True stories of tie up games

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As far as I see it,its your choice. There is a large lurking population that will like it but nevber tell Jeez,give it a rest and come clean will ya. How can anyone belive what you say,when you kept insting that pic on your site was you,and we ALL know it wasnt!

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BUT you kept saying it was you! How can we belive anything you say? Would you be so kind as to identify yourself with some kind of name Her only crime this time was to post a valid, and accurate observation; and some people react with more vehemence than if she said the sky was orange.

Actually, some days at sunrise and sunset parts of it are, briefly.

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Even if everything she says is now is the Lord's own truth, is it to be treated as if she's lying? I still don't see the problem with fiction writing on a person's own. Since when does something not on this site warrant its discussion here? If indeed this is now the case, there are tons of things I see and read about that set my teeth on edge and are fully deserving of scathing criticism, but always figured this was not the place.

Unless the rules have changed. Ok, bear in mind that this is a dream. She somehow found like some rope and bandannas and all of a sudden we were in my room yes, this is a dream haha A typo can be over looked Its that terrible grammar you use that makes your post quite unreadable And who cares if Ishmael is gay or not he has a right to post here the last thing we need here is a homophobe Also,, if possible Unless you are from a third world country we shouldn't be forced to tolerate your broken English Try really hard to activate those dead brain cells then maybe you can start your own story board and edit it the way you see fit.

I Agree with most of what X-Man has to say, but I disagree on a few points, such as; Sure, people may rip things off of other webites, and call it their own, even if you, or I, or anybody disagrees with it, hey, its there life, and u shouldn't name just them, go on a chatroom, ask for a pic, they will give you a fake one as well.

Also, calling people Gay, and naming them isnt right. I do agree with you about Canuck. But I do not think Bickering and bitching is "Halway Normal" if you are older than 8 years old. How about you guys just start posting stories instead of arguing with each other? Leave Nikki alone and quit the name calling Immediately the kids start to scream and throw paper-balls at each other Only Cannuck has been away for quite sometime now. This does not make the site dead, it's up to us as posters and readers to keep it going. Regarding fake or not fake and the Nikki discussion.

I think I speak for many of us long-term inhabitants of this place, there have been many stories posted that were truly unbelievable, there have been many that seemed very truthful in their narration and there have been houndreds that were True stories of tie up games.

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To me, the importance in a story when reading it is that it gives me something, that it is fairly well written and hopefully has few spelling-errors. But first and foremost, I must sense the writer's affection for his own story and memories. During my leave, I have had a five week vacation, many really bad stories and even worse comments have been posted. But also some wonderful stories, my favourite was the hitch-hiking story, guess why? Don't spend all your energy on picking on single individuals, even if you concider their postings fakes.

I quote: "You can pretty much say what you want, but please post stories that are suitable for all audiences. Please do not post anything of a sexual or pornographic nature. Okay Guys, Enough of this bickering I see all the time, and let's strt placing some good stories on this storyboard! It seems that all people are doing is putting each other down.

I, for one, have some further adventures to tell about from my babysitting days with Malcolm.

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I think that people will enjoy them. Suffice to say, I finally managed to get the little rascal fit to be tied. Just wanted a little assistance from the group here. By the way I'm a guy. There's this really cute girl I've become very good friends with and I strongly suspect that she'd let me tie her up if I brought it up at the right moment. But I'm True stories of tie up games that if I'm wrong, I'd ruin a truly awesome friendship. Have any of you lost a good friend by trying to tie her up only to totally turn her off and make her hate you?

Or if she objects can you just laugh it off as a bad joke and maintain the relationship? I've never tied up any girls before and really want to tie her up but it's not worth it to lose a good friend. Thanks in advance for any advice you give me. Follow your instincts, if you thinks she would like it, go for it. That is my advice to you. Bacround Information At this time, I was around 10 or You know how little kids are always running around, trying to be cool? Well, at my case, when an older kid befreinded me, It was a big deal for me.

There was a kid named Derrik who lived in the same neighborhood as me. The thing special about this kid, was that he was He asked me "Can you come over to my house? We went over to Derrik's house, and we played Video Games, and stuff like that. You must be thinking, 'God, what a loser, to be hangin out with a little kid' Well, he was a loser with only 1 freind other than me, and that kid was busy that one weekend.

Well, then, the next thursday after school, it was a three day weekend, he invited me over, only, jis freind Jason was back, and sicne the High Schoolers got out an hour earlier than us, they were bored. Now, these kids were nto bondage, and they decided to kidnap me. I was gagged and Bound. The first thing they did was try to tickle me, it didnt really work over the excess tape, so what they ended up doing was making me smell fat Jasons disgusting Sweaty, Dirty Gym Socks, It literally knocked me cold.

When I woke up, I was in a Laundry basket, with socks in it, and a sheet over it. I waited about an hour, before they came and untied me. A few months later, Derrik moved away, and JAson got hooked on drugs, I never saw either of them again.

I'm Jon, and I'm thirteen and I live with my older brother who is sixteen and my sister who is eighteen and my parents. Across town I have two cousins who are twins, Sarah and Sam. Sarah and Sam introduced me to tie up games and showed me this web. Whenever we are together we play tie up and I really like it. I always ask to be the one who gets tied up. So one day about a week ago when my mother and father were gone for the day and my brother Jim was in charge, I asked him if he would tie me up. He said I was crazy, but I begged and told him I really wanted to be tied up so finally he told me that if he tied me up I would stay tied all day and I said that would be great.

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So he told me to get the rope and tape from the garage and he would tie me up really good. I was all excited, and I ran to get our rope and duck tape and I met him in our bedroom. He had me take off everything except my little jockys and then he tied me up really tight with my hands behind my back and my legs tied and then a hogtie with lots of rope on my body.

It felt great. Then he took one of my sox and put it in my mouth and wrapped my face with the tape. It was the first time I had been gagged. On this I had read about people being tied and gagged, but I had never been gagged before. It was ahsome. Jim laughed and said from the look of my shorts he could tell I really liked being tied up and I was really embarrased. Then Jim said I should have a nice day and he left me there all tied up on my bed. I stayed tied up all day. Jim looked at me once or twice to be shure I was still tied up but I couldn't get free even tho I tried really hard.

After I had been tied up about five hours our parents came home and my mother found me tied up on my bed. She was really upset, and she shouted at my dad and at Jim and said he was in big time trouble for tieing me up and leaving me. As dad untied me Jim tried to explain that I had asked him to tie me up but mother was really angry. Finally after they True stories of tie up games off my gag I said that I had begged Jim to tie me up because I liked it. My father was a little more calm and said kids like to play tie up and he did it when he was young but my mother thinks that if I like being tied up there is something wrong with me.

So now Im worried.

True stories of tie up games

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Stories of Tie Up Games