Truth or dare erotic stories

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Total 0 votes. Author's note: this is basically identical to the other story I wrote, Truth or Dare, except this is told from Andy's perspective. He was sitting in the living room with his friends Matt, Kate, and Stacey, and he was watching Kate give Stacey oral sex. Category: Anal Sex. Alex and I had been dating for a year our relationship was going great and our sex life was amazing, we had tried many things and were very open with each other sexually.

She knew I was into things that were generally kinky and out of the ordinary. One time we were naked kissing on her bed our tongues were sliding across each others and her hand slowly started to caress my leg. She was making little circles on my skin as her hand slowly made its way down my leg towards my now hard cock.

Category: Group SexLesbian Sex. Category: Group Sex. The year was quickly approaching its end. Allison and I, but mostly Allison, had been through quite a whirlwind experience over the past 12 months.

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She sewed her wild oats where they needed sewing and I entertained my own personal harvesting as well. I fulfilled fantasies through her by the stories she told me and in some cases by my own personal witnessing. She got to venture out and escape on a sexual hiatus. I remember the summer after my first year of college as if it was yesterday. Even though my freshman year at the university had opened my eyes to new and wondrous things, the summer that followed changed my life forever, in more ways than one.

I had grown up in a small town in Northeast Iowa, following in the footsteps of many young women before me. I was on the girls basketball team, learned home economics from a spinster who thought cooking nutritious meals was the most important part of making a marriage work, and discussed the secrets of boys, sex and rock 'n' roll at slumber parties at my friends' houses. I wouldn't describe myself as square exactly, but I was not the most world-wise 19 year old.

I lived at home with my Dad and spent more time studying than getting up to regular sorts of teenage mischief. I was still a virgin. I'd had some limited experience of sexual practices but never more than a series of fumbles with girls who were as shy and inexperienced as me. When I started hanging out with Rebecca and Todd however, all that started to change. Truth or dare erotic stories name is Henry, by the way. Hello, my name is Dan. A lot of preparation was put into both the party as well as in deciding on our costumes. I put together a great Scottish highlander outfit, complete with a kilt.

She also was going to have whiskers painted on her face. In fact, I knew that none of the ladies sitting before me had played the game, since I was just making it up.

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Actually, the basic idea came to me some time ago and I had been refining it in my mind as I flew from the East Coast to the Midwest today. Then when nasty weather stopped us halfway, I ended up in the same hotel with the crew two female pilots and one flight attendant from our regional jet. Hi, my name is Mindy and I'm a sophomore college student. Although you won't believe it after reading this, I must say that generally I am somewhat reserved.

I was brought up in a conservative household and didn't date much in high school. About a month ago something crazy happened to me. It was my roommate Ashley's birthday and she had planned a night out with her friend Gina and me.

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The evening started off innocently enough. My husband, Bill, and I had a dinner party for a bunch of our friends. We all enjoyed the food, companionship and some great wine. As the night progressed the guests started to dwindle.

Some had babysitters waiting, others had to work the next day and some were just tired. Eventually it was just Bill, me and our friend, Jake. s: 1 2 ยป.

Truth or dare erotic stories

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Truth Or Dare Stories