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Hi, I'm a freelance writer done stuff for Freightliner, Western Star, Detroit, RoadPro working on a Halloween article about trucker ghost stories -- anything to do with haunted trucks, haunted ro, haunted truck stops etc. Anyone got any ghost stories they want to share?

Jim, you've got to include some reference in your article, even if briefly, to Red Sovine's song "Phantom Yeah, it looked like THIS! I was driving in west Texas one night heading for Abilene on a dark state highway and saw trailer lights pulled over on the side. Did not think anything of it at first but as I was passing I got a better look. There was no truck attached to the trailer! My dad was a teacher. He grew up on a farm, and in the summers he always had another job.

He drove grain trucks in Iowa in the summers back in the 50s. In the 70s when I was a kid, he told me about a guy who found an arm or part of it, anyway stuck on the front of the stake box he was pulling when he stopped his truck. The fingers were still moving. Apparently another driver had his arm out the window in the heat when they passed by too close on a curve. Then in the 90s when I was working in a call center in Colorado, we had a one-armed security guard that everyone made fun of.

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He was an older guy and really big. One day I was talking to him and he told me he was from Iowa. In the course of the conversation, he told me that's where his arm was - in Iowa.

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He said he lost it in a trucking accident. I remembered my dad's story and suddenly wondered if this could be the guy. I remembered it from when I was a kid, and haven't heard it in 35 to 40 years. Supposedly, if you see a black dog three times in a short amount of time it means you're gonna die. J canel from you tube has a story about it.

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At TruckingTruth we'll help you decide if trucking is right for you and help you get your career off to a great start. Trucker's Forum General Category Ghost stories from the road. Jim S. Old School's Comment. Old School. Do a search on line - I'm sure you can find it somewhere.

Watch Pee Wees' big adventure. Errol V. Justin N. Bud A. No, I never asked him for more details. It was too weird. Dave D. Armyman 's Comment.

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It is a trucker ghost story. Mike H. The only one I've heard is " the black dog" Supposedly, if you see a black dog three times in a short amount of time it means you're gonna die. All those Black Labs out there! What to do? New Reply: New! Link Text: example: TruckingTruth Home. New Photo. Please enter a caption of one sentence or less:.

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Trucker ghost stories trucking forum

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Bizarre Truck Driver Encounters With the Paranormal