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This is my sex story of how I a reality dance show changed my life. He had good salary and a flat at Vashi. What else a girl need is what my parents thought. So my marriage was fixed with this handsome youth. But unfortunately my husband could not consummate marriage.

I realized his weakness on the first night when he opted to sleep rather than having sex. I was also tiered and slept. Two days later my in laws had booked our honey moon at Ooty in Tamil Nadu. So we went by air from Mumbai to Bengaluru and from there hired a taxi. We spent good sightseeing in Ooty but again at nights he did not even come near me. When I tried to go near and kiss he just gave his cheek to me and kissed me on my forehead.

On the second night Tv show sex stories with force kissed him on lips and I was glad that he slowly responded. But his kiss was like kissing. There was no heat, no intensity of adult kiss. I did manage to bring him to his mild erection but he lost in my hand, even before trying to enter me. We tried few more times but later he asked my excuse and slept. I could not sleep at all. On return I told my parents but they consoled me and said that with time it will be alright and if needed we may take some medicine. But Ramesh was not ready to visit a doctor.

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I myself consulted few doctors and whatever medicines they prescribed, i used to give to Ramesh mixed in food or milk without his notice. But it had no positive. So weeks, months and years passed without any result.

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I even threatened him with divorce and he had also agreed. But my parents told that they would end their life if I applied for divorce. They were worried about marriage of my other two younger sisters if I take divorce. By the time other two sisters got married it was already six years since our marriage. At this point my parents felt Tv show sex stories is too late to divorce and marry again although I was only Tv show sex stories years of age. I had no option as my own parents were not ready to support me. I myself approached a psychiatrist who advised me to indulge in some other activity so that I will stop thinking of sex always.

I thought it was good idea but could not get any job. But I was a good dancer in my school and college days and decided to some dance class learn more and also teach to new students. There was a dance academy near our house and I ed few days later. The academy was very good. The entire hall was air conditioned, a good wooden floored stage, greenroom, canteen and all other facilities were there. They were teaching all sorts of dance, salsa, bollywood dance and Zumba.

As I had slim figure I could learn all types very fast. The instructor was very experienced and had choreographed few Hindi and Marathi movies. I was now able to spend good lot of time in dance class and my tension had indeed reduced. But still, the woman in me and my body would often awaken and used to cry for their share of enjoyment. But the craving had reduced as I had dance to concentrate.

Six months passed and I had learnt lot of dance moves. One day the principal told that there is a reality show on a prime TV called couple dance. Our academy was only ladies dance academy. He told that if both husband and wife know they can participate. They had made a collaboration with another dance academy which had only male dancers and if husband of any of us does not know dance or if anyone are unmarried, then the principal would select her dance partner from the other academy by a chit draw and the couple should practice under his guidance for four weeks.

The best couple whom he chooses after four weeks would participate in the reality show. The show was to start next month. The prize money was also very attractive. I registered my name immediately. The day of selection of partners I was very apprehensive. How would my partner be, old? More experienced than me?

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Will I be able to make it. Evening all dancers from other academy had come and were in the auditorium.

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Principals of both academies were on stage and there were two big glass jar containing names of our and other academy. The principals gave short speech and wished us well. One chit from each would be taken out and thus the paid would be selected. As the process went on and eight pairs were selected.

They standing on the stage. Then they called my name and I went on stage eager to see my partner. I was waiting without blinking my eyes. There was some delay in his coming on stage. Then entered a handsome youth of 22 years of age. I could immediately make out that he will be a very good dancer and I had a good dance partner.

He was having very fair complexion and well built. Gautam came shook my hands and stood by my side. After little snacks and tea we returned home. From next day the practice started. The steps were first enacted by the Gurus and we were to do solo in the beginning where me as Radha will be waiting for my partner Krishna. The first day we were to dance solo. Although Gautam was ten years younger than me, he was well built. The practice continued and we became more friendly.

When a week was left the gurus took test and selected me and Gautam to represent on the TV show. We were extremely happy. The gurus asked both of us to practice as much as possible and allowed us to use the stage any time we wanted it. I told my husband about the TV show and there was no reaction. He just nodded his head and slept. Tv show sex stories were practicing daily and several themes were taught.

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In almost every dance theme invariably we were to hold each other or hug or he would lift me holding my waist and thighs and many more moves which was making us highly excited at the end. The actual TV show started and in the very first day we got very good applause and marks. Moved on to next level. Gautam was very agile on stage which laurels to our dance items. Gradually we reached semi finals and finals. Both the gurus struggled hard and trained us for the final day and night. The theme for final was based on Geetha Govinda of Jaideva, a musical item depicting the love between Krishna and Radha.

The finals at last. My heart was thumping. What will happen? Will we win or not? Anyway we would be at least runner up as we had reached finals. Gautam was confident of win.

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Our sir called me and Gautam aside and told that he would like to make only one request so that the show will be more realistic and may help in win. He asked me if we can be bit bold in movement without any inhibition and be more intimate while dancing together. He explained that e have to live in to the role of our enactment and feel as if I am Radha and Gautam is Krishna. Looking at each other should be more intense and direct. Hugs should be tighter and smile should be natural. I blushed as I never expected this from him.

But he was just professional. We agreed to his proposal. The anchor announced our names and also said that we were the favourites to win the title. The dance item which was based on the love between Krishna and Radha had many poses taken from Khajuraho temple sculpture. I was dressed in an Amrapali suit having only a dancer saree tied well below my navel and matching Tv show sex stories back blouse studded with sequin. Lot my skin was visible. Whole of back was of net and was completely transparent. Shoulders, sleeves were open and mu midriff was also bare 6 inch deeper below navel.

I felt bit shy.

Tv show sex stories

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