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Every time my girlfriend goes down on me and is bent over doggy style I have thoughts of a big dick thrusting into her making her moan. I love her a lot and she has in the past True mfm stories desires of a threesome. I do not know how to take this to the next level but damn I would like to. She has a perfect body and every time her ass bounces all I can think is of it bouncing on a big dick. She can swallow my dick with ease and has in the past said I have a small penis when it is soft, both of these things turned me on a lot.

This happened 3 yrs ago when i was I had known him my whole life and i was also good friend with his son. Being from a very strict and religious family, i had very little experience with boys, i am also a very shy and reserved person. A dildo had taken care of my virginity though. When he found out about my crush on him, it took some time but he seduced me.

Gradually we started making out, then it moved to blowjobs, then fingering and finally sex. A few months later, we were texting and he asked me what was my sexual fantasy. By then we were having sex practically every week, so i told him that i was already living my sexual fantasy with him. I asked him what was his and he sent me a gif of a girl getting fucked in all holes by 3 cocks.

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I had watched porn before and i knew what a gangbang was but i was still shocked but my body was also hot and tingly the more i watched the gif. Mind you, we hadn't had anal sex yet. Jay told me that he asked the guys after overhearing them talking about me at a recent family gathering. And that is how i had my first gangbang with my father's 4 friends.

They fucked me for about 2 hrs that day. Kay even took my anal virginity. At one time all my holes were filled with cocks. That first gangbang was the greatest sex that i ever had. The taboo, the age difference and they being my father's friends added a lot of dimension to the things that i was feeling. After that it became a regular thing. Jay and I stopped having 1on1 sex.

It was always a variation of the guys. The sex was quite crazy. We experimented a lot thing, from light bdsm True mfm stories hardcore sex. But they never pushed too far. Truth be told i was a complete slut with them.

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No one would ever suspect that i was such a slut to these middle age guys and when we would meet in public or during family gathering we would always act indifferently. If only Kay's son knew True mfm stories i was doing with his father. Our crazy affair lasted for nearly 2 yrs. And then i finally decided to end it as i wanted have a normal relationship with a guy my age. I can just imagine the fun they had with you. Teaching you early how too be a good lil slut.

I find myself sometimes jerking off fantasizing about something like this. Damn I bet you felt so fucking tight. My wife, who had much less experience than me when we began dating, has finally opened up to sharing a fantasy or two. She is now interested in sucking another guy while I watch, and thinking about letting me see her sitting on his face.

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We've also talked about me sucking him with her, or sucking him while he's eating her pussy. We talk about what his body would look like, what his cock would look like, and how hot he needs to be. She doesn't like to swallow, so we've played with the idea of me finishing him for her, and her watching me suck him while she rides his face. What she doesn't realize is that the thought of sucking him, feeling him explode in my mouth, tasting his cum, and letting him cum all over my face - all while she watches - makes me hard every time we talk about it.

What I'd really like is to help her get him to the edge, knowing that she won't let him inside her - and then taking one for the team so he can get off.

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The thought of begging a guy to fuck me hard, to cum in my ass, right in front of my wife, makes me crazy. If I found the right guy, I think I'd just bring him home and ask her if he looks like the kind of guy she could start sucking. If she hesitates, I'm pretty certain that I'd just pull out his cock and drop to my knees, and start sucking to get things going! I want to date two guys at once and watch them fuck then fuck each of them individually while the other watches then have all of us have sex together.

God its so hot to me and makes me drip. My wife and I occasionally check in upscale downtown hotels on Friday or Saturday nights to enjoy the cities nightlife. This usually means tight fitting jeans and a low cut blouse or a tight fitting pull over dress. One weekend we decided to check in one of our favorite hotels to enjoy the revived downtown social scene. As we were enjoying a pre-dinner cocktail in the Hotel lounge, we began chatting with three guys Enzo, Robert, and James they appeared to be between 20 and 25 years old.

Enzo told us that they were there for a bachelor party for a friend, who was getting married the very next weekend. He appeared to be slightly younger and a little bashful. After a few rounds Enzo interrupted the conversation Gina and I were having with Jose.

He was told Jose that they really needed to leave so they could get the evening started. Enzo thanked us for the rounds and invited us up to room for drinks if we were still up after midnight. I got to say it is nice knowing that my year-old wife is still good looking enough to attract younger men. After dinner we went to a couple trendy bars for some dancing. Gina was feeling pretty good as I noticed her gently grinding on other guys on the dance floor.

It was stimulating watching her do this. She even danced with a couple guys at the same time while I went to the bar for a drink. After three hours or so we headed back to the Hotel lounge for a nightcap before heading to our room for what was going to be sleazy open curtain hotel sex.

When we arrived the guys with the bachelor party were in the lounge talking to a couple girls at the bar. Enzo introduced us to the others who ed the party after they had left us earlier that night. Altogether there were seven, including the groom-to-be. Again it looked as if Gina loved the attention other guys were showing her.

Enzo and a couple others chatted among themselves; I suspected they were sharing Cougar or MILF fantasies or talking about how lucky I was. When last call was announced at or so, the guys insisted it was too early to call it a night, and invited us up True mfm stories their room. Gina was still full of energy, so it was an easy decision to them. The room, a normal hotel room with a king sized bed a small couch two recliners, and a kitchenette stocked with light snacks and enough alcohol for a couple hours.

The atmosphere was as though we were still downstairs in the lounge. The outfit she had on clearly showed the tops of her breasts and the cleavage between. Then I saw that Sandy was now sitting in the middle of the bed with her back to the headboard and her legs stretched out in front of her.

Her lipstick was smeared a little. Three of the guys were sitting on the sides of the bed near her, and two guys were rubbing her lower calves. She had pantyhose under her dress. Several of the guys were asking Gina to allow the groom True mfm stories enjoy a feel of her breasts in her bra. Help him out. I kept in the background, and no one in the room paid any attention to me. In fact, my cock was rock hard. Soon the groom Jose slipped in behind Gina and the headboard and began massaging her neck. From the looks of her erect nipples pressed against her dress she was definitely enjoying it.

Finally, after countless request by all of the guys, Gina agreed to let the groom slip his hand down her top True mfm stories inside her bra. Gina was smiling with her eyes closed, and Jose seemed in no hurry to stop playing with her erect nipples. Jonathan, the best man, who was sitting on the other side of Gina, asked her if he could feel them.

Without saying not a word and her eyes still closed. Gina nodded her head yes. I noticed Gina was really beginning to enjoy all the attention when she began to gyrate her hips. Jonathan removed his hand and the other two guys asked if they could feel. Gina replied with a nod they both responded at the same time and found it difficult for both their hands to fit into the opening of her dress. Gina suddenly slid her top down over her shoulders fully exposing her shear lace bra. The room suddenly became very tense for me. Several of the guys were quietly talking among themselves while Jose and Jonathan stayed with Gina.

She then asked Jose if he would assist her with removing her bra. Without any hesitation at all he responded by reaching both arms around her hugging tightly against her and clumsily tried to unhook her bra. After several attempts Jonathan assisted in unhooking it. Jose backed away from Gina allowing her brad fall in her lap. Jose leaned way back to allow everyone in the room to enjoy the sight of her breasts. Richard still sitting beside her caressed her breast gently as he began licking her nipples.

She looked fabulous sitting there topless surrounded by all those young men. Enzo asked Jonathan to help Gina up. Once Gina was standing Enzo told Richard to finish undressing her. It was apparent that Enzo was look upon as the leader of these young men. Gina was now standing completely naked since she did not wear panties on this night. Jonathan answered Gina by True mfm stories his head and sucked on the nipples. I was nervous, afraid, and excited all at the same time.

Gina seemed to be in her element being the center of attention of all those sexy young men. I stood by and watched as two other guys started feeling all over her.

True mfm stories

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