became tighter as she wound it around his balls a few times. Just when he thought she was done she pulled the rope Tied balls story up the middle of his balls and seperated them from one another. She then wound the rope around each ball tightly and methodically. Serena smiled at John several times while licking her lips and making moaning sounds.

John kept his hands to his sides although he wanted to take her breats into his hands and suck them. The deed was done and his balls were tied tightly. He felt the pressure and some pain but it was also exciting to him and even though there was a little obvious pain it brought him some pleasure.

She then reached to the floor again and grabbed a small duffle bag and placed it on the bed next to her. She reached in with one hand and began stroking his cock again with her other hand. She took the rubber out and bite the package open and while still stroking his cock placed the rubber onto his dick.

As she got on top of John she held his arms above his head and she slide herself down onto his massive hardon. John managed to get his hands free and they both took her bra off revealing her beautiful breasts. He took them into his hand and Tied balls story squeezed them as she let out a moan of pleasure.

Soon they were both inside of his mouth as he sucked them while she rode his cock as though she were on the mechanical bull.

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John felt the tightness and pressure of his balls growing and he wanted some relief but he didn't want to come off as a pussy with Serena so he didn't say or do anything about it. In the middle of their fuck fest she stopped riding him and looked down into his eyes and said in a most seductive manner, "have you ever been tied up while fucking John"?

He was lost in this question and again he didn't want to come off as a pussy or anything and he actually had never even thought of a woman tying him up while having sex. John cleared his throat and told her a big fat lie. She started to ride him again as she reached into the bag of tricks and pulled out two pairs of handcuffs. She attached one set to his left wrist and then around the head board pole as she did also with the his right wrist. She then rode him a litte more and little harder as this excited her more to have him handcuffed.

She reached into the bad again and produced two sets of ankle cuffs and then she stopped riding him and got off and stodd on the floor and walked to the bottom of the bed. She did the same with his ankles on the two bottom poles. Now John Tied balls story lying there hard as a rock spread eagle cuffed to the bed with his balls tied up. She smiled as she reached into the bag and slide down on his cock again. At first he didn't pay much attention to what she ahd pulled from the bag as she rode him his eyes closed. Then he felt her hands on his head and the distinct smell of leather slithered to his nostrils.

Then he saw the red ball below his chin and she puled it to his mouth. John kept his mouth closed and moved his head from side to side to avoid the big red ball from being shoved into his mouth. She reached into the bag one more time and took out a short but thick chain and a padlock. She ran the chain through a "D" hook at the very top of the leather harness and attached it to the metal headboard and locked it into place. Now John could no longer move his head from side to side. John started to speak when Serena slapped him across his mouth hard.

Then she placed her hand over Tied balls story mouth and pinched his nose closed. WIth no way to struggle John just lay there trying to suck air into his lungs.

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She removed her hand from his mouth and John instinctively opened his mouth to breathe. She then forced the huge bright red ball deep into his mouth and buckled the chin strap as tight as it would buckle.

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She fucked him even harder as his cock became even more hard. She rode him until she got off and then she rolled of him and lay by his side until he grunted into his ball gag. She walked over to her closer on wheels and took out a small cane and walked over to him and began to smack his tied sore balls with it. He screamed into his ball gag but of course no one could hear him and it only made her hit him harder and more swift.

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She caned his balls about fifteen times before stopping. Monday, June 8, Wednesday, May 1, What an idiotic bunch of crap!!! What will she do? Kill him? How will she know no one knows where he is? She will go to prison for a very long time!!! Seems only your lechery was the mainspring to that crap not your brain - or is it the same?? Friday, January 11, Wednesday, March 14, Monday, May 10, Thursday, March 25, Pretty good start.

However, it is difficult to read with such long paragraphs. There are a few spelling or typo erros, but not too many. I have to laugh that you are telling me about the spelling errors and you spelled errors wrong. Saturday, April 3, Sunday, March 28, Maybe consider using a greater variety than "harder," and "even more harder.

Tied balls story

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