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Shelly, 23, was my girlfriend from the beginning of my college. We were very close and used to enjoy a lot of things together. There used to be a time when we used think of marrying each other but there used to be something between us to finally take any decision on it. It was very surprising thing for me as what made my mom to hate this sexy girl. Not only this, but there were many other reasons which were making us to keep some distance.

I loved the way she used to play with me. It used to be such times which made us to get cosy with each other at different places. For the past few months, I was observing the gap between our relations. I wanted to know as why she was not able to get time for me to have some fun and enjoyment. It Tumblr lesbian erotic stories really a thing which used to make me feel uncomfortable. After a few days, I went to her Tumblr lesbian erotic stories to know as what made her to ignore me.

As I went to her house, I found her mother only as Shelly was out with some other friends of her. I was partially attracted towards her hot mother who was alone in the house wearing a very thin cloth. It was revealing a lot of skins of her which had turned me on. I showed no objection to that and checked it properly. Finally, the straightener looked working nicely and then I found Mrs.

Martha thanking me as I did something very big for her. I was then taking leave from her but she asked me to stay as she wanted to thank me with some memory. I was not able to understand as what kind of memory she was talking about. I stayed for a while and found her moving in some other room.

She was taking time, so I started looking at different antiques in her house. I turned and was shocked to see the beauty of Mrs. She was in bikini. She had covered her body with a very thin cloth which was revealing a lot of things from inside. I loved this style of her at the very first sight. She smiled and came close to me. I was now looking her blue eyes which was making me to get into some hotter moment.

I raised my hands and put it on her hips. She showed no objection as she came close to me. Our lips were now talking the language of love as we were enjoying the deep smooch.

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For a while, I forget the reality that she was the mom of my girlfriend. I had enjoyed sex with Shelly but her mother appeared to be really hotter than her. She was looking much silky than that of her daughter. Martha was also using her experience, which was obviously more than me, in making me to get harder. Soon, she sat down and took out my cock. It was very hot but Tumblr lesbian erotic stories she sat down, I was able to get an amazing glimpse of her big boobs. It was truly the best and hottest thing for my eyes.

When she observed me getting attracted towards her massive boobs, she dropped that thin cloth so that I can have the clear view of her boobs. At a sudden, I found that Mrs. Martha was using her tongue to taste my cock. I then used my hands and bent a bit to squeeze that MILF boobs. She smiled after which she started taking the cock in her mouth. The suck work over my cock was awesome but I was more aggressive than her as I wanted to play with her busty body.

I asked her to lay on the bed and then get on top of her soft busty body. I came next to her and licked her hot nipples. She was really looking very hot which made the things amazing for me. I used my foot finger to drag down her panties.

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As her panties was out I smelled her pussy and took out my tongue to lick it. At such an age, it Tumblr lesbian erotic stories a pleasure for me to get the taste of a clean pussy. Martha asked me to come from front to insert the cock. I loved those words and get at the right position. I finally inserted my cock in her pussy and started stroking inside her.

It was really juicy feeling for me to fuck a hot MILF. Martha changed her position soon to the cow girl and it was again became a pleasure for me as I was able to view my cock fucking MILF in her pussy. She turned reverse which made me to see the bouncing of her hot buttocks over my cock. We kept changing the positions and finally we finished the game where I filled her hot pussy with my sperm. But, it was shocking thing for me to see Shelly in front of my eyes. Shelly started using very tough abusive language and I had no words to stop her. My ex-girlfriend, Cara, was a hot bitch who loved getting fucked by me.

I was also a very hard and hot guy who used to love to fuck her. She was that bitch who used to fuck with others. I caught her many times getting fucked by my foe with whom I had been fighting on various things. We were working in a company where we used to work like a team. Cara came in touch with me when the project manager ased us to work on a single project. It was really going very positive and our team worked in a very positive way that helped the project to get over in very less time.

Our project manager loved the teaming of mine with Cara. This was a kind of appreciation for us. Seeing this as a moment of happiness, Cara asked Tumblr lesbian erotic stories for a small party at her place. I had no reason to say no to that beautiful bitch.

When some of my colleagues heard about that small party between us as no one else were asked to come in that party, they started teasing me as some of them were telling me that Cara was a bitch who loves fucking with men. I really loved the way Cara invited me and in the evening I went to her home. She used to live alone in her small house.

Though, the house was small but her heart was bigger than anyone else. She had really impressed me a lot when she welcomed me to her house. She was wearing a tight short which was revealing her hot mood of partying. We had drinks after which we started dancing. I watched Cara as how she had been a very hot babe who loved partying. Soon, I started finding her getting flat over me. She started sticking her big boobs on my chest. Suddenly, she started removing my shirt. It was giving me clear indication that thing were going to be hotter with the time.

I did not stopped her as I was also enjoying the game. Soon, my shirt was out and she started roaming her soft face and lips over it. I really loved the way she was going all over me.

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It was a very pleasurable experience for me to see Cara getting naughty with me. Suddenly, I was turned on and with that, I started squeezing her body like shoulders, thighs, arms and other. It was a very hot thing for me to see her taking my hands on her boobs to squeeze.

I loved her action and I did the same. I squeezed her big boobs and enjoyed the soft touch of it. She then dropped her top and showed me her naked boobs. It was marvelous scene for me as she was looking very hot babe. I was in love with those naked boobs Tumblr lesbian erotic stories her.

Those were really a dream kind of boobs as they were big and very soft. I not only squeezed her boobs but was also licked her dark nipples. It was a pleasurable journey for me to lick her nipples longer. She was moaning with every licking ways of my. Sometimes, I used my tongue to do that and sometimes, I used my lips to work better and harder on her. In licking her nipples, I forget that something was also happening on down parts of our body. I brought my hands down so that I can adjust my hardened cock but when I put that near my pant, I was shocked to find that Cara was all nude as she had remove her panties.

I forget about her big boobs and went on to check her pussy. It was a clean and shining pussy of her which was making a very hot impression on me. I licked that pussy rigorously. The taste was awesome salty and the touch was also very impressive. My entire sense was on and I wanted to move ahead. Soon, Cara came down on me and started kissing my cock. This suddenly changed from kissing to sucking.

The way she was sucking my cock was also a very amazing thing for me. I really had never enjoyed such amazing mouth work over my cock. She was taking the cock deep throat and making me feel really good. She was even going over my balls which was making me feel a bit of pain but there was enormous gain. It Tumblr lesbian erotic stories lovely experience for me which had made me feel really good. The suck work looked overtaking the time which I took to lick her nipples. It was a very pleasing experience that has made the entire thing to get into the very amazing way.

The suck by her mouth made me to cum in her mouth but the bitch was not ready to stop. I felt exhausted but her consistency work over my cock made things really impressive in a much heavier way. She made my cock to get erected again. This time, I had wish to get inside her beautiful pussy and I urged the same to her, but this bitch was not ready for it. She kept telling me that she had never tasted such a hard cock so let her enjoy with mouth.

I showed no objection to it as she was doing a great mouth work over my cock.

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She was a wonderful bitch to perform like a hungry woman. Finally, she made me finish again which ended our game.

Tumblr lesbian erotic stories

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