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Brief summary: Sexy astronaut Alex Landi lands on a planet where Doja and SZA seduce him only for him to wake up captured by them in a pink liquid filled tube. I hope you'll like it! The astronaut woke up to find he shirtless only wearing silk white trousers.

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The last thing he remembered was eating a strange white fruit with a blue liquid in the middle. He was warned on his radio not engage with the logical inhabitants and known better to eat a strange substance, but something about them attracted him to lose his self control. He was sent on a mission to this foreign plant to find out what happened to the other astronauts sent there. He had spotted the two aliens Doja and SZA whilst he sailed down the river, and knocked out by the intoxicating fruit.

He appeared to be laying on what seemed like a pink silk bed, but he could not move, the bed felt like it had some gravitational force that was holding his body down. Two white doors slid open, and the two aliens wearing pink tops and dresses walking in wearing metallic jewellery. They seemed human, two beauty voluptuous full bodied women.

If the astronaut saw these two at a bar on Earth he wouldn't be able to tell the difference. The two aliens looked at each other and talked in a native language he didn't understand. The astronaut was paralysed from the neck down and could only lift up his head slightly to face them.

Both moved to either side of him on to the pink silk bed, not affected by the gravity. The astronaut said something but they couldn't understand his language. Both start running their hands and finger up and down his large shiny chest and abs. This is a male species, and the hard things are his muscles.

On E-Arth it is a of attraction and alpha for males to have large and hard muscles to show strength," said Doja from her research she determined from the other astronauts. The astronaut keeps asking where he is but they don't understand each other. There are 4 billion of them on E-Arth. It's what he uses to reproduce. SZA nodded in interest. The males consumes them then feel like they want to reproduce. The aliens got to their knees and leant over astronauts glistening torso. Pointing at his dick, "we have to get his sex organ to stand up by itself. What I have found helps is he likes being touched him and kissed.

The astronaut asked what they are doing but they ignore him. He tries again to move his body but he is stuck firmly on the silky pink sheets. Doja starts kissing his round shoulders and playing with his hair. The astronaut didn't understand what was happening was starting to like it.

The aliens were very attractive to him and he literally couldn't fight it and let their soft caress run all over down his body. The sensation grow in crotch and slowly his cock started getting erect from them. His cock end felt good pushing the True ballbusting stories silk up till his penis set up a mass in his trousers. Doja nodded to SZA who was busy kissing the astronaut to look.

SZA hadn't seen anything like that in her entire life. The astronaut cried again. Both pulled down his silk white trousers to his ankles, showing off his stonking erecting in all its glory. The astronaut cried for her to stop and that he was in pain but she was too curious True ballbusting stories his organ to acknowledge. From the research I have seen they pull it up and down till the fluid is released onto himself. The astronaut saw her motion and shook his head shouting no.

Doja then started the process and started twisting the astronaut's penis. Doja had no clue on how the astronaut actually liked to be touched. She pull and twisted his cock so hard almost like she was trying to pull his dick off. The astronaut screamed. His neck strained with the blood rushing pumping his veins, from his neck, down to his penis, leading up to his lower abs.

Doja tugged up and down, pushing like she was forcing his erection back into him or pulling True ballbusting stories she was pulling it off. Doja then let SZA have a go. Tears was streaming down the astronaut's chiselled jaw, pleading for them to stop or telling them the right technique.

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SZA wrapped both hands around his thick dick and replicated the same painful twisting motion. The astronaut twisted his head side to side clutching his teeth and screaming. His whole body remained still as he watched these two what seemed like women, forcing him to cum with the worst handjob of his life.

SZA was more brutal with his penis than Doja. She used two hands which doubled the pressure on his body. The astronaut couldn't understand why his cock was still hard from all this abuse, if only he could understand what they were saying. She started a wringing technique where she would twist his penis and turn it in opposite directions.

The astronaut screamed in distress. It was like carpet burn on his cock. With that SZA pulled harder and faster. The astronaut screamed at the pain inflicted on True ballbusting stories cock. Then within a few more tugs without warning, he came. The sexy astronaut's cock spewed out a gigantic load of hot cum out of him. The mammoth load arched two feet in the air and splattered all over his bare torso, splashing his pecs.

The astronaut screamed as load after load squirted out of him. He didn't enjoy it, it was the complete opposite of ecstasy he would feel every time he masturbates. The inside of his penis felt like it was on fire. Each load splurting out burned his cock like hot wax. SZA was shocked and taken back by it all. Doja asks her to carry on pulling his dick, and continues to twist his cock.

He kept uncontrollably cumming. Each load burning him from the inside. The astronaut thrashed True ballbusting stories head screaming looking at them both pulling his dick who just smile back. He looks down at the gallon of his cum coating his whole torso. He was shocked at the amount he was able to cum. The cum has a blue glisten to it, similar to the blue juice in the fruit he ate. He begged them to stop, trying to explain he couldn't cum again yet, but Doja went by her logic that the more you pump the more will be produced. So she pumped, twisted and pulled, whilst he screamed.

SZA mean while was scrapping the astronaut's cum off his chest into a beaker. She held it up to the light and smelt it, cringing at the smell. She then looked down at the rest of the fluid and thought she would need more beakers.

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But before she could the astronaut moaned as another gallon of cum erupted out of him onto his already drenched abs adding more fluid to his muscular body. SZA gasped in shock and looked at Doja. Around 10 full beakers stood on the shelf next to the bed all full of the astronaut's male essence. SZA scraped the tip of his penis making sure to get every last droplet of his fluid for examination.

Doja flicked her tried wrists. The astronaut sobbed after being forced to cum so much, His body heaved with his veins standing in True ballbusting stories. His torso covered in scrap marks from SZA collecting his semen. She looked at his cock and how black and bruised it was like the inside of the fruit still stood tall. Even though he couldn't move the pain radiated through him. Both get off the bed admiring the row of beakers and and the hard work they put in to the astronaut.

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There are 4 billion of them so I thought we must find their weak spots should they ever attack," said Doja. The astronaut through teary eyes lifts his head to watch them talking as he feels one's hand holding his balls. He didn't know what they were saying but predicted it wouldn't be good and hoped they wouldn't do to his balls what they dick to his cock.

SZA held the balls in her hands. She rolled his right nut with her thumb. SZA then flicked his testicles. The screen turned slightly green. SZA's fist landed between his legs. It's so exposed! Punches again, starring at the screen turn yellower to a darker shade.

She punches is balls over and over again ignoring True ballbusting stories cries, watching the screen turn a darker colour the harder she punches. Remember the harder you kick the more pain will cause him and the better chance for our victory," ushered Doja. SZA with that stood on the pink silk bed with one leg over the astronaut's right leg and one leg between both. The astronaut begged as he makes eyes with SZA towering over him, even though he could not understand her, he knew her intentions with his crotch.

Please don't kick me in the balls! SZA pulled her leg back and really let him have it. The astronaut screamed a blood curdling cry as he lifted up his head as high as he could and thrashing back down.

True ballbusting stories

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