Urethra torture stories

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All stories contained in this archive are the property of their respective authors, and the owners of this site claim no responsibility for their contents. FicWad Browse Search Help. Filter: 0 Filter You won't see stories with a lower score when you browse or search. Remember me Log in Register Lost password. Inserting Hot Needle Into Urethra by theescapist99 6 reviews "They went slowly, and Gerard could savor every little push that it made through his flesh. Burning 3. Cutting 4. Beating 5. Blindfolding 6. Rape 7. Hanging By Thumbs 8. Whipping 9. Paranoia Dunking Head In Urine Urethra torture stories The Twilight Zone Force Feeding Denailing Hands Chinese Water Torture Needles Branding Water Cure Strappado Foot Whipping Paranoia Pt.

Cigarette Smoke Torture Freezing Tasers Hip Trampling Forced Murder Sweatbox Pulling Limbs Denailing Feet Water Dungeon Humiliation Slits Between Fingers Waterboarding Eating Fecal Matter Taunting With Food Carrying A Sword On Back Insect Bites Thirst The Heretic's Fork The Skipping CD Infusion of Boiling Water Pepper Dumbells The Toilet Trick Strobe Lights Walking On Nails Binding To A Corpse Chopsticks In Mouth The Feast Okay, okay. False Comfort Inserting Hot Needle Into Urethra Spanking Hallucinogens Constriction Surgery Envy Peeling Off Skin Extraction and Replacement of Teeth Dear Diary They had a cart of tools with them, and Gerard craned his neck slightly to see.

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As they noticed he was awake, one of them spoke. The other two blackbirds were hovered over the cart, their hands blocking what they were actually doing. Gerard was pondering what the third blackbird had meant by that when they turned around. In one of their hands was a very long fine needle, that gleamed maliciously at him. It looked like a knitting needle, a tool his mom used to use to crotchet items.

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The blackbird closest to him grabbed his legs Urethra torture stories and used both arms to spread them wide apart. Another one used a hand to grab a hold of his flaccid penis, maneuvering it so it was angled somewhat upright.

Gerard squirmed slightly, but the one who had spread his legs held him down with one hand, while his other still rested on Gerard's knee. The blackbird with the needle brought closer to his genitals seeming to be attempting to determine something. He must have made up his mind, because a moment later, he brought the tip of the needle to the urinary meatus and began to insert it.

Gerard realized upon first contact that this needle was scalding hot. He thought it must have burned him slightly as it entered him, burning the inside of his penis as well. Gerard grunted and squirmed, letting out little yelps and shouts as they pushed it deeper and deeper inside. They went slowly, and Gerard could savor every little push that it made through his flesh. Yet the needle was not even halfway through his dick when they took it out, almost yanking it away.

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Gerard screamed, almost sure for a second that his penis was going to rip off with it. That blackbird nodded, and bent over the cart again. He brought ought another needle from the cart's top and handed it to the blackbird that had been conducting the procedure, and he threw the needle behind him. One held his penis in his hand, while the blackbird aligned the needle to the urinary meatus and pierced into it.

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Gerard could feel the heat radiating off of it before it even entered into him. The needle began pushing inside, setting his penis on fire once again. Gerard gritted his teeth as it burrowed its way, this one going farther than the last. Yet still, it stopped before it could reach the base. It might be too loose though. Gerard did not scream this time, but he still felt his hips squirm, just as well as a very sore sensation in his dick. His reflexes wanted to close his legs, to protect himself from anymore agony, but the third blackbird seemed to sense this ahead of time and re spread Gerard's legs even wider, with a firm grip that said "don't even try it.

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They brought the needle up to the hole of his penis, and this time, they did not seem to bother with aim or accuracy. They seemed to be getting frustrated.

Urethra torture stories

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