Wedgie and swirly stories

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My brothers 5 of them give me wedgies all the time, plus my parents have to go out of town all the time for their job. So i'm basically their "wedgie-Slave". And at school, pantsing not really a prank, it's more of torture. Well, it's torture for me. Everybody at my school wears boxers. They think tighty whiteys are gay If you wanna see a story about it, check my profile. I have a few stories.

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Last week, i was walking down the hall, when a kid came up and pansted me. He pushed me over and gave me a wedgie. He came back with a few kids, and they were laughing so hard. They couldn't reach my briefs, but i was already wedgied before i was put into the trash can.

They all just started to kick the trash can and punch me. I told them to let me out, but they pushed the trash can over and kicked me. I finnaly got out, and told them to give me my pants back. He Kyle said "Only if you go and give Mr. Edwards a hug. Then a girl comes up behind me and gives me a wedgie, and smacks my Wedgie and swirly stories. It was twice as embarrasing, since she was a girl giving me a wedgie I begged them not to give me a swirly, saying they can give me a wedgie instead.

Then a kid named Andy said "How about we give you both? When they were done, i asked "NOW can i have my pants back? This is starting to get gay. They took off my shirt, stuff me in the locker, and hook my underwear to a hook in the locker. Then they slam the locker door shut, and start to spit on me.

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Our lockers have holes in them, it's not enclosed. They all leave me. So now i'm half naked in the girls locker room. Later, it's 7th period gym and i knew what was going to happen next. All the girls start coming into the locker room. When a girl sees me she screams. She says "Ohmygosh!!

Tanya says "Um, EW!! He has spit on him!!! A girl says "Who's locker is this? Go get her!! A few mins later, Stephanie comes in and laughs when she sees me. She just looks at me funny, opens her locker and let's me out. I say thanks, and ask if she has seen my clothes.

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She says "Ha, no, but i see your tighty whities. I was about to get out the door, but a few more girls came in and grabbed me. I didn't wanna hit them cause, well, they were girls. I begged them to stop. So they just take me to the lost and found, and tell me to wear these clothes.

I didn't have much choice, since i had no clothes any way. I tried to find the least girly looking clothes. But all they had were jeans with glitter, and a t-shirt, which wasn't bad. It had a penguin that said "I wish i could Fly" or something like that. They laugh at me, while i walk out the door.

As i went into the boys locker room, there were a few guys in there. They stare at me and laugh. As i was walking by, one of them spanked me, saying "Nice azz!

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He and his friends laughed. Their names were Giovanni guy who spanked meChristian, Trevor, and Randy. They pick me up, by my feet and my hands, put me face down, and pushed my face to the ground. They gave me a wedgie while i was having my face pushed against the ground. Then, my friend Scott comes in. Trevor and Randy grab him and say "Hey look guys!

It's Scott! Mine are just white. They do the same thing to him, except when they wedgied him, his underwear ripped. He said "Dammit guys, c'mon, that is NOT cool!!! Trevor and Giovanni go and take him to give him a swirly, i'm still being wedgied and having my face pushed against the ground. Then, they say i can go to gym. I get changed quickly, and run out the door. I saw Scott being stuffed in a locker when i left.

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After gym was over, i was trying to look through the BOYS lost and found, to find some better clothes. Then someone comes up and pantsed me, along with my underwear. I put my pants up quickly, turn around and flip whoever did it off. Bad choice on my part. All the guys take me, strip me and stuff me in a locker next to Scott.

We both had wedgies hooked. They just laugh at us, and said they will see us after school. I talked with Scott while in there. We were saying how our lives sucked and about some other stuff. Then, the final bell rang. Soon, a few guys came, let us out of the locker, and gave us both a wedgie and a swirly. They laugh and say "See you fags tomorrow! At my school, the pantsing and wedging thing is MUCH different. Sometimes, it can be a prank, but most of the time it's to torture a person. And it's always meant to be torture for me. We never depants a kid except for fun or birthday or to teach him not to pick on girls.

Most of us guys wore white briefs in the 50s very few had boxers. It was also easeir to give a kid a wedgie when there wearing briefs as you can get his 2 cheeks sticking out from his briefs. Nothing like crawling through the old mill on your birthday with your pants around your knees and both a Wedgie and swirly stories s cheeks sticking out, by the time we finished crawling through the old mill we had a very red and sore butt cheecks that every one could see.

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Anyone who went through this which i did plus a few other guys never made it through without crying, as its like getting a spanking from your parents bare a s s. All Rights Reserved. All content and information is presented for entertainment purposes only. New user? Create new .

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Wedgie and swirly stories

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