Torrie wilson sex stories

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She was becoming one of the favorite fitness models in the entire fitness industry. She seemed to be on one magazine after another every week.

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By the way if you have never seen Trish Stratus walked out to the ring, which had just been set up in her shiny red pants and tank top, which she usually wore to wrestle. She had the same outfit in many colors but she thought that the red one was the sexiest. She lay down in the middle of the ring lo It'd been a while since Kyle had made love to a women and he was getting bored. The only chick he liked was the best friend of his ex-girlfriend, who he was still friends with, so that was a no go. He lived in an apartment that his parents had left him when they had gone to live on the coast.

It was a fairly good apartment on the sixth floor of a large apa Note: If you have not read 'Helping Torrie Wilson' I recommend you do so before reading this chapter.

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All feedback is welcome and encouraged. The sun had just begun filtering in through the window onto Kyle where he lay, c Author's Note: This story was specifically requested by MTL17 and is done with his express permission. Smackdown July 19th Trish Stratus is sitting alone in one of the backstage locker room areas, mentally preparing herself for a scheduled arm wrestling match later in the night against Torrie Wilson, as well as her upcoming lingerie tag team match at Author's note: This is a work of erotic fiction.

I am well aware that Torrie Wilson probably doesn't act this way in real life, but hey, I can dream, can't I? John got in his car and hoped for the best as he drove to Detroit, Michigan to hopefully get a job with the WWF. He didn't want to be a wrestler, he just wanted to be a truck driver, like he had been What more? Nothing has been truer.

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What more could happen to me? Here I am right before 5 in the afternoon, where 2 hours ago I was a desperate little man trying to get in the pants of one diva and now I stand here arm in arm with Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley going to eat with her and Triple H after I just gave her a damn good fucking and she gave me a damn go Scott Chang was bored. He was sitting in his apartment bedroom fiddling with some old action figures, Iron Man and Batman. There wasn't much to do.

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Now in his mid's, the craziness of college life had slowed down. He wasn't seeing anyone, so he didn't have much to do on the weekends. Looks like a bummer night inside the apartment.

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He slowly turned around The Secret to Torrie Wilson's Success: Torrie Wilson is a very successful fitness model and just recently has moved into the wrestling business. She has worked very hard for her physique but there is one secret ingredient to her training that is, shall we say, unique and it started not too long ago. A few years ago Torrie Wilson has just started to go SmutMD Log in.

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Log in Remember Me. SmutMD up. There is a lot more to SmutMD than you think! Torrie Wilson Stories 3.

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Torrie wilson sex stories

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Helping Torrie Wilson