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For the briefest of moments, Connor sensed his heart skipping a beat. He felt the shock wash over him, only to be replaced by a futile excitement. Max was single! How long had he been secretly in love with Max now? It was love at first sight, over a year ago, when he first arrived at college and saw Max for the first time, back in the dorms; that perfectly handsome face and statuesque height.

Max was older than all of them, having spent two years travelling before coming to college. Of course he had picked up the cutest girl on campus. Max and Isla had been like two peas in a pod.

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Just strolled into her class and finished it, right there in front of everyone; cold as ice! It was something friends had all envied Oli for. Henry was tall and handsome, always looking incredibly sexy in his business suits. He had such a naturally athletic build and youthfulness to him, despite ticking over into his thirties last year. But even beyond all of that, Henry just seemed to have such a clever and sharp mind. Even after six years of being together, the pair of them could stay up all night chatting.

No wonder Henry was such a superstar in True feedee stories business career. The job offer came as quite a shock. Henry had been head-hunted before by companies, but never for a position like this. The annual salary was eye-watering and the benefits beyond anything Oli could have hoped for in his job. But they had just bought the house of their dreams and Henry had promised that they would be there for a good, long time before they had to move again.

The walls in this apartment block were paper thin and the last thing everyone needed was a rowdy pair who had just moved out of home for the first time. Working shifts, like he did, caused havoc when trying to balance living in these tiny little apartments. Sometimes he would be working nights, and want to sleep during the day, while other times he might desperately need to get some decent shut-eye before an early morning start.

Ed knew that he needed to get in first, introduce himself and try and charm them into liking him enough to show a little consideration.

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He knocked on the door and set his smile on his face, even before it was opened to him. A small, petite blonde girl pulled the door, looking grumpy and impatient. Ed introduced himself, holding out his hand for her to shake. But even after he explained that he was the guy who lived next door, her frosty response did not change. That was when Kyle came to the door for the first time, sneaking up behind his rude girlfriend and resting his big arm over her shoulder.

He completely dwarfed True feedee stories, standing well beyond six foot, with a large, athletic build and incredibly handsome face. It was pretty quiet at the club, considering it was a Saturday night. Daryl gazed around at the offerings with mild disappointment. Where were the cute chubs that he liked to pick up and play with? Not that he would struggle to find someone to take home that evening. He could see them all looking at him, drunkenly trying to make eye contact as they made fools of themselves on the dance floor.

Daryl never had to try very hard to get guys. He was ex-army, with a broad physique and tattoos all the way down his strong arms. However, there was only one guy who seemed worthy of his attention that evening. Tall, slim and at least fifteen years younger than he was, Daryl allowed their eyes to meet, holding the stare for just long enough to make the guy excited, before confidently gesturing his head for his prey come over and him by the bar.

Once the niceties were over with, the conversation hardly flowed. Married life was not all it was cracked up to be. Cal grumbled, thinking to himself that he had become something he had never wanted to be. He was a boring, overworked and under-stimulated thirty-five year old, lacking in the thrills that had made his twenties far more entertaining. He and his husband, Luke, had allowed the date nights to slide, the chores to rule their lives, and the sex to become more predictable than a s sitcom.

They had once been a rather kinky couple: sex outdoors, exploring kinks and even dabbling in some fairly extreme domination games. Cal thought back to the days when the handcuffs were never too far out of reach and when they could hardly keep their hands off each other.

Back then, Luke had carrying a few extra pounds. It was something Luke was more into than he would easily admit. As part of their exploration of kinks, the guy had wanted to be fed and teased about how chubby he was looking. If either of them began to feel uncomfortable during these feeding sessions, all they would have to say was that one word and the whole scenario ended. Not that it ever got that far. Sex seemed to drift off the agenda, but marriage had been the final nail in that coffin. Most people would be grateful for having such a slender and handsome husband; but one who hardly ever put out?

What lay ahead now? Forty more years of harmless spooning, until they lost the will to live? Ben looked around the gym for the final time. It was definitely time to move on. His brain needed more stimulation than this. Management seemed highly unlikely to promote him, so he would never earn enough unless he bit the bullet and found something better.

He only wore a suit and tie for weddings and funerals — how was he going to cope doing it every day of the week? Still, the pay was almost double; enough for him to rent somewhere and start saving for a mortgage. There were some nice people who worked at the gym.

Ben knew that he would miss them. But, even more, he was going to miss the opportunities this place gave him to pick up guys. But really, there was a steady stream of such guys all year round, especially after the summer ended. Ben never got bored of flirting with them: their soft bubble butts and fresh double chins; some days he thought he would need to strap his dick down with tape; especially when he saw them trying to do cardio; the sweat dripping down their faces, making their already tight t-shirts stick to their love-handles and pointed nipples.

Looking like Ben did certainly had its perks. No matter what, everyone seemed to enjoy the attention of a strapping, towering hunk in the middle of a boring gym session. Now everything True feedee stories worked like a charm. Declan was single, and he was here, on a real-life date with him for the first time. But Declan was also something else — a genuine, real-life feeder. He was well known for it in the community; not just one of those guys True feedee stories talked about fattening someone just to get off each evening.

Declan was into the reality of it all; the lifestyle. If there was one thing Craig knew, it was that he would love to be fattened up by this guy. Declan was so handsome, muscular and motivated to go to the gym a few nights a week. He was the perfect contrast for a fat guy.

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Declan could have had any guy he wanted, and yet, he craved chubby boys and had one deep, but unmoveable longing: to see a guy fatten up from scratch. Craig was determined that he would be the one to give Declan that dream.

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What had Simon been thinking? Moving to the country had sounded so idyllic and yet, here he was, in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by boxes of all the crap he had collected over the last twenty years. He took himself back inside, away from the summer heat and lay on his bed. Perhaps he had been a bit overzealous packing up his whole life and moving here. What did he even know about living in the country?

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This was pure madness! Simon consoled himself with a drive into town, suddenly feeling the need to see other human beings. Inside the small general store, there were plenty of anonymous faces that somehow calmed his spirits. He took his time, wandering the aisles, happy to avoid the piles of boxes back at home for as long as possible. Simon was startled and turned around to see who on earth it was who knew him here. He took in the figure of a man, not too many years older than himself, broad and tall, with a handsome face. He wore heavy work boots and informal clothes, suggestive of manual work.

Simon still took a second to recognise him, until he realised that the man was the farmer who had driven past when the real estate agent had showed him around the house. He had got out of the tractor and introduced himself. Was this what life was like here? Everyone in the prison was innocent. Or so they said. His whole life had been snatched away from him at the age of eighteen, when his best friend was murdered. Somehow, the trail of evidence came right back to him. It was absolutely meticulous; a first class job, if ever there was one. After fifteen years, freedom was within reach.

He could almost smell the clean, fresh air of the outside world. Of all the guards, Stevens was the one Ralph hated most; and the feeling was True feedee stories more than mutual. Only a couple of years younger than him, Stevens seemed to take a pleasure in playing the alpha male. He was tall and built, with a face that needed a punch; his large, pearly white teeth begging to be knocked out. Ralph had worked hard on his body too. You had to in here; survival of True feedee stories fittest. That was probably why Stevens was so in his face the whole time.

He liked to show that he could lord it over even the strongest guys in here; the top dog. Kenny had head-butted him one day and broken his nose. Ralph still chuckled whenever he thought about it. Even when Stevens seemed to goad him; willing him to do something that would land him in here even longer. If he had his way, Ralph would rot in prison for the rest of his life. Lord Caldred sat back in his chair, knowing better than to argue.

True feedee stories

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