Twilight spanking stories

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This is a book of spanking Twilight spanking stories. I realize this is a VERY weird idea. It's ridiculous, and would never ac It's ridiculous, and would never actually happen. But I think it's hilariou I've decided to make a mini series in this book. I'm doing the view point of Jasper in Bella's First Time. Carlisle couldn't do this, this was all my fault. I was as the one who got in the way, causing Bella to lose control. I had dealt with newborns enough to know not to surprise them, it never would end well. Alice had even warned me.

What was I thinking? Bella shouldn't be punished. She didn't deserve this, but I did. I had to make Carlisle see some sense. This was all my fault and I was the only one who should be punished for Twilight spanking stories. I knocked lightly on the door, and waited for a response. I opened the door and glanced down at Bella. I felt awful for what I had gotten her into. I looked at Edward and tried to think of something to tell him.

Don't worry Edward, I'll make this right. It's the least I can do. I promised him in my mind. His emotions showed a of gratitude. He was also super embarrassed, and in an unbelievable amount of pain. I turned to Carlisle and took a deep breath. I could do this. It was my fault Bella lost control. I didn't listen to Alice and I got in the way of Bella, instead of just using my gift to calm her down. This is all my fault, so I feel I should be taking her punishment. I hadn't sounded nearly as calm as I wanted too.

His emotions were all over the place, I couldn't find one to focus on. I had expected him to disagree with me at first, but if I kept pushing it he might give in. I tried to sound respectful, but it sounded more desperate than anything. His emotions shifted again into agitation. I just have to keep going. Eventually he'll see that I'm right. In addition to Bella, you will also be getting punished.

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Go to your room. No what! Damnit Carlisle. I could still save this. I just had to keep trying, maybe it would help if I calmed him down a little. I slowly spread a calm feeling across the room. I prayed for him to listen this time. Don't try to manipulate me. No this wasn't the end. Carlisle was being unfair, and he needed to do what was right. I increased the intensity of my calming wave. I opened my mouth to ask him again, but he wouldn't let me speak. Bella, Edward, please go back to your room. I'll call you in when we are finished here. Wait hold on! This wasn't what should have happened.

I didn't save Bella from her punishment. I just made things worse. I was furious that Carlisle wouldn't listen to me. As soon as Edward and Bella had left Carlisle started to scold me. I got up to leave, but Carlisle pulled me back by my shoulder. I Twilight spanking stories forcefully bent over the couch, and sharp swats landed all over my ass. I tried to get up but Carlisle kept a strong hand on my back. He slapped my thighs and I shifted trying to avoid his punishment.

My pants and underwear were yanked down without warning. A very hard slap hit both my thighs.

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I hissed at him. Not only did you manipulate my emotions, but you've been arguing constantly. He landed hard burning slaps on every inch of my butt. I remained silent, I wasn't going to give him the satisfaction of reacting. After all I've done, I wanted to do this for her! I think you need a serious attitude adjustment.

Stand up. He removed his hand and I bolted for the door. Carlisle caught my ear painfully and I yelped in pain. He pulled me over to a corner and pushed my nose into it so it was touching the wall. He grabbed my hands so they were behind my back. A flurry of very harsh smacks hit my ass. Fuck that hurts!

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Carlisle grabbed my ear again and marched over to his desk. I was bent across and Carlisle took something out of one of the drawers. What the hell! Carlisle had hit me across the ass with his belt. He then pelted my ass for about a minute on top of that. He dragged me back to the corner.

No rubbing, and don't move. I turned around, and glared at Carlisle. I was furious. I was just trying to help, and look where that got me. I was turned around within a second. I nodded and he let go of Twilight spanking stories back. I resisted the urge to rub my ass. This was so painful. Carlisle was being ridiculous. Carlisle came back with a bar of soap in one of his hands. He grabbed my arm and turned me to face him. I opened my mouth to question him, but he shoved the bar of soap in. I choked and gagged at the horrible taste.

A sharp smack hit my already smarting backside and I bit down on the bar. It's going to stop. I choked as the suds mixed with my venom. Don't spit it out unless you want more licks from my belt. I nodded my head as tears came to my eyes. Carlisle stuck my nose further in the corner so my ass was sticking out.

Sharp smacks hit the back of my thighs, and I whimpered. I gagged more on the vile soap. Carlisle gave me swats on my sit spots and I cried harder. I spit it onto his floor, and he sighed. I righted my clothes and Carlisle placed a Twilight spanking stories on my shoulder. I slapped his arm away. Carlisle let out a shocked gasp, and the sorrow he felt washed over me.

I stormed out of his office, and ran to my room. I slammed the door close and paced around the room. God, I wished that Alice was here. She went hunting a while ago and I wondered when she would be back. I could always go find her. I stared at my open window, and without thinking it through I was outside running towards the forest.

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I picked up Edward's scent and followed it. I needed someone to talk too. Literally anyone but Carlisle. Edward was hiding the body of a mountain lion he had just drained. I leaned against a tree and waited for him to finish. I shrugged at him, I couldn't care less about where Carlisle wanted me.

Twilight spanking stories

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